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    • Officially College

      3 years ago

      LivSenpai Senpai Notices You

      So the moment I didn't think would ever happen has officially happened. On Saturday I moved into college. I'm officially a freshman (again) and a collegiate athlete which still seems unreal to me. Since Saturday, I've moved in, signed a shit down of part work (thanks NCAA), ran a mile in 7:56 when it had to be under 8 minutes, practiced for 3 hours, and experienced the camp food that I'll be eating for the next 8 months. It's been a crazy ride, but I'm starting to get my footing and find a balance between volleyball, school, social life, and social media. It's only going to get crazier from here so college, look out.


    • So YouTube Is A Thing That I Might Try In The Future

      3 years ago

      LivSenpai Senpai Notices You

      I've known for long time that I wanted to eventually make YouTube videos (I'm talking since middle school). And for me, college is fast approaching and I'm going to double majoring in Digital Media Design and Broadcasting which means a lot of my time will be spent on Adobe Premiere (which isn't such a bad thing (also I like talking in parentheses)). So I thought that I should start making videos as a way to 1) to get experience with Premiere and 2) destress from the craziness that is college life. Since I'm generally not a creative person, I wanted to see if you guys could help me!

      First, a name. I obviously have my RT site name Liv Senpai or Olive Senpai (Twitch), I recently came up with the name of Lievee because I have an undying love for Eevee and all it's eeveelutions. But as most YouTube names, all of those were taken years ago by inactive ghost accounts. That's why I thought to smoosh them together to make *drum roll* Lievee Senpai! But I'm not 100% on that yet so I'm very open to suggestions and I'm open to anything no matter how ridiculous...going to regret that later.

      Now, I actually need to create content...on a college budget...on college time...with daily volleyball practice and lifting...while managing Rooster Buckeyes...seems doable. I have a few ideas such as:

      • Vlogs: they are easy to do and I can just talk about what's happen in life, answer questions,etc.
      • Cosplay: I did cosplay for the first time at RTX and I fell in love. And I've had this idea for a segment called "Cosplay For People Who Suck At Cosplay" where I find a cosplay that is either cheap and/or easy to make (example: Hilda!). It's what I consider my style of cosplay and I feel it can be a great way for more people to get into cosplay
      • Show Reviews/Vlogs: Watch a show and talk about each episode separately and give my opinion on it. Basic
      • Shipping Show: If you know me, you know I like my ships. I literally just talk about ships. That's it.

      Once again, I'm open to all suggestions so go for it!

      This is just the basics of what I'm thinking of and obviously I have a lot more work to do before getting started, but I love hearing your guys input and I appreciate all of it! If I do go through with all this, I'll be sure to keep updates posted. Love you guys!

    • My RTX Experience (Through Pictures)

      3 years ago

      LivSenpai Senpai Notices You

      I'll have an officially written out post about RTX soon, but until then enjoy my storytelling through pictures (and some words).

      On our way to Austin and we already cried several times that day due to excitement.

      Met Cole at the Camp Camp Panel Panel (the first of many time's I died during the weekend)

      Saturday morning donuts with friends we met in line for two hours for Achievement Hunter

      Craig being Craig

      Much better picture of the RT community Admins (some of them)

      TOP bitches

      Met Meg and Ashley where I proceeded to die several times after Ashley complimented my beanie

      I'm the Mad Queen now

      Tumblr buddy!

      One last hug from the my new best friends that I made in 72 hours

      Our final goodbye to RTX 2016

      P.S: @DrHairz , we never got a picture, but I love you man. And I'll find you and get a picture next year you little turd

    • SO RTX Was a Thing...

      3 years ago

      LivSenpai Senpai Notices You

      I'll write a whole journal about the weekend soon covering as much as I can as humanly possible, but for now I need to catch up on sleep, work out schedules, and start working on a little side project that could be cool. So until then, RTX...


      See ya next year!

