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      4 years ago



      So I'm posting for the first time in forever. Life's been too fuckin' busy for me to regularly update my journal like I used to. I'd apologize, but I've done that enough already.

      For those that don't know, I write for a newspaper. OK, so it's a college paper. BUT IT STILL COUNTS! I've had the tremendous blessing of covering some wicked sweet topics, including Connecticut's first form of rapid transit coming at the end of March, a review of Gotham on Fox, an editorial on how Sam Pepper is an asshole, and many other things. It's been a ton of fun, and it's only the beginning.

      There's one topic I want to write about which my colleagues are still iffy on because people aren't certain about the future of it. It's Fox's other new show that hasn't sucked, Red Band Society. And since the opportunity to talk about it does not lie with the paper, I'm gonna have to write about it here. No complaints, I've needed to update this for quite some time. You get it, right? Yeah, I thought you would. smiley1.gif So in the words of Adam Buckley, "Without further ado, which I believe is old English for `without any more bullshit,`" let's begin my review of this great Fox dramedy.

      Red Band Society is a hospital show about a group of teenage kids in a pediatric ward. Each one has a unique medical condition, except for two whom have almost the same type of cancer. One, Leo Roth (Charlie Rowe), had his leg amputated and is getting used to using a wheelchair, a new leg and crutches. The other, Jordi Palacios (Nolan Sotillo), was unlucky enough to have his cancer spread too quickly for him to have his leg removed due to his grandmother's rejection of modern science, so he's on traditional cancer therapy, including chemo. There are other patients in the hospital, including Dash Hosney (Astro), who has cystic fibrosis, Emma Chota (Ciara Bravo), who is battling anorexia, Kara Souders (Zoe Levin), who is fighting to have an enlarged heart replaced, and most importantly, Charlie Hutchison (Griffin Gluck), who is in a coma after a serious car accident. The kids all decide that they are going to make a pact at the beginning of the show, and that they will always have each others' backs, no matter what. And they call themselves the Red Band Society, named after the red surgery bands Leo gives to each one of them from his previous surgeries.

      This is the best part, though: Charlie is the narrator of the whole show, and knows everything that's going on. He can hear, feel and smell everything, but he can't respond to any of it because he's in his coma. When the other kids go under the anesthesia drugs for surgery or whatnot, Charlie is there with them, somewhere between consciousness and death, helping them through their spiritual wait.

      Keeping all of these kids in line is Nurse Dena Jackson (Octavia Spencer), who stops at nothing to make sure that each one of these patients that are under the care of Dr. Adam McAndrew (Dave Annable) are cared for appropriately. She helps Dash with his oxygen therapy every morning and mid-day, she checks on Charlie every morning and night, she makes sure Jordi and Leo aren't dipping into the medical marijuana stash, and she puts up with the horribly rotten attitude that accompanies cheerleader Kara like the plague. And of course, she also has to deal with the rookie nurse, Brittany Dogler (Rebecca Rittenhouse), and seasoned nursing veteran Kenji Gomez-Rejon (Wilson Cruz).

      The show is beautifully written, and believe it or not, is based on a true story. The characters are believable, and their struggles are relatable and emotional. I thoroughly enjoy how Nurse Jackson is just 100% tough love, and how sarcastic she can be with not only her patients, but with Dr. McAndrew as well. My favorite character in the Red Band Society is probably Leo because of how he tries to band everyone together and how blunt he is, but how he also deals with his own struggles, including his romantic relationship with Emma, and how that affects his seemingly brotherly relationship with Jordi, who is also interested in Emma.

      While I love the premise of the show and the power of the characters, I have a few criticisms as well. Number one is that I didn't like how the writers backed themselves into the "love triangle corner" this early on in the show. I understand that it is to develop the characters of Leo, Jordi and more specifically Emma, but that started way too early. Number two is in the form of a question: who the fuck is the main character? I've seen every episode of this show that's been released so far, and I can't figure it out. It's like Star Wars Episode I, where you can't figure out who the main character of the whole movie is. You'd think it's Anakin, Obi-Wan, or someone else, but you can't be certain. The same can be said for Red Band Society: you just don't know who the main character definitively is.

      In the end, I think this is a great show, and more people should be watching it. Besides the fact that the executive producer is Steven Spielberg, you can tell very clearly that it was not pulled out of a writer's ass to get Fox or ABC Studios (who actually made it for ABC, but gave the rights to Fox instead after ABC said they didn't like it) a quick buck. The show's strongest point is its strong reliance on good child acting. Zoe Levin and Nolan Sotillo are both 20, Charlie Rowe and Astro are 18, Ciara Bravo is 17, and Griffin Gluck is 14. The amount of talent that is oozing out of these kids is unbelievably powerful. If Red Band Society isn't their breakout show, it will be coming soon for them, especially considering Astro was on the X Factor and Nolan Sotillo has a YouTube channel. I'm gonna rate it a 4/5, with a strong recommendation for all of you to watch it. That should encourage Fox to renew it and for the writers to do a better job than they already are.


