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    • better late than never

      10 years ago

      Larcher Chunky Monkey

      Ahoy hoy there,

      Now I know what you're thinking and I apologize. I did not post right away when i got home. it was 3:50 am in the morning so i wasn't thinking clearly.

      So moving on to what matters most. I need to tell you all that the wrestling show (Ring Of Honor) that i had seen last night was AMAZING. It was some of the best actual pro wrestling I have ever seen in my entire life. These know how to make a crowd cheer them or boo them. It's also none of that drama stuff you see in WWE or even in TNA now. It's just straight up wrestling at its finest.

      So if you ever get a chance to check this fed out you mos def should.

      P.S. I'll be playing Halo3 tonight either practicing with the team I'm in (Team Omega WOOT WOOT) or I'll be just playing in general. So if anyone want to chill/kill some peeps. You'll know where to find me.

      G'night all Peace and Much love (Hippy way)

    • On The Road Again

      10 years ago

      Larcher Chunky Monkey

      Ahoy hoy there guys,
      Well it's 7:36 am here in Sudbury (where I live) and it's about that time again. Just like what happened friday with my fiancees surgery [ which went great she's still recooping on the bed next to me right now] I will be travelling to Toronto in a few short hours. This time nothing to do with medical mumbo Jumbo. No this time i'm going there for pure pleasure.

      My friend got tickets to this little independent fed you might of heard......RING OF HONOR!!!! Now don't get me mixed up with the the extreme fan boys out there i know it's not real. Hell I don't even watch the stuff on T.V. anymore, but ring of honor is the only one I will go see. Guess because it's the only entertaining one out there with intense wrestlers.

      But anyways time for me to take a shower (In a bathroom that barely has any soap and almost nothing in shampoo.) and I will be back by around...4-5 am in the morning. I'll make a journal just for you guys as soon as i come in to the Apt.

      That's all for now guys.!!

      Wish the team i'm in luck in the tournament we're in. (Halo3 CTF) . Plus if you have a little more to spare give some more luck my way while I'm in the Halo Wars 1vs1 Deathmatch smiley0.gif

      -Peace and Much Love (hippy way) smiley12.gif

    • How to say my user name.

      10 years ago

      Larcher Chunky Monkey

      Alright, I've realized something thanks to Xbox Live. most people (outside of the French community) don't know how to say my name. So here's a quick tutorial for you all.

      -----> When saying the ch part in Larcher think of it more as sh to get that sound found in words like sheep, or shit.

      ------> Th er part of Larcher gets a little tricky for most, so I'll try to explain as best I can. Th er is like how everyone thinks us Canadians say eh at the end of every phrase. So it doesn't like the er at the end of Rooster.

      -------> So the end result my name should sound like this: Larsheh .

      Hope that helped you all out smiley0.gif

      P.S. Here's a pole to see if it really did clarify things or not.

    • Busy Two Weeks

      10 years ago

      Larcher Chunky Monkey

      Ahoy hoy there guys,

      I was just sitting here at my computer and something hit me nice hard. I've got one helluva busy two weeks. It started last Monday. I've been working from Monday and haven't stopped. I even worked my ass of during the east long weekend. Now most you might think i am whining (which is true) but just think about this:

      I go from waking up 4:45 in morning work 6-2, clean the apartment, go to my MMA classes and repeat. Since i am only part time at the hospital i didn't get double time and half.

      This week isn't going any better either. I did my day shift yesterday and now I have to pull off two evening shifts work out during the day. Talk about hectic.

      But the Cherry on top is this: I have to drive to Toronto (4 hour drive from where i live) go to my fiancee's operation. come back have a day off then on Satuday go back down south (5 1/2 hours) go to a wrestling indy show. and come back right after the event ( it finishes at like 11 pm or 12 am. )

      So wish me luck everyone :S

    • Community Griffball Team?

      10 years ago

      Larcher Chunky Monkey

      So the title is pretty self explanatory. I'm trying to see if there is anyone who would be interested in forming a Griff Ball Team. Either to play in the seasons or you know for shits and giggles. Doesn't really matter to me. So if anyone is interested. Send me a message!

      I'll also be trying to see if i can maybe set up some Community Play Dates with whom ever is interested!

    • Did anyone get to play with them?

      10 years ago

      Larcher Chunky Monkey

      Ahoy hoy there guys. Just wondering if anyone at all got a chance to play with the RTStaff. A few of us tried, Hell we even bandede together to keep each other company and still nothing. I would still be out there fighting out the wait. But i have to work tomorrow morning at 6. So....did anyone get some R&R with them?

      and if you did Details please.

    • The Wulves=gone. Enter Ninja Donkeys?

      10 years ago

      Larcher Chunky Monkey

      Ahoy hoy there fellow Cockbites,

      Long time no chat ehÃ'° Well seeing as no one has read these little hidden treasures yet, I guess it doesn't really matter eh? But it doesn't matter right now because we have a ALOT of catching up to do. So i'll get right into it.