    • What It Means To Be a Cleveland Sports Fan

      3 years ago

      LivSenpai Senpai Notices You

      Even though I'm only 18 years old, once you become a fan of either the Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Cavaliers, or Cleveland Indians you feel the weight of 52 years of disjappointmenting seasons or seasons that we were destined to do great things, but just fell a few inches short in the end. Ever sense I was old enough to watch and understand TV, I fell in love with sports and my earliest memories were going to Indian games with my family and watching the Cavs on TV. I grew up in atmosphere that no matter what the record of the previous year was, we always had next year. You never gave up hope that next year would be the year the drought in Cleveland would finally end. I truly believe that no city, no state, no sports franchise has the same passion that Cleveland sports fans have. We return each stronger and with more hope and love for Cleveland than the year before with no results to back up our craziness.

      I was born in October 1997 and three weeks later, the Cleveland Indians were in Game 7 of the World series and were up in 9th inning. And then Jose Mesa came in to be the closing pitcher. If my father didn't put me down after he saw him walking in up to the mound, I'd probably be dead. After the Marlins tied the game in the ninth and scored again in the 11th, Cleveland fell once again on the wrong side of history along with "The Shot" and "The Humble" (if you don't know what those are, google them and you'll see). Now in 2016 after 52 years of heartbreak, we got it. We landed on the right side of history. We finally have our very own "The" that will be remembered for Cleveland being victorious. We went from Cleveland to Believeland in a matter of seconds. The only time I cried for sports was when I'm team made it to States for volleyball for the first time in our school history my first year of varsity volleyball. I'm proud to say I cried after the last second ticked away.

      People call us crazy saying "How can you be so loyal to teams that our so bad?" We are so loyal because we waited for this moment to rejoice and be proud of the city and the people we love. People (including Geoff) call Cleveland "The Mistake on the Lake", but to me, Cleveland is one of the greatest cities in the country. Because you can't spell Miracle without CLE.


    • Being a David

      3 years ago

      LivSenpai Senpai Notices You

      Being someone that went to a summer camp for 5 years, I can say that Camp Campbell is accurate representation of what going to summer camp is. Hyperactive children, children who hate all things nature and camp related, sketchy staff members and even sketchier food, and camp councilors that have too much energy, love, and happy memories at the camp that they refuse to leave. This year, I wanted to be those camp councilors that everyone hated because they hated because they wouldn't shut up about how much they loved camp. I wanted to be a David (and I still am at heart).

      Unfortunately, the camp I applied to had 20 open positions and 120 applicants and I did not make the cut. My childhood dream job got shot down and I honestly felt empty inside because I wouldn't be returning to what I consider one of the greatest places on Earth. A week later, Rooster Teeth announced their Summer of Animation along with the trailer of Camp Camp and I couldn't be more excited. I would finally get that camp experience I missed but with the Rooster Teeth humor and flare that I loved for the past two years. After watching episode 1 today, I couldn't help but have a smile on my face the whole time from the jokes, animation, and memories that it brought back.

      So long story short, thank you to @Jordan and all the animators, voice actors, and crew that put a smile on my face and reminded me of camp in a weird Rooster Teeth way. I can finally feel like a David.


    • RTX Bound! Tips and Plans

      3 years ago

      LivSenpai Senpai Notices You

      As you may know from my previous journal, I will be attending RTX 2016 thus making me no longer a RTX virgin! I was given the opportunity to go because one of my really close high school friends is going for her senior vacation and was able to take a friend. She knows that at times I literally breathe Rooster Teeth, so she asked if I could go and by some miracle, I was able to scrap together enough money for a plane ticket from Cleveland to Austin to make it for the festivities.

      Since it is my first time going to RTX or a con in general, I need as much help and advice as humanly possible. From other journals that I've read I've learned:

      • Bring a metric fuck ton of water and snacks
      • Be ready to wait in lines for a long time
      • Have a basic "plan", but don't be afraid to break it

      If you have any tips or know any journals that could be help to RTX "noobs" like myself.

