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    • Birthday Boy!

      3 years ago


      So 19 years ago on February 12th,1997 a young ginger baby was born under the name Brandon. I've accomplished a good amount of things in my short life, and I can surely say there will be a hell a lot more accomplishments on the way. I will be going to RTX 2016 this year so I'm looking forward to that, can't wait!

      Thank Everyone for the BDay Wishes

    • Who Am I?

      3 years ago


      I decided to finally post on the site. As most people know me, I go by Left2Cry but my real name is Brandon. I am a Community Hunter on the AH Community Channel on Youtube. I've been making content on the community channel for almost a year, and what an experience it has been. I have received so much love from the community with positive feedback and respectful constructive criticism. I have made such great friends doing what I love to do , make videos.

      Besides being a Community Hunter , I work two/three jobs, first job being a Comedy Show Ticket Salesman in Times Square, NY (Yes I am one of those assholes), second being a Service Technician. A Service Tech. cleans ice machines and cleans cooling towers from the Legionaries Disease, so Hospitals, schools etc aren't infected causing people to die. Also last but not least I am an Actor. I have performed in multiple musicals and plays, along with acted in a feature film as an extra.

      I have been a fan of RT for 11 years and boy look at where this company has gone! I remember watching RvB season 2 with my cousin and laughing my ass off. Slowly growing with AH with Jack and Geoff, back when they only did achievement guides. Then, becoming this amazing family that we all love.

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