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    • A Year in Review and Looking Towards 2017

      2 years ago

      LivSenpai Senpai Notices You

      Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a happy holidays and were able to feel the holiday spirits whether it be with friends, family, or simply by yourself. My Secret Santa sent me a wonderful pair of RWBY Ruby Rose leggings and RWBY socks that I absolutely ADORE! (P.S: If you were my Secret Santa PLEASE message me so I can thank you personally ruby). Hopefully, my Secret Santa received my gifts (if you're reading this and didn't please let me know!) Overall, the holidays were successful and I was blessed enough to be surrounded by my family.

      Now that the holidays are coming to an end, it's time to look to the New Year and look back at 2016 which wasn't...the greatest for the world, but in all honesty, I had a pretty good 2016. My JO team placed 3rd in the country for our last year of JO volleyball, I was lucky enough to attend RTX 2016 this year for the first time and meet so many wonderful people including Meg Turney, started an RT group in Ohio called Rooster Buckeyes, attended my first year of college and finished on the Dean's List, and started as freshman for my college volleyball team where we proceeded to have the school's best record in 25+ years. With a successful year in the books, it's time to look towards 2017. 

      I'm a fan of New Year Resolutions and trying to stick with them so to help in trying to keep with these, I decided to write them down here. This way I can hold myself accountable to them and possibly inspire others with mine!

      • Spread More Positivity: Example: Replace "I'm sorry for being a mess" to "Thank you for loving me for who I am" 

      • Practice Drawing: I know I have the potential to be a good artist, but I lacked the practice and patience it takes so I want to practice drawing at least once a day to help improve my skills

      • Search for/Get a job in Digital Media Design/Broadcasting in the Summer: I want to get a head start on job experience so I want to at least try and find a small job this summer related to my major to start getting experience for my resume

      • Attend RTX 2017: I had such a blast this year that I want to be able to save money for 2017

      • Eat Healthier: Just make smarter choices about my diet and what/how much I eat

      • Keep Above 3.6 GPA: I've always strived to keep up academically and I always worked better under (healthy) pressure situations and I feel this goal is very achievable for me, but will continue to push me

      • Work on Social Skills: I've always struggled with my social anxiety and its resulted in missing opportunities and having trouble with finding friends. SO I want to push myself in social experiences such as joining a sorority in my spring semester and making friends with fellow students in my major

      • Improve in Adobe Creative Cloud: Specifically Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator 

      • Learn to Sew/Make My Own Cosplay: I fell in love with cosplay this past year at RTX and I want to finally learn how to sew and make a cosplay by hand. My plans for this year are Mad Queen Ryan and Fem! Larry (Crunch Time) for RTX 2017

      Hopefully everyone will finish 2016 strong and have a wonderful 2017! Love you lovelies!

    • Humbled (Part 2)

      2 years ago

      LivSenpai Senpai Notices You

      Everyday this community amazes me. Everyday I'm amazed with the kindness and love that is shown to this community and family. Everyday I'm so blessed to have the love and support that I receive from the friends I made in this community and from the community as a whole. What we have here is so special and at times I take it for granted, but after yesterday's stream I know I never will because it's such a beautiful thing and you never know when it could slip through your fingers.

      I've come so far in the past year whether it be through life or this community. A year ago, I was sitting on my couch at home watching the stream by myself. I wasn't active on the site or any social media for Rooster Teeth at the time. Now a year later, I'm blessed to have created a group, community, and family with Rooster Buckeyes, become active on the site and make friends from across the world, befreind the other Admins of other Rooster Teeth community groups, and fly to RTX where I could finally give them a hug in person.

      Over the past year, I've struggled with transitioning from high school to college, being a student-athlete, my constant battles with trichotillomania and anxiety, and going through a mentally abusive relationship because it was my first and I didn't know any better. Without this community, I wouldn't have gotten through it. I wouldn't have been able to smile and laugh like I am know if it wasn't for the hard work of the Rooster Teeth employees and the continuous showering of love from my friends and family in the community. 

      Thank you to everyone who is a part of Rooster Teeth and this community whether you work at the company or a lurking community member. I love and appreciate you all so much and I'm blessed to be and forever will be a part of this community. You are all amazing and keep spreading the kindness and love to others.

    • Humbled

      2 years ago

      LivSenpai Senpai Notices You

      Yesterday was the Rooster Teeth Community Extra Life Stream and Rooster Buckeyes and I were lucky enough to be able to participate in the event. We streamed for four hours including 1 hour on the Rooster Teeth's main channel and raised a total of $520 for Cincinnati Children's Hospital and forced Phil (lead of our stream team) to eat a can of olives and slowly drink the olive juice (suffering #ForTheKids). I want to thank @jack  @Caiti and @Chelsea for putting together such an amazing event to raise money for 25 different charities and showcasing a variety of community groups.