      One of the tips I keep hearing about is to have 3-4 panels that you have to attend and plan your weekend around those panels, but don't be afraid to have a change in plans. That being said I want to meet a lot of you guys that I'm friends with on site and a lot of new people as well since we all are in love with the same thing and have similar interests. So in order for me to meet all your smiling faces here is my "plan" for RTX (like the RTX schedule, this is all subject to change):

      • Autograph Session: Meg and Ashley on Sunday
      • Panels (Top List/For Sure Attending): Achievement Hunter, RWBY (Saturday), On The Spot, Off Topic
      • Possible Panels (Would Be Cool to Attend/Back Ups): RWBY Music, The Know, Getting Into Game Voiceover, Free Play, Let's Play, Super Best Friends
      • "Praying to the Gods That They It Bring Back" Panels (Will Sacrifice a Virgin Into a Volcano): RT Broadcast

      If you share any of these panels, we could meet up before getting in line so we could talk and hang together or we could meet in between panels and walk around and see the convention, whatever you want because part of the reason I'm so excited for RTX is I get to meet my friends from the online community! Just DM me and we can talk it out (probably will occur closer to the actual event once the schedule is finalized.

      I can't wait for July to finally get here and to head to Austin for the first time. Heart you guys!

    • Cosplay Crunch for RTX

      3 years ago

      LivSenpai Senpai Notices You

      So about 2 weeks ago, I found out that I would be able to make it to RTX this year (cue the fireworks and party poppers)! I'm going to be going with my one really good friend from high school for her graduation present as a last hoorah for the both of us as we go our separate ways in the fall. We thought it would be fun to cosplay one of the days at RTX either by doing a pair cosplay or separate cosplays. However with such the short notice and lack of experience in cosplaying, there's not a lot of options for us. Personally, I've thought about doing a Hilda cosplay from X-Ray and Vav, but I'm struggling to find other options that we could do that are Rooster Teeth related.

      SO that's where I'm asking you guys to help with the creative process and pitch any ideas that you have that could possibly help us! It could be ideas (preferably RT related but it can be from any fandom!), cosplay tips, or websites to find inexpensive materials! All help is appreciated! Thank you lovelies for your time and whetehr you can or can't help us, you're still amazing!

    • Achievement Unlocked: High School Graduation

      3 years ago

      LivSenpai Senpai Notices You

      Through 4 years of awkwardness and rough seas, I managed to make it through high school! It's weird to say, but I couldn't have done it without the wonderful people on this site and in the community that made me smile on a daily basis and the whole Rooster Teeth crew that continue to make me laugh whenever I was stressed beyond belief. As tradition, we get to decorate the top of our caps with whatever design we want ( as long as it's school appropriate ). I immediately thought of putting something RWBY related on my cap because of how much the show inspired me throughout my 4 years in high school and with Monty being my role model and inspiration for everything I do, it only seemed right to show people who I am and who I've become because of RWBY and Monty. Thank you to the CRWBY team and especially Monty Oum for all that you do and for making me come out of my shell and blossom into a rose (Ruby Rose to be exact).


      I know my journey into college will only get harder but I'm ready for what the world throws at me. Plot twist: A lot more stress


      Next year, I will be attending West Liberty University in West Virginia and studying broadcasting while play Division 2 volleyball.

    • Moving Together As A Family

      3 years ago

      LivSenpai Senpai Notices You

      Many of you have probably heard about the letter. The news has caused many people to cry and feel helpless and as a community and as a family, we have to help them find a safe haven because that's what we do as the Rooster Teeth community. We will always be a part of any amazing family and families always have each other's backs.

      As we move on from this, send love to Shane and Sheena who've been deal with these feelings and struggles for years and to anyone who needs love and comfort during this hard time. Refrain from contacting any Rooster Teeth employees unless they specifically say otherwise. Be kind. Be considerate. Be the person Monty Oum would want you to be.

      Together we can all carry on Monty's torch so his flame never dies.

      Keep Moving Forward.

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