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    • It finally happened. I made a Game Grumps Remix.

      3 years ago


      First time remixing anything, so the Grumps was the easy choice to start with. Figuring I'll do Achievement Hunter stuff too. It's just more difficult finding singing portions of them that isn't pure chaos xD

      So let's see if this new link thing works, huh? (Spoiler, it didn't, trying again in an edit)


      Been two years sinceI made something in Ableton Live, so I decided to do something more simple and low tempo :P Anyway, tell me what you think and hopefully the next one'll be better :D

    • 3 years ago

    • Feelings on the new site, and a little update from my end.

      3 years ago


      When the new site first rolled out, it had a lot of technical issues that are sure to come with a launch of any new service, product or what have you. It wasn't necessarily those things that ever bothered me, because, as I said, this is to be expected. However, there are some decisions in its design that I simply don't understand. I'm totally on board on having a minimalist/simple style, dropping unnecessary colors and patterns and focusing on a clean interface. But that alone is not enough to call it "clean". I won't go into detail, but I feel like the top of the site if very chopped up into different sections that doesn't blend well together, even if they are on the same "color" spectrum (black, gray white). Add in a banner that scales differently based on your screen size, and that sometimes look great, and sometimes looks horrible, and you've got yourself a very dense and cluttered top section. There are also some stuff that bothers me in terms of how the old , returning and new features are handled. Both from a interaction design perspective and regarding the overall accessibility of them. Again, I won't go into details on how to make it better here, but if @Adam or anyone else could point me in a direction of an official forum or other places to provide feedback, I'd be happy to share my views on the subject, and then you can tell me whether I have some good points or how stupid my solutions are.

      THAT SAID, I still think this new site has great potential for becoming a thousand times better than the last one from a user's point of view. And I'm certain that the site was designed for the staff and tech-crew to have a more structured and manageable way to do their jobs. So I'm not neglecting the fact that even if it isn't what EVERYONE on the site will love, that it will still do a great service to lots of people who constantly provide us with entertainment.

      Now that little Negative-Nancy over here has finished with his criticism, I'll give a little update on what I've been doing lately!

      I've been getting back into making different music stuff, testing out different genres and going back to producing in Ableton Live. My 5+year old MacBook Pro has started giving up on me, and I recently bought a desktop Windows PC for the more heavy lifting as Unity5, music production and games. I have not yet finished any of the new stuff I'm working on, but hey, at least I'm having fun. Which is something I almost haven't had with music the last 4 years.


      I've also started my journey into more accessible MOBAs, Smite is my jam. I play a bit of League of Legends with my big brother from time to time, but it just doesn't keep me interested. I started playing a week ago, and if anyone else has some time for getting together for some blood in their mouthes and sand up their butts, I'm all for it!

      I also caved in and bought Dragon Ball Xenoverse after much hesitation, but holy hell I'm having a blast with it. I wouldn't have bought it at full price, as it isn't a fantastic game by any means, but it's still a shitload of fun. I bought it because of the Bandai Namco sale on Xbox Live, and it was worth the price it was on sale for. And to quote Ross O'Donovan "This is fucking DeviantArt the Game". All the hilarious and terribly designed characters you interact with in the hub world is a fucking gem. A dirt-splattered, badly named, my-OC-do-not-steal fest of a gem.


      Damn that was a long post..
      Now, how are you guys finding the new site, and what have you been playing or doing this summer? I feel like I've been so absent that I hardly know what most of you lovelies have been up to these past months. Whoops..

      Laters~ [Awesome][Heart][Awesome]

    • 3 years ago

    • Thank you Satoru Iwata

      3 years ago


      Thank you for my childhood.


    • 4 years..? Damn..

      4 years ago


      Today marks the 4-year mark for my RT-account.
      Time really flies by, and it feels like it was just yesterday I made the 3-year anniversary post.
      Last year, around this time, I was facing eviction, unemployment and possibly having to quit university and move back to my parents' place while searching for a new place to live. I was very lucky though, and found a place last minute that was as close to perfect as it can get for a student in my position.
      Not only did I get a place, keep my job and keep going to university, this was all just before @LostInSweden finally moved here. This has been a year of ups and downs, mostly downs, but that amazing 1-up that was the move of that beautiful Swede, made the year pretty damn awesome smiley13.gif
      Elsker deg Sofia, takk for at du er her hos meg smiley12.gif

      I am also in the process of quitting my job to either focus more on my studies, or applying for a part time job that I can actually have some more passion for, as gaming or music. My new bosses has been treating me like shit, and all together, what does shit do? SHIT LEAVE THEIR SORRY ASSES, THAT'S WHAT SHIT DOES! Not sure if that makes sense, silly me . So yeah, it's going to be great to get away from those asshats and that hellhole of a grocery store, I think that next year (2015/2016) might even be better for me than the last one smiley1.gif


      Now that summer is here (at least calender-wise.. Stupid rain), I have more time on my hands.
      This means more music stuff after I get some things sorted, and last but not least..
      More time to spend with the amazing people in the Skype chat, I'm ready for GAIMEZ!
      Here's to a whole new year on RT with all of you lovely people! smiley8.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley13.gif
      Laters~ smiley1.gifsmiley12.gif

    • Splatooooooooooooon~

      4 years ago


      Calling all my fellow Nintendonians to their brushes and super-soakers!
      I just ordered Splatoon, and after my exams, I need your help to splat all over opposing teams.
      Time for all of us to blow the dust off of our WiiUs


      WHO'S WITH ME?!?

      YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAH!!! smiley13.gif

      Lars out! smiley8.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley13.gif

    • Music!

      4 years ago


      A week ago I decided to do something rather strange. I decided to make some synth pad-y trance-ish thingymajiggie. I have only made electronic music a few number of times before, the last real one being more than two years ago.. So this was interesting, to say the least. I'd appreciate it if you were to check that out smiley1.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley13.gif



      Laters~ smiley8.gifsmiley13.gifsmiley12.gif

    • New computer for all stuff nerdy

      4 years ago


      I finally bit the bullet and got myself a new computer this week. Going back to Windows..
      This bullet was apparently just a nice piece of Belgian chocolate in disguise. I decided to spend a lot of money just to get a desktop computer that's quite future proof, so that I won't have to pay this much again any time soon.
      The reason I bought it was not for gaming, although it will be used for this as well.
      I wanted a computer that can handle a lot of shit in digital work spaces like Unity/Unreal Engine as well as Maya. This has become quite an interesting hobby of mine that I hope to pursue and make a living out of at some point (Waaaaaaaay down the road of course).

      With that said, I now have a powerhouse of a computer for gaming as well, so if any of you guys have some recommendations for PC-exclusives or games, hit me up with some must-have game suggestions. As for the Skype family, if there are any games you guys would like to maybe play on PC, you have another player ready to join after a long absence smiley8.gif


      Laters~ smiley8.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley13.gif

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