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    • school senate

      4 years ago


      So I'm a senator at my school, and I love it.

      It means that twice a month I go and hear ideas people have and remark on them. Well, generally we are all super nice, and so no one wants to cut anyone off. The issue arises when someone puts up a bill or resolution that must be passed. No one wants to end debate.
      Well, tonight we had 12 bills and three resolutions. I ended debate on six of these bills without any opposing notion, one of the resolutions by just mentioning how great the organization was, and the other by saying the word benches.

      I'll cut ya off mate. Watch out, I have research papers to write.

      Oh, and I got into a graduate professor's lab today. Now to get accepted into the school and WAM BAM, I'm the King of Siam.

    • snow day

      4 years ago


      So I had a bit of a snow day today.

      Well, perhaps a lot of a snow day. So much so that tomorrow is a snow day. That's approximately 0.4 meters of snow where I live. Well, I went with pancakes and Applewood smoked bacon, then we decided we would go get friends and make our day fun instead of relaxing.

      Best idea ever.

      After some failed cookie sheet antics, we go to a supermarket, get a huge polytote, and use it.

      Amy, Vera, and my Susan very much enjoyed the day.
      I don't do selfies, but I'm all for frendsies.
      I knew a hill in the woods away from all the people.

      We took remmington out with us.
      Forget the earlier idea, this one is better.


      This is actually where we started, Vera wanted to sled on her cookie sheet. I gave her my skateboard to try. Remmington is way too cute in his little jacket. So we took it off before the second stop. It had gotten wet and I didn't want him to freeze.


      Soup for lunch, and pizza for dinner.
      I love knowing how to cook. Next time I'll remember to take more pictures.


      Hawt coco for bedtime.

      Really, I'm just waking up. It's four thirty in the morning.

    • Oh my goodness: University Edition

      4 years ago


      So this is pretty well my first interaction since forever, que Elsa.


      I've been having to put a pile of time into school, and I just got an email saying that when I finish the semester I will actually get a diploma. So that's marginally exciting. My interaction will still be fairly limited for the time being.
      I am looking for work to do once I graduate. Specifically, I'd like to work at the Great smokey Mountian National Park[link=]. I'm throwing them applications.

      Oh, and Susan decided we were getting a puppy.

      Meet Remmington:


      We've had him since August, and he's only eaten 3 holes in the carpet.

      All else has been pretty fast moving.
      10 second rundown incoming, don't read too slow.

      *Wedding in June, pictures a plenty will be coming
      *Remington's cuteness will takeover the world
      *I now know everything about trees
      *Vascular Plant Taxonomy is totally a fun class
      *I'm on a 5 day weekend from snow days.

    • This semester

      4 years ago


      *le sigh

      I'm way excited for next semester.
      This one was killer--hence my nonactivity.

      News: I got a puppy, he's the cutest, pictures are available at request.
      *Remmington is a mix of a corgie and a mini-blue healer.
      *I got engaged. Her name is Susan, and she is pretty.
      *I play League of Legends--it's my fun thing.

    • So I just discovered black spiced rum.

      5 years ago


      This should be a pretty good night.

    • My busy summer: a time in Marshall County

      5 years ago


      So I've been working for the Clark's River National Wildlife Reserve this summer, which has been a blast. Just as well it's been terribly exhaustive: between pulling rolls and rolls of barbed wire from posts and trees and the rampantly growing list of cleanup projects, I see no horizon.
      I'm stationed in a bunk house with three other young Americans, one young man, a lady, and a boy. The boy is a nuisance but he works well, the young lady is very nice, and the young man is a joy but slightly closed off. We watch movies, play soccer, and relax together.
      The internet is good, if only just, and I found a charger for my computer though, so I should be able to enjoy some needed time with my rooster teeth family soon :)

    • good studies

      5 years ago


      I've had a test every day since last Thursday, and I have one everyday until next Thursday.
      Why didn't I realize this earlier.

      My professors are hilarious.

    • Test day

      5 years ago


      First of many.
      I talked to the school's creative writing professor today at the gym. They are already done, and on top of that they don't have tests.
      Jealousy at the workload being related to your grade.
      Scathing review of testing practices confirmed.

    • I got an internship today

      5 years ago


      I will mainly be doing the grunt work for them, but that will be perfect. I will get to see how they manage the place. I will take care of like mowing the lawn, making sure everything is looking good too.
      I want to start a wildlife blog. Maybe run it for summer, we will see if it carries on.

    • Field Day

      5 years ago


      This week we went to a National Wildlife Refuge about 30 minutes away from school.
      We walked in the rain for about an hour, and talked about the way this place is managed.
      There is so much that goes on for so many animals it's crazy. They are trying to manage for quail and rabbits now--instead of deer and turkey. The deer will be fine, and rabbits are cuter anyways.

      Most of the things that they do are pretty regular, but they've started doing some burning. I really want to get a piece of that action. Maybe next year. That would be nice.

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      happy vday man

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