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    • College Project: Nostalgia: A Short Documentary

      2 years ago

      LivSenpai Senpai Notices You

      I've always loved going back and watching my favorite shows as a kid and either falling in love again or cringing at just how terrible the shows really are (sorry Totally Spy). So I decided to take this inspiration and use it towards my short documentary project that I had for my Adobe Video Editing class. I had a few of my friends, Emily and Kellsi, talk about their favorite show(s) as a child, watch an episode, and hear their thoughts on what they thought of the show compared to what they thought as a kid and how they think the shows they watched as kids shaped them today. The audio quality is really bad at times, but I really wanted to focus on the videography which I'm happy with so it kinda of evens out (I guess).

      As always, feel free to leave your thoughts on whether you enjoyed it or hated it and if you have any suggestions. I'm always open (RT reference not intended) to feedback! 


    • College Project: Type Poster

      2 years ago

      LivSenpai Senpai Notices You

      Though college has been really stressful and time consuming this semester, I've truly enjoyed all of my classes and projects that I've gotten to work on. I'm producing and directing short shows, currently working on a short video documentary about nostalgia, and have made some cool posters that I'm proud of. Even though all of these are assignments from my various professors, I found a way to make them fun, enjoyable, and have them showcase some of my interests. For instance, I'm obsessed with Disney more specifically, the animated Disney movies and even more specifically, Disney princesses. Mulan has always been one of if not my favorite of the Disney princesses because she took action into her own hands and sacrificed a lot for the sake of her family. Not only that, but the movie has one of my favorite quotes. So I decided to use this quote in my type poster assignment for Illustrator. There's a few minor changes I would make but overall I'm proud of it since my Illustrator skills are very VERY basic. Hope you like it and critiques and comments are always encouraged and appreciated!


    • Video: Million Dollars But... Day Highlights!

      2 years ago

      LivSenpai Senpai Notices You

      I made another video and this time it was for the community specifically Rooster Teeth World! If you don't what that is, it's a community group focused on bringing the RT community closer together and helping people find a community group near them whether it's in a city, state, or country. I highly recommend checking them out and getting more involved in your local community group(s) near you (just click Rooster Teeth World to take you to the page).

      On January 28th with the help of @Chelsea , a bunch of community groups hosted a Million Dollars But... Day where we got together and played the card game to see who crazy we'd be for a large stack of cash. Some of the lovely communities filmed their events and I put them together into a highlight video to showcase some of the awesomeness that these communities do! 

      Hope you enjoy the video and feel free to leave a comment whether you like or not (which hopefully it's the first one). I hope to do more videos like this for a community to help others get involved in the fun. Enjoy!

      P.S: #ButtStuff

    • Summer Internship Stress

      2 years ago

      LivSenpai Senpai Notices You

      The end of my freshman year of college is fast approaching kinda of crazy that it's so close to being done (and the fact that I survived). It's been great and I love the university I'm at, my volleyball team, and now my new sorority sisters in Chi Omega. 

      However with the summer closing in, I have to start thinking about summer jobs as well. Last year, I was a hostess at a bar that is close to an outdoor concert facility (so you can only image the nightmare that was) and it paid pretty well. 

      But now I'm starting to look into internships that are in Cleveland that pertain to my two majors: broadcasting and digital media. 


      I've cried over my lack of a resume, cringed at my cover letters and trying to sell my "skills", and thought about quitting the applications more than twice a day. I keep telling myself that this can only help me in the long run since if I don't get one of the internships, I'll just go back to hostessing. I just need to remember to take a deep breath and relax. This is my first summer out of college and I have plenty of time. But DAMN does my anxiety like to think otherwise.

      Anyway, the whole point of this was to ask for advice SO if anyone has any helpful advice it would be greatly appreciated. any advice is helpful at this point. And if you don't, have advice don't worry! Good vibes is always helpful as well!

    • College Project: Photo Composite

      2 years ago

      LivSenpai Senpai Notices You

      I just felt like sharing my most recent photoshop project that I had to make for my Intro to Computer Graphics class that I'm extremely proud of. We had to make a photo composite which is pretty much take a bunch of pictures and make them all look like they belong together. Our teacher gave us a lot of freedom on what to pick for our topic (and I mean A LOT. One of the girl's in my class made a KKK rally with Trump's cabinet...) and I decided to make a galaxy eye. I know it's super cliche, but I love space and the endlessness that space holds and I though that would be a great way to represent the creativity within people since creativity is indeed endless. My composite is made of 20+ photos mostly galaxies and supernovas with an eye as the background. The final product turned out even better than I thought (thank you layer masks) and I'm extremely proud of it! Even if I think it's complete, there's always room for improvements so if you have any ideas/critiques, feel free to leave them! Hope you all like it as much as I do  nora


    • If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They Aren't Big Enough

      2 years ago

      LivSenpai Senpai Notices You

      I've always been an ambitious person. I've always wanted to achieve the goals I put my mind to and a lot of times I set too many goals or those goals are almost impossible to obtain. As a kid, I not only wanted to play every sport, but I wanted to be the best on the team in every single one of them. I wanted to be the smartest in the class. I wanted to the lead in musicals or be the stage manager. Obviously, I wasn't able to achieve a lot of those goals, but that didn't stop me from improving myself.  