      Yesterday's stream humbled me and reminded me why I decided to make Rooster Buckeyes in the first place. When I first made Rooster Buckeyes, I just wanted to meet people through the site that lived in my state and now it's grown into a family of it's own with so many amazing members. I had the time of my life playing games and answering questions both from the YouTube and Twitch chats and planning out stream in general. Listening to you guys talk about how you found the group and how much you loved it. I may not be the Head Admin anymore, but this group will always be with me even if I live on the other side of the country. I love this community and all you lovely people. Keep being awesome. 

    • This Is For You Caleb

      2 years ago

      LivSenpai Senpai Notices You

      Since @caleb tagged everyone in the community I guess I have to do this now. (Even though I love doing these)

      But seriously though, I encourage doing this to all my friends because it's a great way to get to know people in the community and find people with similar interests! Now with out further ado, let's get the show on the road!


      Username: LivSenpai

      From: Cleveland, Ohio (specifically Hudson but it's easier to say Cleveland)

      FIRST member: Yes

      Date Joined: September 11th 2015 

      Last Signed in: I'm always signed in 

      Rooster Teeth Content:

      First Rooster Teeth Video you saw: Red Trailer

      Last Podcast you watched: Try Harder 

      Favorite member of the Rooster Teeth Cast & Crew: That's like picking between my children

      Did you watch a RT video today: No 

      If yes Which one: N/A

      Favorite RT video: Never Miss A Beat (RWBY Volume 2 Episode 5)

      RT Site:

      Current Number of Notifications: 5

      Name of first Journal:

      Name of latest Journal: DMD Project #1: Cosplay

      Last Photo you uploaded: Profile Pic!!

      Last Thread you commented on: ....uhhhhhhhhh...

      First group in your group list: Rooster Teeth Pun Society

      Last Private message sent to: [Private]

      Achievement Hunter:

      Gamer Score: It's to embarrassing to admit...

      Lads or Gents: Lads

      Favorite Achievement Hunter: Trevor or Jeremy (because why not both)

      Minecraft Skin: N/A

      Favorite AH show: Berry Bros! (Cloudberry Kingdom)

      The Community:

      Favorite Group: Rooster Buckeyes (I'm slightly bias)

      Have you gone to a community event: Yes I have and so should you!

      Favorite Fellow Community member: Everyone

      I tag everyone because this was a lot of fun to do and hopefully you've learned a little bit about me! Got any questions? Feel here to ask!

    • DMD Project #1: Cosplay

      2 years ago

      LivSenpai Senpai Notices You

      So for those of you who didn't know, I'm majoring in Digital Media Design and Broadcasting so I'm working with video a lot. It just so happens today that I uploaded my first project that I made in my Intro to DMD class which is about cosplay! It's very basic since it's our first project, but I'm quite proud of it.

      I'm currently working on making a YouTube channel where I can put all my projects into a single place (that isn't the YouTube account connected to my school email). I'll write another journal when that's complete  pyrrha In the mean time, feel free to watch the video and give critique or comments on it (yes I know the audio is off at times and that's because I recorded the audio on my iPhone's mic. This was before I bought a nice microphone)

       microphone***DISCLOSURE: A majority of the photos and videos are not mine. They were taken from the Internet to sucessfully complete the project*** microphone

    • When Your Two Favorite Shows Release Trailers On The Same Day

      2 years ago

      LivSenpai Senpai Notices You

      As many of you probably know, the RWBY Volume 4 short got dropped day. Even before I watched it, I was like


      Now after watching it multiple times, I'm in a current state of


      But coming out of right field, Voltron decided to drop its Season 2 trailer before New York Comic Con this weekend. My poor unexpecting fan girl heart acted like


      Now after experience both trailers, I look a lot like this


    • When You Feel Like Quitting, Remember Why You Started

      2 years ago

      LivSenpai Senpai Notices You

       microphone-32.png LONG JOURNAL AHEAD! WANT THE SPARK NOTES? GO TO LAST PARAGRAPHmicrophone-32.png 

      As many of you probably know, I've played volleyball for quite some time now (because I never shut up about it) and it consumes a good chunk of my life. I started playing in 6th grade on my school's CYO team because I was always the tallest girl in my grade and I knew volleyball was a "tall person sport" so I decided to give it a try. I fell in love with it immediately and I knew it was something I wanted to do in the future. When I was in 8th grade I decided to try out for a JO [Junior Olympic] Team. I made the regional team at a local club which is the lowest type of team you could make (the next level was American for girl's who were good, but not the best and the highest level was national for the girls that were the best of all the girls at that tryout). 

