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      As the site has become more popular spam comments started proliferating and the flagging tool is fantastic, I use it a ton. I don't really like the fact that it reloads the page -and the video- though. I happen to scroll down to comment section quite often while I'm waiting for the video to load and I end up flagging all the Make 1 billion dollars in 15 minutes comments and it's inconvenient that the video reloads every time. 

      Nothing major, just thought I'd share.

      Keep up the good work <3

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    • Earthquake

      2 years ago


      As many of you know my country has faced a tragic event in the last few days.

      There is no simple way to describe what it means to live through something like this.

      In 1997 I woke up in the middle of the night, my mother screaming. Everything was moving around me even though I was still, there was a low and costant noise and it sounded like a growl. Mom threw me out of bed and we crowled under my desk while my books and crayons rattled above us.

      School were closed the next morning and that's the sole reason why, when the next morning the earthquake hit again stronger and longer, my brother and I are alive.

      Our school were so damaged we spent the following year attending classes in containers, our house deamed an unsafe environment so we lived in tents for six months.

      We buried the dead, we rebuilt what crumbled and stenghted what had survived.

      Three nights ago, in the middle of the night we were woken up again and forced to leave our houses because of that same nightmare. Forced to remember that sleeping in our cars was in itself a priviledge. Almost 300 people never woke up.

      The old, country side villages and towns were wiped out.

      Many of the fellow Guardians I worked with a month ago reached out to know wether I was safe and if there was any way they could help. I am safe, my hometown this time held up. As for the help, there are many ways and they are all important, appreciated and welcomed.

      In no way anyone should feel pressured to donate if they can't afford it or don't feel comfortable doing so. A prayer, a thought or any expression of love would mean the world for those who had to leave everything -and in some cases everyone- behind.

      If however you do feel inclined to donate for assistance and recostruction I will use this platform to share some links where you can safely do so.

      Scavangers, conmen and just generic assholes that wish to profit from this tragedy are a reality so please check carefully if you decide to roam free and find a charity by yourself.

      The links below are those that were endorsed by our government crisis task forces, our national press and the ones I used myself.

      Thank you for sparing me a thought Guardians <3, I miss you guys so much and as per usual your warmth crosses every ocean. Now if I am allowed any wish at all it would be to share some of that love, some of that warmth with those who are going to sleep in the cold tonight and for many nights to come.

      Love you guys so much,


      Croce Rossa - Red Cross is our first response team, they deliver medical assistance as well as food and shelter, set up camps and they work back to back with our government issued task forces. Despite its name the Red Cross is not a religious organization and does not embrace any political or regious agenda.

      Save The Children - They work for better and safer enviroments for kids, they're helping with clothes, setting up schools and toys for children all over the world. They are cooperating with the communities hit by the earthquake.

      There are others I'm looking into but they're either a little hard to navigate because of the language barrier, still unverified or region locked. I will keep updating this post as other links come through.

    • Cockroached.

      3 years ago


      It's 2am, I can't step off my sofa and this time YouTube is not at fault.

      A cockroach has breached the house.

      The house I'm happy to say I will move out of just as soon as any of the tenants I emailed in the last twenty minutes will answer me saying there is a room available ANYWHERE else in this city.

      Because I'm finally done.

      Done with the crazy landlord who calls me three times a day just to remind me that next moth I'll have to pay him rent. Shocker. Same amount on the same day as a month ago and the one before that. It's been a year and I still don't get how he doesn't get that I got it the first time he explained it to me, you know... a year ago.

      Done with the crappy roommates who don't seem to understand the basic concept of communication: it gotten so bad that post-its actually feature in our group expenses, they run through them once a week. I'm actually pretty sure the most amount of words muttered by one of them in the last month was directed to the tv during soccer.

      God they are bad, by far the worst rommates I had in my life and I've been out of my parents house since I was 18 so they are bad in a ten years long scale of various kind of crazy and nasty: they beat out the wannabe model that had the abusive psycho mother over four days a week; the japanese guy that once cooked his own underwear and, my personal favorite, the teacher that me and my bestfriend found in a mexican standoff involving his girlfriend, my dog, her cat and a chinese girl with a kitchen knife.

      But, you know what? At least they pay rent. The cockroach fucking doesn't, he just moved in like he owned the place and as far as I'm concerned if he's in I'm out. He strolled by without a care in the world, like he knows I'm not gonna fight it and the bloody bastard is sooo right.

      First of all I'm scared shitless of insects and second this place really ain't worth anyone fighting for it.

      So take it cockroach, take it all.

      Because I'm done with this place and I'm getting started with the beer as soon as I'm finished with this post.

