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27 years old
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      8 months ago


      I know that this is wildly off topic from what everybody has been discussing, but I'm over here freaking out because, in one fell swoop, I have two new Twenty One Pilots songs to listen to, alongside two new Childish Gambino songs. I know this isn't a music thread within the forum, but I need to say this to somebody who isn't my roommate: new music drives me in a serious way, and i'm tired of having to apologize for it.

      I went to art school and double-majored so that I could make a livable income while continuing what i loved, which was designing merchandise for bands. An album I love can fuel me almost endlessly, dragging out sketches and painting, 2D and digital. But a new song? That's desire. That's fresh imagery. That's a new look into an old idea. That's colors and themes I could have never dreamt of alone. But there are people out there who make fun of me for all of this. "Twenty One Pilots are played out. You're lame for listening to them." "Oh boy, The clique is back and more cringe-worthy than ever." Before I would try and cover for myself: "Oh, yeah, ha ha! It's not THAT good. Their old stuff is better. I get what you're saying." Well now i'm saying this, if you're like I am:

      Stop letting people dictate your responses for you.

      If you love something, love it. If a song, book, movie, game, or sport make you happy and inspire you to live your life in the best way, don't let anybody tell you that it's stupid. And equally, never let somebody you know down by telling them that what they love is stupid. Enjoy what makes you happy, and never let anybody take that away from you.

      I've done three new sketches since the new Twenty One pilots touched my brain, now I want to know what's been inspiring all of you.

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      8 months ago


      My name is Alison, I'm 27 from Tucson, AZ. I have a BFA in Illustration from the Academy of Art University (go Urban Knights!) and utilize it, and prior marketing skills to design merchandise for various bands and musicians over the past eleven years! My day job is as a nanny for two sweet boys that I love to death, but by night I work alongside my best friend and roommate as co-host of our YouTube channel 'Dutch Nickel Gaming.' I also act as a Crisis Counselor for Crisis Text Line, twice a week, doing my best to help anybody who messages in to find ways to overcome any pain and hardships that they might be facing. (Crisis Text is free, you talk to actual people like me, and is running 24/7. If you ever need to talk, text 741-741)

      A word about Dutch Nickel, we began originally in 2016, planning on rolling through the book '1001 Games to Play Before You Die.' After realizing the liberties the author took with the use of 'before you die,' we decided to go our own way, playing and narrating games that we actually cared about. With new technology, editing software, and high hopes, we reemerged just yesterday with our first new videos. We'll be posting daily (an appreciate any/all subscriptions, views, and feedback!).

      As for RT, I've been a fan since 2014, when my best friend showed my 'NO LUCA NO!' I finally found a channel with people that I could connect to, as well as content that I actually WANTED to watch. I truly strive to be like them in both character and work ethic!

      I'm a friendly person and love to meet new people! I'm gonna be more active around here so please say hey, and I'l see ya'll around!

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