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    • Wide-Open Future

      3 years ago

      Legonater INB4 Price runs CarWash

      Well I've proven myself terrible at sticking to this so I don't know if anybody follows at all, but this past week has been pretty big so I figure I'll throw an update.

      I don't know if I've shared this at all so sorry if this is retreading information, but I've done a lot of writing for a long while. I've been working on one story for the past several years, and have thought about really moving forward with it. It turns out that a guy I know owns a publication press, and he said once I got it really ironed out he'd be cool with publishing it. I'm not entirely sure whether I want to wait it out or go ahead and get my name out there, but either way it's cool to have options.

    • Monty Oum

      4 years ago

      Legonater INB4 Price runs CarWash

      There are no words to express my feelings over Monty's passing. He was an inspiration to all of us. His work is what first really introduced me to Rooster Teeth, and probably wouldn't be here without him.

      Gone, but never forgotten, Monty Oum.

    • ...And Then There Were None

      4 years ago

      Legonater INB4 Price runs CarWash


      So Ten Little Roosters ended the other day. This was a project I saw as soon as it was announced and quickly got excited for. It had an excellent cast, a great set-up, and gave the public a chance to see what Flanagan was capable of before Lazer Team comes out. I don't really know what I was expecting going in, but I was expecting something cool.

      The first episode floored me. Whatever your opinions of the rest of the series, I will stand confidently in saying that first episode was incredible. I know TLR/RT Shorts comparisons are shamed upon, but in that first episode I definitely felt the same energy that was in the first season of the RT Shorts. It was sharp, witty, and funny. Whatever the case may be for the rest of the season, that's what I took from TLR and that's why I'm excited for Lazer Team.

      Now, I'll reserve my judgment for the first death guess until Josh reveals the whole hint process, but the feel of the pilot episode definitely continued for the first few episodes. The investigation was difficult, but for the more part it made sense. My first complaint (and it's more of a nit-pick than anything) was the order of which people were killed off. Michael proved himself an amazing actor that first episode, yet he was the first one gone. Likewise a few great actors were taken out in the first half of the series. As far as I'm concerned, everyone on the show had at least decent acting skills (people shoot down Barb, but her work this year on RWBY was absolutely amazing), it's just I'd love to see some of the truly great actors stick around longer. Again, largely nit-picking more than anything.

      Maybe it's just me, but I found things got easier as the show went on. Starting with Burnie, I got every guess correct (even the original true answer to Adam's death, though I regretted it quickly. Would have been 'right' either way, though). I don't know if that's due to the writing, or just me, so it's hard to have a factual criticism there. I do feel the quality slipped a little as it went on, however. The humour wasn't as sharp and the episodes got shorter. The finale was kind of just a weird little 'fight'. Maybe that's just preference. I found the same thing with RWBY Vol 2, so it could just be the way RT works (work hard on the first few episodes, rush more further into production), and if it is this is more constructive criticism than anything. Starting off strong is great, but consistency is also needed to sustain the show. Again, with this sort of thing it's hard to be really sure about the reason, it's just how I felt about it.

      There's more I'd like to say, but it's difficult to talk much more about it without delving fully into opinion. I felt Miles was set-up strongly as the killer, but he wound up being the doomed hero. I thought a lot of plot elements were left hanging, but perhaps that's how they were intended. I do want to point out the brilliance of Chris' survival in Episode 2, simply because I haven't seen it pointed out elsewhere. Barb in the end said she loved riddles. Chris brought up riddles, and sought out to challenge her. So she let him live for the moment. Moments like these show TLR's subtle brilliance. Whatever my feelings for the latter half of TLR, the first half shows a lot of promise for future projects like this. A lot of care was put into red herrings and setting up deaths and even thing like I mentioned above that go largely unnoticed. I'm excited for the next thing Josh brings, and hope it's even better.

      @SixRomeo if you ever take the time to read this, I'd love to hear your feedback. Also, apologies if at any point this review sounds offensive, the goal was simply to give my view.

    • Mild Innactivity

      4 years ago

      Legonater INB4 Price runs CarWash

      So it's possible you've noticed I haven't been around as much as usual. Or maybe it just feels that way. In either case, the reason is I picked up the Mass Effect trilogy. I'm sure that answers any other questions you may have.

    • 4 years ago

      Legonater INB4 Price runs CarWash
    • RWBY Volume 2: The Day We've Waited For, Or Time to Say Goodbye?

      4 years ago

      Legonater INB4 Price runs CarWash

      With the release of RWBY's season finale, I've decided to do a review of the whole season. I actually had set upon this last week, but decided to wait. Good thing to, because this finale really changed my opinion on the season.

      The lead-up to this season was quite unlike anything RT had done before - the production diaries and small leaks here and there ramped up to the season premier quite nicely. It was promoted as a better season, the diaries showed us greater visuals and a more expansive team, filling out the character in the series quite nicely. More than that, the series was promoted as taking a dark turn - the new opening, a lot of the implications from interviews and more suggested things wouldn't be as cheery as it was in Volume One.

