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      1 year ago

      LivSenpai Senpai Notices You

      So a little over two years ago, I decided to make a little group called Rooster Buckeyes because I wanted to meet the fans of Rooster Teeth that were in Ohio. It was just a simple little thing that I wanted to make so others could come together and meet members of the community. It began to grow before my eyes and seeing everyone so excited to have an active RT Ohio group made me so happy because I was able to do a small thing for this community that means so much to me and a lot of people. But as it began to grow, I began to be in way over my head for doing something like this on my own while trying to balance applying for colleges and volleyball.  

       So about a year ago, I had to pass the torch on due going to college in a different state and playing a college sport on top of that. It was hard to pass on something that I loved doing so much, but I knew that it would be better for the community. I was beyond lucky to find @MeganC121 who had previous experience in social media management to take over the group. She and Phil (our head Extra Life Mastermind who I can''t remember the RT username of) have taken the group to such great heights and have done more than I ever could have imagined with hosting community events across the state and being the third biggest community group to raise money for Extra Life and Akron Children's hospital. They continue to build such an amazing community and I couldn't be more grateful for what they have done.

      Pretty much what I'm trying to say is thank you two from the bottom of my heart for taking this silly little idea I had when I was 18 and building into such a welcoming and awesome community. I see what you do everyday and it inspires me to do more for this community. Without you guys, Rooster Buckeyes wouldn't be the community is today and I am forever thankful for all the hours you put in to make it great. Keep being awesomeheart 

      ( Also mini not so mini shoutout to @dizzyblinker and  all the people in RT World & ICD for helping me during my short time as a community admin. You guys are what make this community so special and I'm so lucky to be able to call you guys friends. Even though I'm not active in the Discord anymore, I still see all the amazing things you do for this community and I admire you all. Keep working hard and being the light of the community!) 

    • 3 Years Later

      1 year ago

      LivSenpai Senpai Notices You

      It's hard to believe that it's been 3 years since Monty's passing. I still remember the day so vividly in my head and I probably will for years to come. Like so many, he inspired me to push myself and pursue what I love doing which is content creation and video editing. I've been so lucky to be able to go to college to further my skills and potentially have a career in something that I have a passion for.

      This year, today has been especially hard. Monty was and continues to be a force pushing me to be creativity and do the projects that I want to do. However, the past few months roughly since October I've struggled so much with finding things to create that I both want to and that I would be proud to make. And looking back on the past few months today, I'm really disappointed in myself because I haven't been pushing myself to better or I haven't been able to find an idea for videos that I want to create. I've been in such a creative hole and I can't fine a way to get out of it. 

      But I'm going to keep moving forward. I'm going to keep clawing my way out of this rut until I find the sunlight again and when I do, I'll push myself to be better than I was before. I know I've got a long road ahead of me filled with failure, uninspired ideas, and self doubt, but I'm not going to stop. I'm going to keep fighting because this is what I'm passionate about and I'm willing to work for it and I know that Monty's legacy will be there to push me to be better. 

      So today may be hard and the months and years to come may be rough, but because of you and your inspiration, I'm able to push through it. Thank you Monty for everything you did and continue to do in our lives. 

      You'll never be forgotten heart

    • New Year New Goals!

      1 year ago

      LivSenpai Senpai Notices You

      Happy 2018 everyone! I hope everyone was able to have a good 2017 and an even better 2018. This past year had some of the greatest memories of my life and some of the roughest patches that I had to get through. Nonetheless, with the new year comes new goals and I always like sharing mine due to the fact that that way I can be held accountable, but also maybe give others some ideas as well.

       Eat Healthier: When it comes to food, I absolutely love pretty much any food that is bad for you such as sweets and fried food (because who doesn't). I work out a lot because of volleyball, but I don't see a lot of change in my body when it comes to working out due to the amount of food I eat so to help with that I'm going to try and go a year without sugar and minimal fried food (because in college sometimes that's your only choice). I know by doing this I'll feel better, more energetic in the morning, and see more changes with my body from my workouts. 