      Since my last entry on May 10th 2008, quite a few things have happen. Number one i got engaged like not even two days after i posted this blog. Numéros deux; I purchased this sweet starterès drum kit and was really getting into it. I was even jamming out with my buddy AléGus in his garage which was pretty bad ass all together. #3 Fast forward to fatherès day and guess what happens????? No one know....well here I'll give you guys a hint: What rhymes with Hire? that's right FIRE. We got a house that forced to us to live at my grand mother's house up until oh i'd say....March. It was up until then for myself since i had decided to move out with the old ball and chain. My family (suckers) are still chilling at my G.M. waiting for the construction to be done. As for me well after moving out I purchased a car (2004 Saturn Ion 3 ) a kick ass Samsung Home Theater set. I have a brand new computer with internet, cable and a phone line.

      But enough about those details i am going to bring the important stuff. Probably most of you have guessed this (well who ever read my past Journals) know that i tried setting up my own Machinima series. I had the pilot all written up, voice actors were ready and well after the flames it went down hill. But have no fret!! There's still hope My friend Gus and I are starting our very own Youtube Channel called Ninja Donkey Films or ND Films for short. It's going to be like a short skit episode sort of thing. We plan on releasing an episode a week. We already have two done. We just need to mix the audio and add a few sound F.X. and we will be done. We'll make one more episode before releasing the first one. Just so we can get the ball rolling.

      Working on the shows and trying to make Vlogs for the channel had done something for me. It had rekindled my love for making Journal entries here on RT. The community here is so rich and diverse that i couldn't contain myself. I just had to mkae more entires. So with my weekly Episodes that I'll be making for ND films i'll also be doing some journal entries. Just you know to get people's opinion on stuff that i think would make great conv. here in the comm. So for now i say g'night and i shall seee you all soon.

      P.S. here's a link to the Youtube Channel if you guys want to take a sneak peek.

      P.P.S. Until the Vidoes are posted I will mostlikely be psting some journals herefor everyone to enojy. Hope i get more peeps on my side.

      ttyl all. Peace and Much Love the Hippy Way !!

    • Things are looking UP!

      11 years ago

      Larcher Chunky Monkey

      Ahoy hoy there sirs and sirsettes,

      It's me again. Just thought i'd drop by and see how everyone's doing? Me well things could no be better. I just got my ADS tech Cap Wiz working so you know what that means right? Wulf Pack Productions is just one step closer to taking over the machinima world! and to top it all off i got myself some new people on my friends list. good thing too it was starting to dusty and smell like a bingo hall full of old folks bingo hall full of old folks

      P.S. Don't forget to check out Wulf Pack Production's For latest details on the progression of the show. Future projects, what we're thinking. the whole nine yards. (I know i am a press whore)

    • Of Wulf And Man

      11 years ago

      Larcher Chunky Monkey

      Ahoy hoy there Again!!!
      Did I not say I was going to be back hmmm??? Didn't expect it to be so damn fast? Well I have alot of time to make up for, ha ha. Anyways, this is the major announcement I warned you all aout like thirty minutes ago. Myself and a close friend are going to start doing our very own machinima projects. But that's not the best part oh no sirs and sirsettes. We've already started writing the script for the first episode, we have out voice actors and helpers for character movement. We're pretty damn set if I do say so myself.

      The name of our little group is called: ]Wulf Pack Productions.

      Just by clicking on the name you'll be able to visit our blog site where we're going to post a whole bunch of stuff. Q&A with the Voice Actors and other really cool goodies. But fret not because i will still be making my rounds through here. Over there is business. Here it's fun time. You guys can ask me anything here and I shall answer. Or if you want to see something specific on the blog just let me know here. Who knows maybe We'll have some friendly competition with RT. Or they could humiliate us with ease. Their call. Anywyas i have to go work on the blog site for a bit so i shall return soon. But for now check us out.

    • For Whom The Bell Tolls

      11 years ago

      Larcher Chunky Monkey

      Ahoy hoy there Guys!!!!
      Long time no entry eh? sorry about that. Been quite busy past few months. I got some Huge news. Well good for me and bad for my girlfriends relatives. Me and My old Lady RE ENGAGED!! Pretty crazy eh? To add more insaness to the mix the lady proposed to me.!!! Nuts i know. Some pretty exciting stuff going on in my life now a days lol Glad enough to say that sings are finally going my way as of late. Oh and I have some more crazy cool stuff. to talk about in my next entry (don't worry will not take as long for this one.) that might steal away form fans from the rt team. Probably not since these guys kick WAYYYYY too much ass for anything like to ever happen. Anyways. Just needed to explode this on somewhere and i thought why not on one of my most favoritessesssess web sites of all time. So Stay tuned for next time. Same Bat channel Same Bat time.....maybe ha ha .

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