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      Dress Maker

      8 years ago

      Not that I honestly expect any of you, my friendly gamers, to know...but being the only girl I know that has no idea how to plan a wedding, I can't even find the silly dress I'm supposed to wear. And decided it doesn't exist except in my head, and I really need to just have it made. But I also have no idea how to go about doing that.

      Anybody know some nice mom or something, that can sew dresses...preferrably in Texas?
      I'd appreciate it so much, and thanks in advance.

      PS- Thepio is wonderful, cause he just re-sponsored me! smiley9.gif

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      9 years ago

      So yup, we're really engaged. Officially for real. And I am oh so excited and looking forward to living side by side the Love of my life. Can't wait for everything (married living) to start and life to be new and grand.

      Love and Happiness for all of you!


      Wow, just hit me I'm actually going to be called a "Mrs." ...that is just incredible!

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      9 years ago

      July I am 22. Which is funny because most of my 21st year of life I spent thinking that I was already 22 somehow, and frequently answered as such when asked my age. I don't get to do much in the way of celebration because Andrew was lining up a video job we said we'd do and kindof didn't realize what day it was, so he accidentally gave my birthday away for a job. But it's ok, cause we couldn't do our previous plans anyway, and he's taking tomorrow off so we and our friends can have cake, and do stuff then. And I do get to do what I love, as far as work things go, and I'll at least see him today. I'm excited.

      How is the 10th treating all of you people today?

      (So far, Andrew and my Dad have called me to wish me a happy day...Andrew called around midnight. But my Dad...ugh...he called me at 1:30 in the morning, cause he's not smart sometimes and didn't realize it was a 2 hour difference in AZ. So he woke me up, then I realized he was calLing at what he thought to be 11:30p because he thought my birthday was the 9th and thought he almost missed the day.....geeze)

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      My X-Men character, MOONSTAR

      9 years ago

      Think you know everything about X-Men? smiley9.gif

      So a long time ago, before the first film came out, I started doing a lot of research into the lesser known characters. Basically just cause I'm a nerd and really love the Marvel Comic's X-Men series. It started as a little girl watching the cartoons really. But I was all into it. So while the craze is newly fired once more, I thought I'd post some info on my self proclaimed X-Men alter-ego. Maybe you'll glean something new about a character you didn't already know. Here she is, and my short description of why I can associate myself with this character is in the first image I have of her in my pictures....

      Real Name: Danielle Moonstar

      Universe/Timeline: Marvel Universe

      Current Status: Depowered

      Aliases: Mirage II, Psyche, Spellbinder

      Height: 5?8?

      Weight: 125 lbs.

      Hair color: Black

      Eyes: Brown

      Nationality: Cheyenne

      First appearance: Marvel Graphic Novel #4

      Joined the New Mutants in: Marvel Graphic Novel #4

      Currently in: New X-Men: Academy X

      Known Relatives: William Lonestar (father), Peg Lonestar (mother), Black Eagle (grandfather, deceased)

      Profession: teacher, former SHIELD agent

      Group Affiliations:
      Formerly X-Men, Valkyries, New Mutants, Bratpack, Mutant Liberation Front, SHIELD, X-Force, New Mutants Squad supervisor

      Mirage I was killed by Scourge.

      Danielle was called Psyche in the early New Mutants stories, but did not like the name as it only related to the "greatest fear" aspect of her power. She later settled on Mirage in New Mutants #19. She became a Valkyrie in New Mutants Special #1 and assumed the name "Moonstar" in X-Force #27.

      The codename Spellbinder was only used once, in X-Men vs Micronauts. It was not even in the actual story, but only in the introductory sidebar

      Powers and Abilities:
      (Short Summary) Generate psi-plasma to empathically scan minds, project holograms plucked from the brains of others, and create energy weapons that overstimulate and disable nuerochemistry, psychic link to all higher animals, now depowered.

      *Generate astral energy in the form of psionic images drawn from the subconscious minds of herself or others, such as a representation of their greatest fear or love, which appears real only to those being directly affected by her power; possesses an animal telepathy which allows her to share thoughts and feelings with higher forms of non-sentient life such as birds and mammals.

      *Initiated as one of the Valkyries of Asgard, allowing her to sense the presence of impending doom around others by seeing it in the form of that person's private interpretation of death, then battle Death itself to save that individual if she so chooses. Since recent events in which the High Evolutionary removed the powers of mutants, Moonstar's further mutated. The outcome of this further mutation appears to be the ability to utilize this power in conjunction with her mutation to psychometrically read the scene of a recent death and generate holographic images that replay that person's demise.

