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    • Final night in New York City

      6 years ago


      This city is amazing. Even though my loyalty belongs to New England, Boston and Hartford, I still hold a soft spot in my heart for New York. Last time I was on Manhattan was six years ago, and we didn't even see that much of the city. But this time around was so much better. We visited Times Square, Battery Park, Wall Street, Zuccotti Park, the World Trade Center site, Trinity Church (where one of my ancestors, Michael Price, is buried), Broadway, Grand Central Station, the Fifth Avenue Apple Store, Central Park, and dear Lord we might have a couple stops left before taking the Metro-North Express back to New Haven!

      My pictures will be uploaded once I get home so I don't overcharge my cell phone bill any more than it already is. Shoutouts go to Noradeen for the amazing tour he gave us, the Russian dude whose name I don't remember for the pedicab ride through Central Park, the strippers in Times Square for the tits, the cast of Jersey Boys for the amazing show, the YouTube artists for the performances in the streets and the shuttle between Grand Central and Times Square, and to former mayor Rudy Giuliani for cleaning up the city and making it more tourist friendly than it used to be.

    • RWBY Episode 3

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      Is it coming out today?

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    • Fuck being sick

      6 years ago


      I've been stuck in the house all day, and I was tripping balls before I went to sleep last night because of the cold medicine I took. This shit sucks.

      Oh... and I'm going to New York City tomorrow, so if I'm not better by then, then dammit I dunno what I'm going to do.

    • General Billy Mitchell

      6 years ago


      Quick history lesson.

      During World War I, air power had first entered the battlefield with the use of biplanes. There was no US Air Force at this time, so the Army had complete control over our combat abilities over the battlefield. One of the first American pilots, Billy Mitchell, was in the Army during this time. He flew over France and fought in the skies there. After the war, he was promoted to the Army rank of Brigadier General and was appointed to deputy director of the Army Air Service. Since his promotion, he had become vocal about two things. One, the increased use of air power in war to grant users a distinct advantage in the fight, and two, an independent air force to allow for better regulation and use of this massive military force. General Mitchell was put down by his superiors for this, and was eventually reprimanded for his outspokenness on this topic. He was demoted to Colonel from Brigadier General, and eventually resigned from the Armed Forces.

      Fast forward several decades later. An organization known as the Civil Air Patrol, the official auxiliary of General Mitchell's dream, the United States Air Force, has an award named after him. This award is granted to cadets who complete all necessary requirements up to this award, which include seven aerospace education tests, eight cadet leadership tests, physical fitness examinations, one week-long basic encampment, many moral leadership forums, and a dedicated, strong moral compass that is not fazed by outside influences. Cadets who earn this award are promoted to the prestigious grade of Cadet Second Lieutenant (C/2d Lt), the first of six officer grades (which go up to Cadet Colonel [C/Col]). Cadet officers are also granted opportunities to participate in the International Air Cadet Exchange, to command encampments, to attend the United States Air Force Academy, and to attend Cadet Officer School at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama and the Civic Leadership Academy in Washington, DC.

      People of the Rooster Teeth community, I am proud to announce that I have completed all necessary objectives in order to receive the General Billy Mitchell Award, and that I will be promoted to the Civil Air Patrol grade of Cadet Second Lieutenant at my final Royal Charter Composite Squadron meeting before transferring to the 35th Composite Squadron in Bangor, Maine. It has been a long and arduous journey filled with many obstacles, but I've finally achieved my long time dream. Now the work has not ended, I still have just under two years to go for Cadet Colonel, and I will certainly try my hardest to do so before I turn 21 and have to become a senior member.

      So... five years to promotion? Here's to five more as a member! HUA!

    • Coincidental Circumstance

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      Has anyone noticed that the most successful video series that RT has created all start with the letter R? Let's think about it for a sec.

      1. Red vs. Blue
      2. RWBY
      3. RT Life
      4. RT Animated Adventures
      5. Rooster Teeth Podcast

      Anyone else want to back me up here?

      NOTE: This is non-AH stuff I'm talking about.

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      6 years ago


      ...Yeah. So here's the story. I donated blood last October, and I got a letter back from the Red Cross, and instead of my new donor card for the New England Region, (come on, y'all cats are so fuckin' stupid that you forgot Connecticut and Rhode Island are part of New England) I got a letter saying they rejected my blood because of an antibody they found in it.

      OK, I was sick a day or two before, and I wanted to donate badly because I care about saving lives (so far I've saved potentially six because of two donations), but here's the really weird part. They found antibodies in my blood for a virus known as "Trypanosoma Cruzi (T. cruzi)", which is a virus that causes Chagas Disease. The thing is this, though: the only way you can even have the potential to get this virus is if you have traveled to a Latin American country.

      My reaction to this? "BITCH I HAVEN'T EVEN BEEN TO CANADA!" I've never left the country, and while I've been to extreme Northern New England (Mount Washington and North Conway, New Hampshire, Stowe, Montpelier and Burlington, Vermont and Norway, Poland and Bridgton, Maine to name a few examples) and extreme northern upstate New York (Lake Placid), all of where about half of the people speak Quebecois French, it's still not counted as leaving the country. Hell, I'm safer in Canada from this inexplicable virus than I am in the United States, what with illegal immigration and all this shit, but most illegal immigrants in Connecticut are Cuban other variations of Caribbean than Southern and South Central American. I went to four different doctors (two of whom work at labs to test my blood), and they all had to look up the virus because they hadn't even heard of it. I've already had one test done, and it was negative. This next test that will come in within ten days I can guarantee will come back negative as well.