      Because it's 3AM now and sure as hell can't sleep knowing you're around so I'll drink my way into the morning, into a terrible hangover but by the end of tomorrow into a fucking new apartent.

      So long bastard.


    • Sportsball. Let's keep this balls rolling!

      3 years ago


      I made this forum entry to see if our amazing community can come up with some cool ideas to get more people on board with the show.

      The Sportsball show.

      I posted it in the Sports section of the forum because I just don't know any better, so if you think I should move it, make it a Group or make it a section in its own right I'm willing to be taught!

      If you have any idea or suggestion check out the thread and spit it out because I want to hear all about it!

      We can do so much as a community and it would be just another testment to how profoundly awesome we are if we make this happen for Sportsball!

    • Sportsball. Let's keep this balls rolling!

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      So, Tyler mentioned during the show that this baby isn't getting enough views.

      I think the show is amazing and we should get our community mojo on in order to keep it running. Spread the word amongst the community and the rest of the audience should be a good start. It'll make the "Conquer the world" phase easier.

      I would like to get some ideas on how to better reach a broad audience from all of you, there's also a thread on reddit dedicated to this very subject right here.

      My pitch is absolutely groundbreaking: Twitter.

      (There's a reason why I'm still a bartender.)

      I think we could come up with some coordinated hashtags on Tuesdays during the live stream but most importantly on Thursdays (? Not sure if this is the scheduled release for the episodes on Youtube). We could tweet directly to the colleges mentioned, the players and the coaches and see if something comes of it.

      Let's not mention Ohio, maybe.

      I think students would find the show interesting and hilarious and maybe get the word going.

      Or maybe not. Tell me what you think!

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    • Fun. Just Fun.

      3 years ago


      Black Label Society live in Bologna tonight.

      Loving my city so much <3

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    • Why I applied to be a Guardian

      4 years ago


      So this is something I posted in the forum but I felt like it would make a good -and long overdue- first journal.

      I'm italian so my history as a Roosteer Teeth fan was a pretty lonely one: most of my friends don't speak english so I couldn't really enjoy watching the videos with anyone and I always felt like I was missing out on something...

      In 2013 I followed the convention through the streaming online and I figured that if I can't get my italian friends to enjoy Rooster Teeth I better fly my italian ass to Texas and get to know the community myself smiley0.gif

      I've been a volunteer since I was 12 years old and I would take time off work every year to go back to my hometown and help with the summer events and, I guess, once a volunteer always a volunteer: I just don't know how to enjoy an event if I'm not working my ass off.

      My first impression as I filled the form was "I'm in way over my head: I will be in a foreign country I've never been in before, working with people I've never met, dealing with a crowd that comes from completely different backgrounds than mine. How in the world am I going to do this?" In previous experiences as a volunteer I knew my coworkers and I knew my sorroundings so I never felt this challenged and insicure.

      The thing is Rooster Teeth really is community: the love, the respect and the admiration we feel towards the people that work here bounds us indiscriminately and deeply. No matter where you come from.

      It's a bond that reveals itself in a soothing and comforting way: we are sort of strangers to each other but somehow it feels like coming home. I found myself falling in the dynamics I'm used to with coworkers I've known for years but this time with complete strangers.

      I'm looking forward to feel that way again, that's why I applied to be a Guardian.
      See you guys soon smiley12.gif

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    • supertits No Longer Super!

      4 years ago

      SOLE smiley12.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley12.gif


      *Italian Hug*

    • craZboy87 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Retired Guardian Hat

      5 years ago

      Watched the Guardian Podcast tonight, looking forward to meeting you at RTX, and there will be lots of hugs everywhere!

      • LaSole

        5 years ago

        Yep, I'm really looking forward to that! Japan is awesome but from my very italianish point of view lacks some fundamental elements: cheese, wine and unjustified affection for total strangers!

    • MarcelloMark

      6 years ago

      Ho creduto di essere solo per due anni! smiley1.gif

      • MarcelloMark

        6 years ago

        Io faccio conto di andarci l'anno prossimo... Sto già risparmiando qualcosa, anche se non so esattamente quanto si spenderà tra aereo, soggiorno e permesso, dato che il biglietto di entrata è solo il minimo! smiley8.gif Ci sentiremo magari!

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      • LaSole

        6 years ago

        Naa da oggi sei in compagnia :) Sarei voluta andare in trasferta all'RTX ma quest'anno non mi riesco proprio ad organizzare, magari facciamo una trasferta italiana l'anno prossimo smiley0.gif

    • haloguy77

      6 years ago

      welcome to the site MSole!

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