      If you set goals that are easy to achieve, how will you ever push yourself past what you think is your limit? Going to a small school in West Virginia that most people haven't heard hurts my chances of moving into big broadcasting industries, but that only means I have to push my myself to better my skills. I know my goals of working for ESPN or Rooster Teeth or the gaming new industry are absolutely absurd and I have about a 0.001% of achieving those goals, but that 0.001% chance is just enough to push and motivate myself to better my skills. If there's still a chance no matter how small, I'm going to push myself to have the ability to take that chance because dreams could become a reality. If you never take the chance, you'll never know the outcome. If you never try, sure there's no failure, but there's never success.

      So what I'm trying to say is if you have that dream that you think is impossible, it's not. Set your goals and work hard for it and push yourself and abilities. It may never become a reality, but your growth along the way is a success in and of itself. You'll never know unless you try, and sometime's simply taking that first step forward can lead you to your dream.

      ***P.S: This idea has really been on my mind lately especially since I've been stressed with college and what not. This happens a lot with stress because it helps me remember why I do this and why I push myself so hard and why I'm so critical of my work (especially in video). So I thought I share the motivation and hopefully inspire some people <3***

    • RTX Cosplay Help and Suggestions!

      2 years ago

      LivSenpai Senpai Notices You

      I've been lucky enough to make it RTX again this year for RTX 2017 and I've decided to cosplay again because I had a blast as Hilda and I actually have a lot more time to plan and create my own cosplays. However, I'm a poor college student and have extremely large ambitions that I have more self. So, I wanted my fellow CockBites opinions on what cosplays I should, some money saving tips, and other helpful advice! (Side note: This are just ideas. I might do all or none of these. It just depends on money and other factors)   

      The 3 Cosplays I'm Thinking/Planning About Doing: 

      Mad Queen Ryan (Achievement Hunter/X-Ray and Vav)


      Fem!Larry (Crunch Time)


      Fem!Oscar (RWBY Volume 4)


    • Remembering Monty

      2 years ago

      LivSenpai Senpai Notices You

      The past two years hasn't made it hurt any less, but it's helped inspire me to grow in my creativity and in my mental strength. You always said nothing was impossible and I hold that close to my heart no matter what I'm doing in my life. You continue to push me to greater things and help remind me that greater things are meant to come as long as we keep moving forward. Life is short, but that doesn't mean our legacies have to be. We love and miss you Monty everyday, but you thrive through your lasting legacy that not only brings us joy, but inspiration to push beyond what we are capable of doing. I hope to meet you one day in the distant future to let you know how much you've impacted my life though we never met face to face. 

      Until that day, thank you for everything that you did and continue to do for this community.


    • Taking Control of My Mind

      2 years ago

      LivSenpai Senpai Notices You

      One of my most recent journals was about New Years Resolutions for 2017 and how I was going to make the most out of this year and so far it's been pretty solid! I found out I made the Dean's List at my college and I successfully started my second semester of freshman year. However, as many of us know, school=stress and stress in particular towards me can be dangerous.

      Most of you don't know, but when I was in the third grade I was diagnosed with trichotillomania and for those of you who don't know what that is, it is a body-focused repetitive behavior that is classified as an impulse control disorder which results in pulling one's hair out. Trichotillomania is different for everyone who suffers from it, but for me specifically I tend to pull out my eyelashes, eyebrows, and hair whenever I'm under severe amounts of stress. Even though my case isn't nearly as severe as others, it's led to a lot of problems with body image and self doubt. I've slowly made progress throughout the 10 years I've had it, but the stress of college and volleyball has started to pushing me back a bit.

      This year I've decided to take a stand and help control my mental health not only to help improve how I view myself physically, but to prove to myself mentally that I am more than my disorder. That's why starting February and going through my second semester of college, I made a chart to track my progress day by day and see how I did for the day and for the month as a whole. My overall goal is to average Good Days (Yellow) for each month.


      I know that I'll have to live with the struggle for the rest of my life, but that doesn't mean I can't take control of my own thoughts and self worth. I'm excited to see progress even if I know that I'll have bad days, but bad days is only a bump on the path to a happier life style.

      P.S: For information on trichotillomania, click here to learn more!

    • RTX-citing News

      2 years ago

      LivSenpai Senpai Notices You

      I just booked my hotel at the Hilton for July 6-10th in Austin which means I'm officially going to be attend RTX 2017! Can't believe I'll be able to attend again this year. It's honestly a dream come true and makes all those long nights hostessing worth it just to see all my favorite people again and give them hugs.

      Austin, TX, I can't wait to see you again!


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