      Apply and Get an Internship: This one is the most important to me because I really want to start looking at my future and what I want to do with video in terms of more broadcasting related work or more video editing. I'm ready to start seeing what my life could be like after I graduate college and I'm excited about the possibilities I have for internships and I'm going to throw a bunch of stuff on the wall to see what sicks. I'm ready to go out and try adulting, but also completely terrified so we"ll see how it goes. 

      Create More Cosplays: Even though my chances of going to RTX this year are slim due to the date and when preseason starts for volleyball, I still want to work on my cosplay skills. Over winter break, I was taught how to sew and I can finally start trying to make things on my own. My goals for 2018 cosplay are to make a Female Cuphead (with my dear friend Kellsi from college, Oscar from RWBY, and Ilia from RWBY. I've wanted to do Oscar for awhile now and I just love him and Ilia in this season so much I just have to do it. Cuphead was one of my favorite games from 2017 and it would just be a fun cosplay to do with my friend.

      MAKE MORE CONTENT: Another really important one since I'll have to start sending portfolios to companies for internships. Thankfully, I am part of the sorority Chi Omega and I was elected to our Marketing chair for this spring semester and next fall semester which means I'm in charge of all our chapters social media and more importantly, all of our videos. This will give me a chance to improve my skills and create some awesome videos along the way. I also recently just came back from Jamaica on a trip with my family and 25 other people which was a blast. All of us got a done of video and photos that I've now been tasked with creating a video about and I'm super excited to get working on it. I want to start creating my own content as well, but that will involve some brain storming along the way.

      Optimism: This year I want to live the happiest life I can. I want to really work on my mental health this year since that was a huge reason why 2017 wasn't the greatest. I want to work on finding the light in every situation, pushing myself to be more social aside from my anxiety, and I want to reach out to people when I need help and not be afraid to ask for help when I need. I haven't decide if I wanted to do this yet, but this year I might finally have the courage to go to a doctor and ask about my anxiety and get real professional help which is something i've been scared of for the past 10 years now. But this year I want to be happy and I want to make others happy as well and big way of making that happen is through my mental health.

      I hope everyone kicks ass in 2018! barbara

    • Life Update: What Life?

      1 year ago

      LivSenpai Senpai Notices You

      Well Holy Moly, it's been awhile since I've written on here. I haven't forgotten this lovely website I've just been running around like crazy and this week I've finally been able to take a moment and sit down and write a little update while working in our radio station on campus. So LIFE UPDATE GO! (Also I'm writing this on my phone so I'm sorry for how poorly written this is going to be)

      COLLEGE: College has been a complete whirlwind this year. I'm currently a sophomore at West Liberty University and I decided to take on another major so I'm now double majoring in both Digital Media Design and Broadcasting. So I've been working in the TV studio and radio station every week plus editing videos to update my portfolio because I'm starting to think about summer internships which is a whole other beast that will be tackled at a later time. On top of that, I've been taking all of my theory classes, but on the bright side I'm using Commumication Theories to see how Rooster teeth makes such an awesome community which is super cool to look at (as awesome as communication theory can be)

      VOLLEYBALL: Well unfortunately volleyball hasn't been that great this year. I've really struggled with it mentally and it's been a rough season for the whole team. But I'm getting better and stronger each day from it and some of my best friends are on that team and they've all supported me through some really dark times this semester which I'm extremely thankful for. I'm doing a lot better know and I've found my love for the game again and I'm ready to finish out strong. 

