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    • There's something...

      1 year ago

      Larcher Chunky Monkey

      ... extremely therapeutic about writing journals on here again. I don't know if it's re-capturing moments from my youth, being able to to literally say whatever's on my mind and really express myself without the judgement that I'd get on Facebook or just remembering all the kick ass individuals that I talk to on here. 

      I've got a lot of catching up to do. I've got my "hit list" of people I need to catch up with. 

      Also for those curious: College strike is still on but the labour board is being interjected to vote on the college's latests contract proposal. If this doesn't fly then the government will get an arbitrator to pass a final ruling.


      Still looking at 5-10 days before the vote and whatever happens afterwards. 

      Got something else to talk about a little but later down the road as well. 


    • It's crazy...

      1 year ago

      Larcher Chunky Monkey

      ... How much harder it is to get any kind of views on Twitch anymore. In all honesty it doesn't bother me. I've enjoyed this resurgence of playing games and talking. It's something I haven't done in a long time. 

    • The Addiction...

      1 year ago

      Larcher Chunky Monkey

      ... is real with streaming. 

      I keep forgetting how enjoyment one can get from playing video games. 

      I think it enjoy it more because it's an excuse for me to sit down and have a reason to pick the controller/mouse & keyboard. 

    • Stream Ideas

      1 year ago

      Larcher Chunky Monkey

      Thinking of streaming tonight. Just don't know what. 


      Mario Odyssey

      Back To The Future: The Game Episode 3 - Citizen Brown

    • Updates...

      1 year ago

      Larcher Chunky Monkey

      .... Well the colleges in Ontario have been on strike for three weeks now and they've only recently got back to the bargaining table. I've been streaming a lot more as of late and it feels good to play games once more. 

      Thinking that after I move back to the college town I try and do it every so often. 

      Also I need to be posting more pictures up this place. Getting tired of seeing that damn profile picture.

    • Whelp......

      1 year ago

      Larcher Chunky Monkey

      ....I've done it.

      I've applied to become a guardian for RTX Austin 2018. I've been gone to the events three times (and RVBTO once) and I have talked about giving back for far too long now. Today's the day where I put up or shut up. 

      It's going to be a blast being able to help all you beautiful bastards if I get lucky enough to be picked. 

    • 3 weeks later....

      2 years ago

      Larcher Chunky Monkey

      ... and we're still going strong! In a sense. Okay so a few updates are needed. 

      + We've recorded quite a few videos

       - One of them was a wash. 

      +Feels like we have the ball/chemistry's going again.

       -Michael straight up bailed on us. 

      +The Website, Patreon, and Teepublic store are all live. 

      -....I really don't have any negatives for this one. 

      Now I'm in the middle of making a new outro for videos on YouTube and I've now been reminded how much After Effects can suck it. But I think it's all done now. Just need the audio queue to sync up and I'll be golden. 

      Also RTX IS LESS THAN A WEEK AWAY. It's been so long since I've last been there 3 or 4 years now. I am beyond ready for it. 

      What's been going on you side?

      Also Shameless plugs. 

      Website YouTube Patreon TeePublic

    • So tonight's....

      2 years ago

      Larcher Chunky Monkey

      ...the night. We're Mal, Pat, Mike and I will be recording for the first time together for Select Start Network's comeback tour. We haven't done anything as a group in over a year. To say that I have butterflies in my stomach is a understatement. 

      I think the only reason I have my nerves stirred up is because this is for me the launching pad and kick in the ass I needed to get my back on track so to speak. I've been floating between jobs and felt kind of purposeless. The idea of doing all of this is actually what convinced me to try my hand at school again and more specifically Broadcasting. 

      So regardless I'm going to have a good time. 

      Let's make the best of what we have. 


    • Light at the end....

      2 years ago

      Larcher Chunky Monkey

      ....Of the tunnel is getting further back.

      As far as the website is concerned it's looking pretty much ready to go. 

       We've got a forum up and running with a few made up channels (using Muut) I'm okay with the colour scheme I think for now but let's be honest that will most likely change pretty quickly. The Layout is sound I find. I also have a way to upload videos directly to the site so YAY for exclusive website content. 

      The biggest issues I'm running into is the Patreon Page and perks. I video will be made for it so that's not the issues. The speed bump is literally figuring out the tiers and perks to said tiers. If anyone's had experience to this whole crowd funding and bonus thing I wouldn't mind some help. 


    • Websites....

      2 years ago

      Larcher Chunky Monkey

      ....are tough to make. Starting to wish I paid more attention back in school. Not remembering anything from my days of yesteryear I'm trying to create a website on SquareSpace. 

      To be honest it's not hard at at all. The general building blocks are all there. It's when I want to get specific like change the frame size of my video gallery,that's when I wish I remembered even the most basic of HTML. 

      Going to get the hang of this. Once I have a new group name and a website roughly made up I'll share with you all. 

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