      Bottom line? I'm pissed at the Red Cross, and I'm thinking of filing a lawsuit if this test does indeed come back negative. My parents are panicking, and while I'm certainly not right now, I will be if the test comes back positive, but there is a .01% chance of that happening. I'll be sure to talk to an old friend of mine for legal counsel.

    • Whose Line Is It Anyway?

      6 years ago


      Now, I want to be clear before anyone thinks I'm going to troll the show: I FUCKING LOVE WHOSE LINE. I think it is the funniest, realest, greatest television show in history, in both the US and the UK. And I really like the new edition hosted by Aisha Tyler. Notice how I said "really like" and not "love." There are a few things about the new show that I don't like, and I'm just going to point them out and slightly elaborate upon them.

      1. Aisha Tyler. Yeah, she's wicked funny, but she's not Drew Carey. And I understand Drew being busy with the Price is Right, but if the producers of the new Whose Line wanted to bring it back and do it properly, they need to have Drew as the host. He's quick with the one-liners, unscripted, and he has a great chemistry with Wayne, Colin and Ryan. Also, on the note of finding time, Wayne hosts a game show that airs on CBS right before Price is Right, called Let's Make a Deal. (I'm sure you've heard of it.) If Wayne can find time in his schedule to do something other than Let's Make a Deal, how come Drew Carey can't find time in his schedule to do something other than the Price is Right?

      2. Scenes from a Hat. It's probably everyone's favorite game on the show, and rightfully so: it's audience driven. And if there were a live edition of Whose Line, I bet they would not only use audience suggestions, but they would have a section for Twitter suggestions as well. But the suggestions have decreased, and the number of scenes acted per suggestion has increased. In the old edition on ABC Primetime, there would be five or six suggestions per show, and the guys would usually get in up to, but rarely going over, four scenes per suggestion. (The only times the number goes over are when it is easily broadened upon or outrageously funny). How come we can't see more suggestions and just slightly less scenes? Some of them aren't even so funny that you can have six scenes, like "Things you can say about your lunch, but not your girlfriend."

      3. The special guest star. In the pilot episode where Gary Anthony Williams was in the second chair between Wayne and Colin, they used The Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan way more than they used Gary. If they are going to have a special guest star and use them more than the second chair's actor, what's the point of having the extra actor? Get rid of one or the other and don't use both. (So far, I think Lauren Cohan, Kevin McHale and Candace Accola have been better than the three second chair's actors.)

      4. Commercials. There are way too many goddamn commercials. Come on, CW, this is a TV legend we're watching here, and you're ruining it with commercials? We only get one game between breaks now, and the only time we see two games directly preceding one another is in the very beginning. I understand that's how show business works, but for real, it seems like it's too much about the money and not enough about the actual content that makes people want to watch the stupid show.

      5. The show's winner. Aisha declares all four (five) actors the winners, and they just get to read the credits at the end. How come Aisha doesn't get out into the fray and has an actor win a break at the desk, like Wayne or Ryan? At this point in the show, too, we'd see an Irish Drinking Song, a Hoedown, or a game of Props (nice to see Props came back, by the way) . And Drew was always in the middle with the other guys having fun. Here's an example, and one of my personal favorites. Come on, Aisha, get out there.

      I can't say I have a whole lot else to complain about. It's nice to see the return of the bald jokes (shoutout to Colin), and some new games like the one where the actors lie down on a red screen in the back of the studio with a camera aimed down at them. I just hope that every single episode of Whose Line isn't a total disaster, and that this new season will keep it around for at least another four years (so I can watch it in college).


    • Whose Line Is It Anyway? - CW

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      Who's watching the show right now and who likes it?

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    • Had an interview today...

      6 years ago

      LaPorting4Duty Apple.

      Anyone that's tried to get a job here, or has a job here, knows how hard it is. From submitting the application to the final interview (because there's four interviews and a group workshop session that's early in the morning before the store opens), it's "harder to get a job at Apple than it is to get into Harvard University." And if you look around an Apple Store, you realize why. Everyone there isn't just some low-life scumbag that hates their job. You realize that everyone there is the best of the best when it comes to Apple products, which is why they are constantly ranked within the top 10 for customer service by firms like J.D. Power and Associates. Lucky me, I've been around Apple products all my life (my mom used to work for Apple as a higher education sales representative, like back when the Apple Stores first opened and when the first iPod was released), so I know a great deal about Macs, iPods, iPhones, iPads, iOS, iCloud, iLife, iWork, QuickTime and iTunes, Mac OS X, Apple TV, and the like. I even have old Apple polos and long sleeve T-shirts back from the time of the first iPod. I even met Brian Cassidy, who ended up leading the iPhone project back when the iPhone 3GS came out.

      I'll hear back from my people manager within 48 hours of the conclusion of the workshop, which should be either today or tomorrow. I'm really excited that I'm being considered for a job with this company.

    • Visited Jane's Crash Site

      6 years ago


      I still cannot believe that she is gone. She was such a nice, beautiful girl with so much potential. She had amazing grades, she was the top scorer on her lacrosse team, and it all ended in that one moment.

      I know I will miss her, and everyone else in Glastonbury will miss her. People may leave physically, but no one is ever gone spiritually.

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