      GENERAL RANDOM THINGS: So I've been trying to brain storm ideas for a YouTube channel with a very talented cosplayers friend of mine on campus so we've been planning that and trying to get this project going for awhile and I'm super excited for it! I'll hopefully have more things soon! And  in more recent news, I'm going to try and become a Guardian! I'm super excited to apply even if I don't get to be one it will be a learning experience for sure. The sad news that comes with this is, unfortunately due to volleyball and our pre season, I may now Ben able to attend RTX next summer due to the fact that its in August and not July. I'm not 100% sure so I'm trying to be hopeful, but who knows?! Keep your fingers crossed for me guys! 

      Whelp, that's the basic low down of what I've been doing plus some other boring things but I wanted to say hi to everyone here and give a quick update! Love you you silly cockbites! <3

    • YouTube Idea: Oh Happy Day!

      2 years ago

      LivSenpai Senpai Notices You

      SO those of you who know me know I'm striving to be a video editor, producer, or involved with video and broadcasting in some way. I'm now entering my sophomore year of college (quite literally I started today) and I'm starting to think about internships and my future. When I was looking at what I had to offer to companies and employers, I found that my portfolio was extremely lacking in overall content. And an easy solution to this is to just make more videos so I have more to offer and what better way to do that with a YouTube channel!

      After much brain storming (aka the past 3 months), I came up with the idea of a show called "Oh Happy Day!". Basically what it will be is either a weekly or biweekly show (most likely weekly) where I find a random holiday around the world that's happening in that week that's interesting, crazy, intriguing, etc. and talk about the history of the holiday or thing/event being celebrated. I figured this would be a fun way to work on editing, writing, and my on air talking skills while also learning more about the world and just having fun in general.

      Obviously, there's still a lot of things that need to be figured out but I always love hearing others opinion. So I would greatly appreciate yours if you are reading this. Love or Hate the idea? Let me know! Have a suggestion for how to improve or expand upon the idea? I'm always open to help. 

      Hopefully, if all goes well the first episode will happen in September and I'll keep everyone updated!

    • The Post RTX Blues: The Sequel

      2 years ago

      LivSenpai Senpai Notices You

      Another year, another RTX gone, and another week long pst con depression. RTX use to be a dream that I never thought I'd reach until I graduated college and had a steady job of my own. I've been incredibly blessed to make it the past two years and it get harder to leave Austin each time.

      In my eyes, this RTX was perfect for me. Not only did I get to go to attend all the panels I wanted and spend hours exploring the expo hall, I got to meet more community members and become reunited with old friends as well. These friendships are so important to me because for 3 days, people of the Rooster Teeth community get to see my true personality which only comes out in a setting like RTX. I feel free to be myself around complete strangers that share a common interest without fear of judgement. That's so rare in this world that when I have to leave such a welcoming setting, it's heart breaking.

      Austin has always felt like the place I was meant to be from the moment I stepped out of the airport in 2016. The city and its residents are so welcoming that when I have to leave tears fill my eyes (and by tears I mean I was quite literally sobbing on the plane while everyone looked at me like I was crazy). 

      Every RTX is a question of whether or not I can make it that year because nothing is guaranteed which is why every RTX is so special to me because I never know if it will be my last. I save up all the money I can from the moment I leave RTX to the day I leave for the con the following year. This year is no different.

      A main reason of why this RTX was so amazing was because of a Guardian named Doug. He is truly inspiring because no matter the chaos that was going on in Hall 1 while he was trying to control the line, he had the biggest smile on his face. Even when we would hang out after he was done with his shifts, he'd make sure us and his fellow Guardians had food and water (and caffeine). He went out of his way every single day to make everyone was healthy and having fun at RTX. Because of Doug and my fellow friends who dedicated their time to be Guardians, I hope that next year I can be a Guardian. I've had two perfect years of RTX and I want others to have the experiences I had. I want everyone to help others fall in love with Austin and RTX. I want to inspire others to make a change like Doug and the other Guardians did. 

      RTX: I hope I'll see you again next August and I will do everything in my power to come back whether I'm a Guardian or attendee. Until then, I'll just stare at pictures and smile at the memories that you've given me.