    • LOL another one

      4 years ago


      Thanks @FLYbarger
      Username: Beastblood15
      Age: 20
      From: Hartford, Connecticut
      Sponsor: Yerp
      Date Joined: 06/08/2012
      Last Signed in: 4 days ago

      Rooster Teeth Content:
      First Rooster Teeth Video you saw: Red vs. Blue Episode 1
      Last Podcast you watched: SponsorCast. Great show. Love it.
      Favourite member of the Rooster Teeth cast and crew: Hmm... Ashley, Meg, Barbara or Gray. They're all awesome.
      Did you watch an RT video today: Nope.
      -If yes Which one: ...^
      -If no why not: Bruh... I've only been awake for a couple hours.
      Favourite RT Series: Red vs. Blue Reconstruction is my all-time favorite. Right now, my favorite is either RWBY or Happy Hour.
      Favourite RT video: Red vs. Blue Season 10, Episode 6 (What's the "I" stand for?)

      RT Site:
      Current Number Of Notifications: 1
      Name of first Journal: Five Years
      Name of you latest Journal: FREEEEEEDOOOOOOOOOM!
      Last Photo you uploaded: RWBY meme based on Edgar
      Last Thread you commented on: Damn... I don't know.
      First group in you group list: X-Ray and Vav Show.
      Last Private message sent to: @ailsarocks. Miss her.

      Achievement Hunter:
      Gamer Score / Total Trophies: Gamerscore: 14870
      Team Lads or Team Gents: I'm always torn. I love both.
      Favorite Achievement Hunter: Ray Ryan. R&R Connection.
      Minecraft Skin: Pilot. Cause I fly planes.
      Favorite AH show: Let's Play GTA V.

      The Community:
      Favourite Group: RT New England.
      Have you gone to a community event: Yeah, the last RT:NE meetup in Boston which was at the end of August.
      Have you gone to RTX: I wish.
      Favourite Fellow Community member: @LoZelda, @wballou125, @PeachyoPie, @Danuu, @Ilan.
      Tag 5 people to do this: Everyone that was tagged above (except @FLYbarger, he's already done this), I'm calling you out.



      4 years ago


      So yesterday, I dropped my General Biology II class, which takes a massive gorilla off my back. I didn't need the class for my major, and I already got one lab science done here in Connecticut. Hopefully I don't need another one.

      This makes my Thursdays entirely free and my Tuesdays freer because I still maintain office hours for the on-campus job I have now. But hey, it makes for more study time in my other two classes (which I'm doing amazing in, by the way).

      My photo atlas has been put up for sale on eBay, and I don't know if selling my bio textbook is worth it or not considering I used the online access card already, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

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      Name: Michael LaPorte
      Birthday: May 15th, 1994
      Nickname: Mike
      Eye Color: Blue
      Hair Color: Brownish blond
      Zodiac Sign: Taurus
      Height: 5'10"
      Your weakness: Screwing up (I'm a bit of a perfectionist by nature)
      Your fear: Snakes
      Your perfect pizza: Hamburger, bacon, onions, not too greasy but enough for flavor.
      Goal you'd like to achieve: Get into the University of Texas with a full ride scholarship
      Your best physical feature: My dick. LMAO just kidding. Probably my eyes.
      Favorite color : Black or green, depends on the mood.
      Favorite food: If it's got beef, I'll probably eat it.
      Favorite RT emoticon: smiley13.gif
      Superhero alias: Benevolent Shadow

      This Or That!
      Gavin or Google: Google
      AH or RT: RT
      Red or Blue: Blue
      RWBY: Weiss or Blake
      Lads or Gents: Gents.
      Microsoft or Sony: Microsoft.
      Microsoft or Apple: Apple

      Do You...
      Smoke: Didn't like it. So no.
      Curse: Fuck yes.
      Sing: Yeah.
      Dance: No.
      Take a shower everyday: I do my best.
      Have a crush: I believe this curses it, but yes.
      Want to get married: Yeah.
      Get motion sickness: No.
      Think you're attractive: Yeah.
      Get along with your parents: Most of the time, and more with my mom.

      Have you ever...
      Flashed anyone: Yeah.
      Been beaten up: Yeah.
      Shoplifted: Yeah, twice, both by accident.
      Eaten Sushi: No. I don't eat fish.
      Been on stage: Yeah.
      Made homemade cookies: YES! Good shit right there.
      Gone Skinny dipping: Yeah.
      Stolen anything: Be specific. ;)

      In relationships...
      Best eye color: Don't really care.
      Best hair color: Brown or red.
      Short hair or long hair: Long hair can be way cuter and sexier to me, but short hair can be even cuter if done correctly.
      What's your type: Polite, philosophical, knows when to be funny, gets me, not afraid, and they gotta be good-looking.

      Love life...
      Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Not anymore.
      Does anyone like you?: Not that I know of.
      Have you ever kissed anyone?: Oh hell yeah.
      Hugged anyone in the past week?: Yeah.
      Virgin?: ...yes.
      longest relationship: One month.

      Shout out to @Vicky for doing it first and making me want to. I'm now calling out @wballou125, @SaxyGuyMike, @glory_sailor, @smileyshelby and @AH_Cynthh to do the same thing.

    • AHWU

      5 years ago


      Third AHWU intro. Gonna try shooting for number 4 sometime soon.

      AHWU #231
      AHWU #76
      AHWU #92

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