      *Formerly construct her astral energy into tangible forms to represent a strong fear or desire drawn from someone's mind, but can only manifest one thing at a time, with one projection only disappearing when another is called into existence, trained herself to strongly desire her spirit lance at will and manifest it in an "inert form" as an arrowhead necklace or as a full-fledged weapon

      *Manifest her astral energy as psionic plasma from her hands--which can be applied on contact or shaped into weapons such as a dagger or bow and arrows--enabling her to perceive the primal thoughts of anyone her power connects with, either passively in her own mind's eye or projected as a backlash into her opponent that overwhelms them with their own mental images, causing them to get healed, become paralyzed, fall unconscious, break down into delirious mumblings or even die.

      *Formerly tap into the quantum forces binding together the universe, allowing her to perceive her environment in terms of energy, project radiant bursts of concussive force, heal the bodies of others, liquefy or disintegrate matter, levitate at will, and warp elemental or electromagnetic energy wavelengths

      newmutants18.jpg moonstar-bigcostume7.jpg



      moonstar-bigcostume6.jpgmoonstar25.jpgmoonstar26.jpg moonstar27.jpgmgn4.jpg xforce70.jpg xforceann97.jpg newmutants2-6.jpg


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      I miss Andrew <:-{

      9 years ago

      But I'm getting all his freelance video jobs that he's usually called in for....since he's gone on tour doing behind the scenes footage for a big band. I guess it leaves us kinda square ;) Not that I'll end up with the great resume hook, like him.

      I think we're both having fun though.

      (Gosh I love you, I really hope this goes by a little faster. Miss you, Dear)

      [because it's late, and I feel like it. Mysterious...?]

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      Because of Bastich

      9 years ago

      I blame it on him. He asked me do it just cause....i love you? {:-)

      1. Your Full Name:
      2. Age:
      3. Least Favourite Colour:
      4. Worst Movie:
      5. Worst Song:
      6. Worst Band:
      7. How did you come up with your screen name:
      8. Do you like filling in these questionnaires:
      9. kissing or other:
      10. Favourite tool in the shed:
      11. Tell me one boring fact about you:
      12. Would you take candy from a baby:
      13. Your best subject in High school and why:
      14. Have you started any rumours of me lately:
      15. First time busted by the police and why:
      16. Do you think Kragar is a good person (I do, he roxxes):
      17. If you won the lottery would you have a party or be a tight ass and not tell anyone:
      18. Ultimate job:
      19. If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why:
      20. Ever been a bully or are you still a bully:
      21. Favorite Color:
      22. Favorite Movie:
      23. Favorite Song:
      24. Favorite Band:
      25. Most Embarrassing Moment:
      26. Are you a virgin:
      27. What makes you the maddest:
      28. Are we friends:
      29. Tell me one odd/interesting fact about you:
      30. Would you take care of me when I'm sick:
      31. Do you want to tell me something that you couldn't before:
      32. Have you heard any rumors of me lately:
      33. Do you/have you talk(ed) crap about me:
      34. Do you think I'm a good person:
      35. Are there ever times when you want to call me but don't:
      36. Would you ever listen to my problems even if they don't involve you:
      37. If you could change anything about me, would you? What would it be:
      38. Would you come over for no reason just to hang out:
      39. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you:

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      STAR WARS!

      9 years ago

      Oh how giddy I was, I acted like i was 5! Last night was me and Roo's 2 year, 1 month-iversarry, and we went to see one of my childhood dreams, Star Wars performed by a symphony. We went to the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and to my amazement, it was narrated by Anthony Daniels (C-3PO)! And when we got there, there were a bunch of Storm Troopers walking around the performance hall.

      I was beaming the whole time, and I got some pictures with them. It was cute, one of the Troopers was clearly an extreme stereotypical Star Wars fan with minimal contact of the female kind, cause when i asked if I could have a picture with him, he kinda looked at me, and was like "Yeah...sure! smiley0.gif ", and when i said Thanks! he replied with a very cute/awkward/excited "Anytime!"

      There was also a fully functional R2-D2, that was remote controlled, and moved around, and lit up, and made the right noises. Darth Vader complete with lit red saber, showed up in the Organ platform during the emperial march, and came out after for pics too. It was all just so magical, and Anthony Daniels was just the coolest.

      I mentioned how cool it would be if they played stuff from the cantina, but Andrew told me it wasn't in the program, but then at the very end after we gave our Standing O, the conductor came back out and the orchestra busted out with a raucus tune, it was so cool, and then all the troopers came out and were dancing in the aisles with the littler kids in costumes....kinda cheesy, but it was really fun, and the icing on my cake.