      We traveled around Northeast Ohio playing other club teams and I was so excited for every game whether I played or not. Our final tournament of the year was OVR (Ohio Valley Regional) Championships where all the teams in the region, Regional, American, and National, came to play in a massive tournament against others in their level. I remember after that tournament I went to my mom and said "I want to play volleyball in college." She smiled and pointed to the court where the National level teams were playing and replied "If you want to play in college, you have to play like them."

      So I did. Every summer, I would go to a private lesson at least once a week to improve my skills and become quicker, stronger, and a better volleyball player. The next JO season I made the American team and got to travel further and play girls who were bigger and better than I had ever seen. My sophomore year of high school, I made the Varsity volleyball team after playing on the Freshman team the year prior. I played outside and we went to the State Final Four in Division 1 high school for the first time in school history. For JO, I made the #1 National team at one of the best volleyball clubs in all of Ohio and in the country, CVC (Cleveland Volleyball Company), where I played for my last two years of JO. 

      The summer before my senior year of high school, I committed to play volleyball at West Liberty University, a Division 2 school in Northern West Virginia. I finally accomplished my goal and I couldn't wait for college to come around. I got my summer work out program in May and I was eager to start. But that desire soon began to fade. This year I was lucky enough to go to RTX 2016 and it was the greatest 3 days of my life. I was never stressed thinking about work, life, and more importantly volleyball. The work outs began to feel like a chore and another thing that I had to get done in my busy summer.

      After I cam home from RTX, I started thinking about my life and what I wanted to do after college. Like many fans, my dreams is to work at Rooster Teeth (specifically on the Broadcast Team). Would volleyball get in the way of my new dream? Was there anything to look forward to in volleyball now that I already accomplished my goal of making it to college? I began to see volleyball slowly fading in the background along with my passion for the sport. However, since I signed a contract I had to play for at least my freshman year so I had the idea that I would go through the motions my freshman year, quit the following year, and transfer to a college with a top notch broadcasting program (not that West Lib doesn't have one already yang-32.png ).

      Thankfully, that isn't the case anymore. The first day of preseason practice when we finally scrimmaged I remembered why I loved volleyball and why I poured so many hours of literal blood, sweat, and tears into this sport. When I'm the court I'm always happy and having fun regardless of how I play. I'm happy at West Liberty and being here and playing reminds of why I chose this place to call home for the next four years.

      Long story short, if you loved something and now that passion is starting to fade don't give up. Remember what made you find your love for it and remember how it made you feel. The spark will come again and you'll feel that same drive and passion all over again. Don't stop working just because you reached the finish line. Keep working because you can.

    • One Year Anniversary On the Rooster Teeth Site

      2 years ago

      LivSenpai Senpai Notices You

      Today marks my 1 year anniversary of this account on the RT site! *cue party poppers* Though I've been a Rooster Teeth fan for a little over 3 years now it, but one year ago I decided to try and become an active member in the community and I couldn't be happier! So, here's to many more years of being obsessed.


    • Idiot Liv: The Featured User

      2 years ago

      LivSenpai Senpai Notices You

      So I didn't realize how overwhelming this college thing would be until I actually got neck deep into chaos. Double majoring in Digital Media Design and Broadcasting is everything I dreamed it would be: madness and so much fun I enjoy studying for a quiz in the class. However, amongst all this running around with school, volleyball, and social life, I sadly can't stay as up to date on the RT site and seeing everyone's (lovely) posts.

      Today, was on of those days where I couldn't check the site until later in the day. I saw a list of friend requests and people telling me to have a happy FU day (thank you for those by the way <3). Being confused, I turn on my GroupMe notifications once more because so many group messages destroy my phone I have to turn it off at times (you know who you are). I saw a bunch of messages congratulating me on being the featured user. I had two emotions fill me: rage from not being able to see it for myself, but mostly pure joy and giddy excitement.

      Ever since I decided to become active on the RT site (which my 1 year anniversary of LivSenpai is on Sunday :D) I wanted to try my hardest to become a contributing member to a community that had already given me so much. I don't know how I became featured user or if it's just random, but regardless it means a lot to me not just in the hardcore RT fangirl way, but it helped me feel like I'm contributing to the community and that means more to me than anything. I can't wait to start sharing my DMD projects with everyone and possibly getting to put together some community projects (I'm already planning on making one during RTX 2017...don't judge).

      So now that's done, we can all collectively face palm over Liv's stupidity. But remember, you guys are stuck with me whether you like it or not


    • First Media/Picture Day

      2 years ago

      LivSenpai Senpai Notices You

      So yeah...being a college athlete is kinda of cool. (PS: I'm #3 and sorry for the low image quality :D)


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