    • Tomorrow I Leave for RTX...Holy Shit

      2 years ago

      LivSenpai Senpai Notices You

      Today, I woke up with tears in my eyes because tomorrow I will be on a plane to my favorite city to see some of my favorite people and to fangirl about my favorite company. The fourth of July weekend was extremely tough for me being I had to work 41 hours in the past 5 days, but the only thing that kept me going was RTX right around the corner. I'm not kidding when I say that after my 12 hour shift yesterday I broke down in tears in my car from exhaustion and excitement. 

      The one good thing that came from this weekend was I was able to do a final cosplay test for my Mad Queen Ryan cosplay and I AM SO EXCITED TO COSPLAY THIS. I'm so proud of how it turned out and I just feel so confident and powerful while wearing it. I've had this in the works since last RTX so I can't wait to display it to everyone on Saturday. I also took some photos of the final results: 



      (I've improved my pose a lot don't worry I won't be super awkward)

      Anyway, who will I get to see at RTX? Because if you're going I want to smother you to death in hugs!*

      *Will not actually kill you because that's bad 

    • A Helpful Guide to RTX: By a Person Who Had Never Attend a Convention Until Last Year

      2 years ago

      LivSenpai Senpai Notices You

      Last year was my first year attending RTX and my first overall convention and I'm lucky enough to be able to attend again. My first year was an amazing experience filled with so many memories and friendships that I thought I'd create a guide that will 

      Stay Hydrated and Eat Frequently

      This is one of the most common things you'll see in any RTX guide because it's the most important. It's Texas and Texas can get very hot very quickly. And we all saw what happened to Michael when he didn't eat or drink anything at Busch Gardens. Don't be a Michael. I know it's hard to find time to stop and eat when there's a lot of cool panels and booths to see but it's important. Always have a water bottle on you at all times and drink at least one to two bottles full a day. Even though the convention center is air conditioned, walking around all day takes a lot out of you and betters to be over prepared than under prepared. Along with that, have snacks like granola bars or fruit snacks on you to eat while you're waiting in line or walking around. Even if you aren't super hungry, eat something! You'll feel more energized throughout the day and have an overall greater experience.

      Hygiene. Hygiene. HYGIENE!

      Please shower and wear deodorant. It's not that much to ask. There's A LOT of people in a confined space so if someone smells, everyone around them suffers. Shower once or twice a day and wear and bring deodorant with you to the convention center because more likely than not you will need to reapply at some point in the day. If you sweat a lot, bring an extra t-shirt to change into mid-day. This also give you a chance to show more of your cool RT merch. If you wear makeup, I suggest bring a small bag of it with you because it will sweat off and that way you'll be able to reapply at the convention.

      Open Up and Make Friends...

      Everyone is at the convention because of one thing: Rooster Teeth. Everyone is part of the community and you all have a common interest so talk about it to others and hear what other fans like. While waiting in line for panels, start casual conversation with the people next to you. This is how I met so many people last year that I know get to call friends. Break out of your shell and go meet new people. It's really worth it.

      ...But Be Respectful At the Same Time

      Though it's good to talk to people and meet other fans, remember to be respectful to EVERYONE. This includes attendees, Guardians, members of Rooster Teeth, and guests. If someone doesn't want to speak with you, respect that and politely excuse yourself from the conversation. If someone uses different pronouns and tells you to use those, please try to use them and if you mess up (which happens it's ok) just apologize. If a Guardian tells you something, do what they say. They put a lot of time and effort to make sure you have a safe and fun weekend. Also thank them when they help you. It goes a long way. If you get the chance to meet a member from Rooster Teeth, great! Politely ask them to sign something and thank them for all that they do. Have a casual conversation if they have time. But if they don't have time and either the Guardian or the person tell you they have somewhere to be, let them go. No ifs, ands, or buts. They will take time to meet the community unless they have somewhere to be. Overall, just respect what other people say because doing that will make RTX a greater experience for everyone. 

