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      This forum post is so that members of the clan can locate the other sites around the web in which Bear Calvary has left it's paw on:

      Founding Site: www.bungie.net/fanclub/257229/Group/GroupHome.aspx
      Second Founding: www.xfire.com/clans/bearcalvary
      Third Founding: steamcommunity.com/groups/bearcalvary
      Forth Founding: rvb.roosterteeth.com/groups/profile.php?id=3484
      Fifth Founding:..........................

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      Bear Calvary Rules and Regulations

      As a member of Bear Calvary, each member will be held to these standards, And it is understood that different people have different circumstances and accommodations will be made should they be needed. This clan is made for gamers united in the pursuit of pure gaming. And thus these rules will be set to guide us.

      Rule 1
      All members must make an effort to attend practice 3 times a week.. It is understood that people have things to do that are more pressing matters. But please contact another member of the clan to let us know of your absence.

      Rule 2
      All members must play by to book. Camping , spamming , and cheating will not be tolerated. This rule stands. There will be no exceptions.

      Rule 3
      There will be no intentional betrayal of another clan mate. Accidental betrayals are a hazard of the game and is understood, But constant killing of teammates, or the intentional killing of a teammate will not be tolerated.

      Rule 4
      Clan arguments will be settled as soon as possible, With both sides having their opinion heard by a panel of clan members who don't take any side in this argument.

      Rule 5
      There will be no tolerance for discrimination against any persons, race, sex, or orientation.
      And members caught discriminating will be be punished or dismissed from the clan.

      Breaking the rules will result in punishments., as listed below. A punishment can be challenged if you believe that the punishment is too harsh. Punishments will be given out based on the severity of your actions.

      1st level (White) punishments

      A verbal warning or written citation will be issued

      2nd Level (Blue) punishment

      You will be required to wear a punishment armor variant, in pink for 3 practices. Or you will be put on clan probation, where your actions will be watched and judged by a fellow clan member.

      3rd Level (Red) Punishments

      Your will be suspended from the clan for a period of time, during which senior clan members will review your actions and determine weather, you will permitted to remain apart of the clan or be dismissed to "The Line" If you are allowed to stay you will have to go through a 2 week probation period.

      4th Level (Black) punishments

      If you should managed to receive all of the above punishments and your actions continue
      you will be subject to and immediate discharge from the clan in which you will have to face "the line"
      This is the most sever punishment and will only be enacted when deemed necessary by the senior members of the clan by 2/3 majority vote.

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