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      I see a lot of good and bad gamer tags on x-Box live mostly bad and I mean really bad xXxN0sC0p35xXX for example I mean yeah nice.
      But at the same time there are some really clever gamer tags one of the best I have ever seen was"One character to shor" which I though was brilliant and there was clearly some though into it, but any way I was just curious to as if anyone who reads this would share the reason behind there gamer tag.

      My gamer tag originates from the 1999 Playstaion game Jade Cocoon: Story of the Tamamayu published by Genki and Crave entertainment.
      This is my all time favorite game and I have spent more hours than I can count playing it, I picked it up on a recommendation of an old friend as we were both big into the Pokemon Rd and Blue games and this game followed a similar game play style.
      Through out the game there is mention of the "Lion of Parel" the name giving to your father who has been missing for years. (theirs a lot to this so im not going to go big into it you should just play the game ;D).
      As you may have noticed the names aren't the same strange considering its my favorite game eh. BUT this is where the tag gets a bit more meaning to it, I begged my parents to try and get me this game but it was impossible to find anywhere.
      Then one day I came home and there it was Jade cocoon I was so excited to play it however it was a counterfeit copy they had picked up at a market stall because they knew how much I wanted it.
      The game had quite a few translation errors in the game and some of the text was in Engwish but I didn't care I just wanted to play it.
      so you can see where this is going my copy had the name spelt Lion Of Peral and not Lion Of Parel, I realized this quite quickly as my friend had a correctly translated copy.

      So my gamer tag is a combination of my favorite game, a happy childhood memory and a translation error.
      to be honest im happy that i had a translation error game as it gives it a better meaning to me and its also a shitty little story to tell.

      If you have a story about where your GT came from leave a comment I would actually like to see why people have there names :)

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