      Take Time To See the Convention Floor and Others Booths

      This is one of my biggest regrets last year. I focused so much on seeing panels that I barely had time to see all the amazing booths and artists. Find a day where you have a solid 3 hours to just wander through the convention floor and look at the RT Store (I suggest going there either Friday or Saturday), the different games that you can play, the artists in Artist Alley, and some of the other booths you can buy stuff at. There's a lot to see so take the time to see it.

      Read Other RTX Guides (Especially By Veterans and Guardians)

      I basically read 20 guides before I left for RTX on what to pack and what to bring to the convention center with me. The ones that were really helpful (unlike this one) were the ones that were from Guardians and people who had attend RTX for multiple years. They know pretty much everything about the convention and have a lot of helpful advice that can make the convention go from good to great.

      Take a Deep Breath and Have Fun!

      RTX is what you make of it. There's so many things to do and see so go do what makes you happy! Guides are helpful but they aren't perfect because everyone's experience is different. As long as you are having fun, RTX will be a blast and an unforgettable weekend!

      I hope that this was somewhat helpful and I hope to see you guys at RTX if you're attending! 

    • 1 Month Until RTX = Cosplay Crunch Time (and not the show)

      2 years ago

      LivSenpai Senpai Notices You

      With 28 days to RTX, I could not be more excited about going back to my favorite city to see my of my favorite people. However, I had the realization that I hadn't ordered anything from cosplay. Literally npthing. So with my extreme panic and Amazon Prime student account, I ordered almost everything that I needed for my Mad Queen Ryan cosplay and most of them have come in the mail. With most of the clothing components together, I started on the hair and the make up which I need all the practice I can with. I wanted to share with some update photos that I took today and yesterday of my hair that I'm going to wear for the cosplay and the actual cosplay and the make up I'll be wearing as well! As always, feedback is always accepted and encouraged. I'll post a picture once  do a final cosplay test but for now enjoy!




    • Life Updates: I Finished My Freshman Year, RTX Hype, and Volleyball Workouts

      2 years ago

      LivSenpai Senpai Notices You

      Yeah life updates and crazy things happening. So it's been awhile since I've been here and that's because I finished my freshman year in college (honestly still in denial that I'm even in college). And with the end of freshman year hold finals which had its ups and downs. It was extremely stressful but I produced some of my favorite projects I've ever made. For my Video Editing class, our final was we had to take a movie and make a trailer for said movie, but we had to change the genre. I wanted to do something original so instead of changing the genre of a movie I decided to take two Disney princesses (Merida from Brave and Rapunzel for Tangled) and had them fall in love with each other because Lesbian Princesses. This will be uploaded soon and I'll probably make a post about it so people who want to see it can!

      For my Intro to Computer Graphics final, we had to make a vector landscape. Literally, those were our instructions. I made about 3 landscapes and hated all of them and wasn't proud of any of them. So decided to mess around with Illustrator 2 days before the project was due and 6 hours later I produced my proudest piece I've made in Illustrator (that program and the pen tool are my enemy sometimes). Long story short: I really struggled with this project for several weeks  and was able to push through and make something I'm really proud of it.


      Now that summer has arrived, it's time for RTX planning. I've decided that I'm only going to conquer one cosplay because I'm trying to save as much money as possible. So I decided to just stick with Mad Queen Ryan because I feel really confident in this cosplay and I'm REALLY excited about it. I did my final cosplay makeup test and I'm starting to gather clothes and supplies and will definitely post a final cosplay when it's done. First I have to learn how to curl my hair...

      With summer come my summer volleyball workout and I'm TERRIBLE about following up on it so I think I'm going to do Bi-Weekly Updates on my workout so I force myself to keep track. So if you hate workouts, I apologize in advance because that will be most of this account (that and RTX/cosplay). 

      Anyway, life update complete. Whoop Whoop!

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