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    • My birthday plans.....

      2 years ago

      Larcher Chunky Monkey

      .... Have been renos all week (almost done a bathroom from tear down to brand new everything. I've also picked up Prey and Outlast Trinity, Haven't touched a single second of either games. 

      Even as I type this I'm just waiting for the wife to be done measurements so we finish placing the cement board up. 

      That bathroom is going to look nice. Too bad we're selling it to move down south. 

      Going to need some drinks after this project is done and more importantly game. 

    • Big Changes ahead....

      2 years ago

      Larcher Chunky Monkey

      ...With all the renovations we're doing at home. Trying to get this place sea worthy (aka sell the house) I've been binge watching quite of bit of RT content. New and old. 

      It's been sparking my interest once again to kick back into streaming/recording and doing live productions again. Seeing as how I am going to school again this fall for said spark I wanted to create a website for a possible online production house ala early Rooster Teeth. 

      Only downfall is I can't seem to think of a good name to go with. Hoping something gets the old engines running again. 

      Always welcome suggestions. 

    • On the right track....

      2 years ago

      Larcher Chunky Monkey

      ... Alright so let's recap real quick the big things going on in my life;

      - Started fighting in Amatuer Muay Thai bouts. Found a new passion. 

                        - Training took a backseat to the next point

      - Started working at my Martial Academy as Manager

                        - Had to quit said job because Boss was putting all the workload of being a

                        business owner without any of the pay or rewards.

      - Going back to school for TV and Broadcasting

                        - Have to move away from my wife and child potentially. 

      - I'm going to get hired by RoosterTeeth no matter what. 

                        - No negative just a promise.

      Now for the just good news. I am going to RTX this year so yay plus I'll be checking out TWRP, Ninja Sex Party and Starbomb live in Toronto this summer. 

      Don't want these journals to just be doom and gloom. Bright side of life. What is up with you folks?

    • Life Uh Found a Way....

      2 years ago

      Larcher Chunky Monkey

      .....Remember that terrible Job I mentioned two months ago? (Fuck time goes by way too fast) Well the remedy for that was me getting laid off. 

      Most would think that's not good but it's a blessing in disguise. The stress of trying to make anywhere between 2,5k to 5k to make sure our staff got paid properly was redonkulous. Wouldn't have been so bad if I wasn't getting these notices 3 days before payroll. 

      Needless to say I've learned a lot there. Not all bad. It also help reignite my passion for TV/Film.  As of last week I've been applying to a bunch of colleges to enroll in Film/TV Broadcasting. I'm tired of just saying I'd love to work in those fields and do nothing about it. 

      I'm making the appropriate changes in my life to ensure I have a career at the end of it all. I am also making a statement right here, right now.

      In some form or another you'll be seeing my name attached to something RT does. Let's make some magic happen. 

    • Life uh finds a way.....

      2 years ago

      Larcher Chunky Monkey

      ..... To fuck up my plans. 

      I was on track to be streaming not all the time (albeit I did for a solid work week and it was amazing) but starting to build steam and formulate a solid Schedule. camp started and work got complicated.......again. I really do need to find a new job where it's not expected of me to go beyond my 8 hours pushing it into 9-10 hours.

      Vent/Rant over. 

      Thanks guys. Needed this. 

    • Looking at the bright side....

      2 years ago

      Larcher Chunky Monkey

      .... So I've been forced to stay home lately due to having a highly infectious Flu. It's messed up some flow of funds. On the plus side of life. I've been streaming a helluva a lot more. Which has been amazing. 

      I keep forgetting how enjoyable it is to play games and interact with peeps. 

      Going to follow @MaliciousDuck 's lead and continue to stream as much as possible. The key time that I can stream seem to be around 8:30 - 11:00 or 12:00. 

      If anyone ever wants to join in the mayhem just send me a message. Let's make some magic happen!

    • Not down with....

      2 years ago

      Larcher Chunky Monkey

      ...the sickness. Don't think this is what Disturbed meant. Fuck you flu. Can't sleep or lie down any longer. Killing my neck. Might just do a flu stream. Maybe the spooks from RE7 will scare the virus out. 

    • Going live in 9

      2 years ago

      Larcher Chunky Monkey

      Going to try my hand at a bit more Resident Evil 7 tonight.

    • Things I learnt while streaming....

      2 years ago

      Larcher Chunky Monkey

      ... My pc is a piece of shit that can barely stream anything. The idea of using skype and screen share goes out the window right away. 

      I need to build something stronger. Something much more efficient.

    • #2SpookyWeek2016

      2 years ago

      Larcher Chunky Monkey

      Going to be streaming Outlast in the next little bit over on join me if you dare........or don' won't.

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