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    • On the job hunt again.

      8 years ago


      Whelp, a manager plus overseer going on a power trip made me quit my job. 22 months working for the company and I've cut the strings, fully. Sure, it's felt like it was coming for a long time, but it's a bitch. I mean, I had a full time job for the RWC (8 weeks). It was going to be some great money. Not any more.

      But hey, things happen for a reason. I mean, I was going to have to buy a suit, due to it being my uniform (say $240?) but they were only raising my pay by $2. Before tax, working 40 hours a week, it would take me three weeks to afford it. After tax, that's probably closer to four to five weeks. Not great. But here's the fun news. They wanted me to work seven days a week. Start 3pm, finish 3am. That's 12 hour days, 84 hour weeks. After eight weeks I would've worked 672 hours or 28 days. That's half of the time I would've been employed. I think I would've died.

      So yeah, on the job hunting trip again. More bartending gigs, please. I really would like to go back to being a pleb. I'm over leading the line at 19 - I mean, an assistant manager job at the biggest up-market public domain in Auckland for the RWC. That's asking a shit-load of me, especially at my age and only with 22 months experience. Gotta admit, though... I don't see the Cloud working. The average work experience there is less than 6 months. I mean, after the manager, I had the most experience. The place was built up to fail, really. By the sound of it, 90% of the hospitality industry has been built this way for the RWC and it could be a major disaster.

      So, here's hoping for a job?

      ~ Lamen AKA Mike

    • Productive day is Productive.

      8 years ago


      So, shit got done today. None of this staying in bed, browsing the webs. I deserved my alcohol this afternoon.

      Woke up and finished signing three contracts for work. One for my full time contract over the 8 weeks of the RWC, one that was a split contract for the time afterward and one for me reading and knowing the rules as being a supervisor. Took a while, but it got done. Took these in to work to drop off - arrived in time for lunch. Catering styled lunch is awesome. Toasted sandwiches, lamb curry, fresh fruit, numerous amounts of salads (including a wonderful potato salad), plus a few other bits and bobs. Also found out one of my favourite chefs is back from Scotland and is going to be working with me during the RWC, which is amazing news!

      Continuing on, got home and finally emptied out my car from a trip to Palmerston North about three weeks ago. This lead into me washing my car completely, with a bit of a waxing going on. This lead to a vacuum of the interior... the car's never been this spick-'n'-span before.

      Next, got the washing in, which then got ironed and folded. Started to feel a bit like a housewife, so decided I should re-enrol for university for the coming year. That took 5 minutes and the best part is that I don't even need to fill out another application - all done!

      Then, to round out the day, made a nice and easy dry rub (basil, cumin, pepper and some special BBQ salt I make every so often) for the chicken, put it in the oven and went and picked up the trust folder from the accounting firm.

      Seriously, I couldn't be anymore housewife-y unless I had my hair in a bun and wore an apron.

      ~ Lamen AKA Mike

    • What would you like added to the Store?

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      Gotta admit, I'm a huge fan of the RT store. Lots of really, really cool merchandise, especially with the jersey's/shirts. But I often sit there going "I wish they had XXX"(Yeah, go ahead. Do the dirty deed and gutter away!) So, here's my question I pose to you all, along with the hope that the very best ideas can get seen and hopefully contemplated as an product to be added to the online store.

      What would you like to see added to the RT online store?

      Personally, I'd love to actually see some sort of cool mousepad. They've got that tab there without anything in it. Also wouldn't mind seeing some collared button up shirt versions of already established t-shirts. Mainly because t-shirts don't really suit me. Of course, there'd be the complications of the slogans... but I don't see why some can't go on the back, such as the zombie plan or "I win Science" t-shirts. Also a huge fan of the jersey's (as stated) and would love to see more!

      P.S: I gave a good search and couldn't find a similar thread, so forgive a newb for any ignorance and point me in the right direction if there is one. Thanks muchly!

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    • Feeling grotty is horrid...

      8 years ago


      Well, influenza rocks, don't it? Comatose in the bed alllll day. So productive.

      Moving on from that unfortunate piece of news - next week is my last week as a free man from day to day. Full time work begins the following week and oh boy! I ain't going to get to sleep, let alone live. Going to be very, very interesting.

      So, what do? Earn as much cash as possible for when Rooster Teeth make it to Armageddon, buy me booze and keep on rolling. Got a good, good chance to earn some serious cash, so time to make the most of it!

      ~ Lamen AKA Mike

    • Life rolls on.

      8 years ago


      Depression time is finished. Time to move on with the life. But hey, welcome to life, right?

      Finally got this account off a mate. The bum made it a while back when he found my actual blog. Good on him, cause it kinda let my mates here in NZ realise how I feel. Not normally one to talk about myself. I'll type it, but that's because it's easy to put it into words on here. Not so easy to say it. So, thanks Chuk... I think?

      So, what's up in life? Well... full time work for Rugby World cup down in Cloud. Feel free to drop by and ask for Michael and mention the Drunk Tank to me. If I can, I'll get you a discount on some booze. Nothing major - would just be awesome to meet some fellow RTer's. That and really looking forward to the New Year. I want to go back to uni so bad. Hospitality - Majoring in Food and Beverage. How could you not love it when one of your papers is appreciation of fine wine? Alcoholic's dream paper!

      I really need to lose some weight... and for that, I need some sport. God damn it, back. You broke at the worst possible time.

      Whelp, that's me. I'll try and update regularly-ish. During the Rugby world cup I'll more than likely talk about the weird people I meet, so if that's your thing, tune in!

      ~ Lamen, AKA Mike.

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