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    • George Zimmerman (Trayvon Martin)

      6 years ago


      If this topic isn't compelling you like it is to me, then... that's completely normal. But I want to write an RT journal entry about it... and that's not normal. Whatever.

      We all know the story. Martin, a street thug, comes into gated Sanford, FL community. Zimmerman, chief of neighborhood watch, notices him and calls 9-1-1. 9-1-1 operator tells Zimmerman not to pursue. Zimmerman pursues anyway. Zimmerman confronts Martin in front of witness's home. Martin acts aggressively instead of leaving and causes several injuries to Zimmerman's head. Zimmerman pulls out handgun and shoots Martin, killing him. Zimmerman is arrested after bring taken to hospital for treatment of injuries. Zimmerman pleads not guilty to second-degree murder on grounds of self-defense. Zimmerman posts bond and lives in home during trial.

      All the while, there is a media circus, just like the Casey Anthony trial. The media tries to make Zimmerman out to be a heartless, cold-blooded, racist killer of a beautiful angel that Barack Obama describes as what his son would look like if he had one. They try to make Trayvon Martin look like a normal kid living a normal life, while ignoring pictures of him smoking, giving cameras the finger, using the n-word several times on social media posts, amongst many other things. Now that the prosecution is beginning to wrap up their side of the case, the media knows that the prosecution is not going to win, and are desperately trying to see if Zimmerman can get thrown in jail on manslaughter charges, which carry the same penalties as second-degree murder in the State of Florida.

      But here's what I'm going to give my take on. I want to give my take on the response of the low-information, ignorant masses that are threatening to murder mass amounts of white people if Zimmerman is found not guilty of anything. And I'm going to go point by point on this, so pay attention.

      1. George Zimmerman is not white. He is Hispanic. Just because his name is that of a white man's does not automatically make him white, so go visit a doctor to see if they can get your head removed from your ass.

      2. It's become quite apparent that racism in America, even with a black President, is certainly not over. The threats that have been made, if these people have the balls and the guns to make them happen, will in essence be worse than the Los Angeles riots of 1992. I am seeing numerous amounts of people, mostly black but some from other races as well, saying things along the lines of, "I'm going to kill so many white people if Zimmerman is found not guilty," and so on and so forth. This absolutely disgusts me. But here's something important that you need to know. The average age of an Internet user is 16-18 years old, so the chances of them getting a gun to murder someone without getting caught and without murdering someone else all while obtaining said gun is very low. On top of it all, if the government really took these threats seriously (which let's be honest, if the NSA is spying on our social media, emails, text messages and phone calls and they couldn't catch the Tsarnaev brothers before the Boston Marathon bombings, then they're probably not paying attention), the National Guard would be mobilized in every major city and neighborhood to quell the rioting that is threatening to ensue.

      3. The amount of information that these people have in regard to the Zimmerman trial is so fucking low, it's a wonder they can even form a slightly coherent opinion on it. They take the media's words at face value without doing any research, they hop on the bandwagon to try to look cool, they don't even use original phrases in regard to the case, I could go on. Here's the deal. I'm 19 years old, and I'm on my summer break. I can find plenty of time to watch the entire Zimmerman case online, raw, uncensored, unedited, the whole thing, just by visiting a website, doesn't matter which one, just as long as they're streaming the case. If I can do it, you can do it instead of sending stupid, illiterate tweets in a desperate attempt to sound informed.

      You can be on either side of the political spectrum, or you can not be on the spectrum at all. But the truth is this: if you want to talk about the Zimmerman trial, watch the whole thing online for yourself. I know CNN streams it, I know MSNBC streams it, I know Fox News streams it, and I think BBC News streams it. It's not hard to find. But if you're not going to do that, then just shut the fuck up before you say something online that will get you arrested.

      Let's have it, haters.

    • Recording hardware/software

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      Hello, people. I just want to know: what does everyone use for recording tools for Machinima purposes?

      In case anyone's curious (which you're probably not), I use:

      Hauppauge! HD PVR
      ArcSoft TotalMedia Extreme 2
      Blue Spark Microphone with or without a pop filter, depending on how close to the mic I am
      A Logic Zero electronic cigarette for giggles (not all the time)

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    • Music

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      I've been listening to a lot of my old Green Day lately, like Wake Me Up When September Ends and Good Riddance. Now that I'm in college, I've really come to learn how much of an impact it has on my life. So the question is...

      What songs have had a big impact on your life? They can be old or new, none of it really matters.

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    • Hypothetical question

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      Who thinks it would be a good idea to have more people in the RT office be in Let's Plays? Like have Miles, Gus, Brandon, etc. be in some of the videos? I know they have busy schedules, but let's say they had time for an LP. Would you like it?

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    • Introversion Software and their games

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      NOTE: This is not a plug, and I was not compensated for this.

      Hey, guys. So there's this company that operates out of the UK, near the Cambridge area if I'm not mistaken, called Introversion Software. They make PC games, like Uplink, DEFCON, Darwinia, and they're making a game right now called Prison Architect. They ported Darwinia and a multiplayer counterpart called Multiwinia to Xbox 360 Arcade a few years ago. I was just wondering if anyone here had heard of this company?

      Just to put it into a little perspective, they've been around since 2001.

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