      Oh, and I can't forget to mention how in all the middle of the craze afterwards while we're running around getting pictures in the hall, suddenly a film crew comes through, and I'm thinking they're interviewing Daniels or something, but you would never was the crew from the tv show Cheaters! They'd followed some cheating man there and were confronting him! And one of the camera women was so filming us, so if this one airs, I'm sure we'll have cameos. I just got one picture of the host. But that was crazy. I also thought it rude, and not the place to do it. Cause it is a very distinguished place, and there were tons of families and people trying to enjoy their Star Wars symphony experience. But was kinda exciting.

      So that was my amazing night. I have a ll the pictures on my Facebook account, if you're not on there, let me know how you'd like me to display the pics for you! I'd love to share :)

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      My Apologiez

      9 years ago

      So it's been way to long, I've been such a bad member, and i feel terrible for neglecting my friends....stuff and life get so filled up with junk, you know? I kinda hate that.

      So I may still be infrequent, but Im getting a new routine down for the semester and I hope I'll be back around more now. This is short for the moment, but I'll see you soon. Love you guys!


    • LinksLove


      9 years ago

      I really just can't wait for the new movie December, 9th. This is the kinda stuff i live for...what makes my heart happy, and whatnot & such. Tolkein and C.S. Lewis just get me. Seriously...when I die, they're the first guys I'm looking for in Heaven...i just want to sit there and let them tell me stories. Or maybe I won't have to...maybe it'll be like what I long for in their stories all around us...cause you know, it's Heaven smiley11.gif
      I haven't gone and done any research at all on the moive, other than articles that I've come across. So I don't know if there are plans to turn the rest of the Chronicles into films as well...that sure would be grand. I just can't get enough of that stuff, and we've already had a decent break from such films since we saw the Return of the King.
      I've already noticed a few things that aren't in agreement with the books, but the rest just looks so lovely, I'm sure to be pleased...or so I'm hoping.
      The days can't come soon enough!

      smiley12.gif , Your Fairytale loving Romantic

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      Nothing and a bunch...all at once

      9 years ago

      So I've been really busy this week, barely home much. And i feel bad for missing out on all my friends new updates and whatnot. It also doesnt help that pretty much the only time i get on a computer is when i have some time at Roo's. My Lappy died recently, you see. So ill work my way through the alerts as quick as i can.

      I just got back from watching Legend of Zorro....i really liked the Mask of, but this one was horrible, really bad even. I had to cringe several times...never a good sign. Rather unfortunate really.

      Oh Andrew and I are both doing temp work now, and its kinda exciting cause i think we're really gonna get a lot done in the film department this year.....we're goin' places baby! I think good things are ahead. And I'm determined to keep the boys organized in their next project...i very well could be the life-saver here. smiley0.gif (im sounding very hauty, aren't I...haha, only part kidding...theyre capable men, they just need guidance.) There are already a couple pretty successful projects completed...and each one is teaching us valuable new lessons. Exciting stuff.

      Anybody want cheap tix to the National Championship of Major League Soccer...aka the 10th Anniversary MLS Cup? Cause i can get ya there smiley8.gifsmiley8.gif

      smiley12.gif Love you guys...well most of you. ; )

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    • KullWahad


      7 years ago

      Where ya been?

    • Bastich


      8 years ago

      Just reading your email now.

      Typing a reply too. the bonus plan. smiley11.gif

    • Deathsshadow


      8 years ago

      I did not call you Rogue my comment was actual in response to rogue911s below me and I do not know who might have sponsored you

      P.S. AGAHMNIN GO DOWN NO GET UP! and I am saving Ganons ass wooping for tommorow when I pick up a wii!

    • Deathsshadow


      8 years ago

      Oh its just random randomness about how I am naked and the greatest!

    • rogue911


      8 years ago

      nothing much just living through my sr yr of high school. Enjoying my horror movies Muahahahahaha. Otherwise nothing much up here in this state.

      and thats pretty cool that ur getting married. good luck with that. All I know is that relationships are out of the question for me. I have no time in life to hangout with a girlfriend. Plus my last one was totally dependent on me cause she made me choose to do everything(like where to go and shit). Anyway Im glad ur happy about ur marrige to be.


    • Deathsshadow


      8 years ago

      well while you werent on in awhile I was naked.... infact I still am Rogue!

    • rogue911


      8 years ago

      Hey links love what is up? God I havent been on here in a while

    • katanafleetd


      8 years ago


      (That is unless you posted in GTP and then logged back off.)

    • FreezeHero


      8 years ago

      well if it's in your house, it's wise to get rid of it, I'd grab a broom and run it towards the door, and then get some rat killer, and place it around the house for awhile, otherwise, there will be more, and they will chew through your wires, and it's just not a good day when that happens ;-p... -Rat killer = good...

      If you let it live... it will come back, just so you know.


    • GuiltySparks


      8 years ago

      Guess who's back LinksLove, w00t! GS is back!

      Congrats on the engagement btw. Laters!