      The premier showed us a glimpse of the direction of this season. It opened with Emerald and Mercury killing someone in cold blood, something we hadn't seen yet from RWBY. Our villains were quickly fleshed out, and we got our first hints at the underlying plan from Cinder, the Big Bad of this arc. Neptune was also introduced to us, and along with him we were reintroduced to RWBY and JNPR again in grand style - an all out food fight the likes of which we hadn't seen before.

      And that was the last we saw of JNPR's fighting until the finale.

      In fact, for such an inconsequential fight, it's shocking to think this is only one of three all-out battles in this season. Volume One isn't too different, sure, but at least all it's major battles are relevant. In Volume 2 we have the food fight, the not-quite-mid-season battle with the Paladin, and the final trail and Grimm battle. None of these really come to the level of the RWBY/JNPR vs Nevermore and Deathstalker. Most don't really match up with the final battle of Volume One, either. In fact, in all of Volume One's fights we have a clear sense of danger, which just isn't present in Volume Two. But I'll get more on that later.

      In the following episodes we see some cool down-time from RWBY. This was something sorely missed in Volume One, and this Volume makes up for it in abundance. However, it does this by having down time take up most of the season. Again, more on that later. With Blake shocked after her fight with Torchwick, RWBY gears up to investigate what the White Fang are up to. Here we are introduced to Ironwood, ally of Ozpin, and his army. It's all very impressive, and hints at the darker tone promised. Penny also comes up again, and is developed a little. Enjoy her stay, because she isn't going to show up at all this season after this.

      The investigation takes us into the first real fight of the season. Our good buddy Torchwick suits up in a stolen Paladin and proceeds to fight RWBY. This fight was the central focus of the trailer, and... well, I really wish I could say it lives up to the hype, but it doesn't. The threatening-looking mech doesn't stand a chance against RWBY, apparently. Expect this to be a theme this season. The fighting is all well and cool, and brilliantly shows how much the team has come together. However, this episode is just briefly before the mid-point of the season, and thus serves as a similar battle to Players and Pieces in Volume One. It's miles away from Players and Pieces, though. What that fight had was stakes, a definite sense of danger. Here RWBY beats the Paladin like it's nothing. Torchwick then gets away, with the help of his new ally Neo.

      Did you like that fight scene? Great! It's the only one you're getting until the finale.

      Sure there's the occasional skirmish, but there's a difference between those and full-blown fight scenes. That fact, and the next arc, shows my main issue with RWBY in general. The pacing is just awful. The first season was a mix of arcs that had nothing to do with each other, and no overlaying arc. This season is better, but not by much. It starts off strong - the villains are set up, and RWBY is sensibly investigating the stuff that happened last season. But after this fight, that whole investigation... disappears, for some reason. Blake is determined to keep going, but the rest of the team just kind of decides to give up, and this great arc is dropped completely.

      As a writer and a guy who studies film, I will tell you straight up, that is not how you write things. If the first third of what you're writing is setting up a specific arc, you do not suddenly throw that away for no reason. You follow on it. That's... not what happens here. The investigation arc is thrown away for a trilogy revolving around the dance, as everyone runs around looking for partners for it. Then, instead of being a huge event where Cinder crashed the party in epic fashion, she uses it as a distraction that's not really all the necessary, resulting in a fairly wasted series of episodes with little action and less development of plot.

      That said, these three episodes do wonders with character development, which is what was heavily lacking previously, and where this season shines. Most of this season is devoted to showing who these characters are, and how they think. Something I would be completely in favour of if they'd only advance the plot every once and a while.

      Seriously, though. We're two seasons in the show. Can anyone tell me for certain what Cinder's plan is? No. Why? Because the writers have decided that keeping it a mystery is better, and to some extent they're right. By waiting to reveal vital aspects of a villains plan, a writer creates suspense and shock. However, usually the audience knows the villain's motive, or what their overall plan is, be it world domination or the death of someone. With Cinder we have no idea. She's just doing suspicious things for some reason. That's not a threatening villain, that's an annoying one. We left Volume Two with very little more knowledge as to her plan than Volume One. Worse, what little that was hinted had nothing to do with the finale...

    • Updates on Everything

      4 years ago

      Legonater INB4 Price runs CarWash

      So I figured I ought to start doing journal things. To start, sponsoring has always been something I've wanted to do but never had the funds for. Maybe in the future it'll be a more likely venture, but for now I was lucky enough to have ColtonSR approach me with a sponsorship offer. So thanks yet again, man!

      In other news, Fate/Stay Night has started up. It's joined Arrow, Flash and Agents of SHIELD in the long list of series I'm watching this fall, with Gotham in there if I get to it when it airs. Not to mention X-Ray and Vav when that starts... yeah.

      Also, something a lot of you probably don't know about - I'm writing a book. I have been for the past couple years, with a fair degree of planning before that. It's the start of a sci-fi trilogy that I'll probably go into more detail on in a later entry. Anyways, the first rough draft of it is almost finished, so that's exciting.

      So yeah, lot's of stuff going on.

    • 6 years ago

      Legonater INB4 Price runs CarWash

      Timeline of the different versions of the Director and Allison. Some leisure is taken with exact times - for example, the creation of Omega is unknown, so in this particular timeline he is not shown until after the break-in.

    • 6 years ago

      Legonater INB4 Price runs CarWash
    • 7 years ago

      Legonater INB4 Price runs CarWash
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      Did you change your name?

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