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    • RTMI Minecraft Let's Play Suggestions

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      LoZelda Supposedly An Adult

      We're building our own Let's Play/Things To Do In map, so we want to know what you want to see there! Tell us about your favorite Let's Play or Things To Do In that you'd love to play with other Michiganders, and we'll try to make it happen!

      If you have any original ideas, send me a PM to discuss it so we don't spoil anything here smiley1.gif

      1) No dismantling Let's Plays. It's pretty obvious what has been built for Let's Play purposes and what are generated structures in the Minecraft world. Feel free to mine around them, but do not break them.

      2) No raiding other Let's Plays. Unless explicitly stated, you are not allowed to use items from other Let's Plays in the current one. This includes materials you may gain by destroying part of the Let's Play (see rule #1) and items stashed in chests/furnaces/dispensers.

      3) Your inventory must be empty at the start of each Let's Play. When you spawn you will have a map which you may use to get to the home base. Once at home, you must dispose of your map and any other items you may have in your inventory. Anything required for the Let's Play will be provided to you in your home base chest.

      4) Do not raid chests/furnaces that do not belong to you in the current Let's Play. This applies to home base chests, backup materials chests (like we had in the last Let's Play to deal with Creeper explosions), and chests/furnaces from past Let's Plays even if they belonged to you originally (see rule #2).

      5) Follow the specific rules of the Let's Play. Obviously, each Let's Play has it's own set of rules (whether or not murder is allowed, stealing animals from other players, etc). In addition to the above rules, the rules laid out for that game must be adhered to. The rules will be laid out prior to starting in game, so if you do not have the ability to hear chat you will need to request the rules in advance.

      If you are found to be disregarding the rules, you will be booted from the game and possibly banned from future Let's Plays.

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    • Zelda Cosplay Progress: The Dress Is (Sorta Mostly) Done!

      5 years ago

      LoZelda Supposedly An Adult

      I chugged through applying the trim to the bottom of the dress this weekend. It went fairly quickly once I got into a groove, but getting into that groove was quite the process. I'm pretty happy with the result though!


      I still have a little bit of trim to apply near the top of the dress, but it goes beneath the jewel so I want to wait until I get that taken care of before I put the trim on. I'm thinking tonight's podcast will be a good time to sit down with my clay to shape the jewel. I think I've found what silicone I want to use for the mold (while not the cheapest option, silicone seems to be the easiest, especially given my time constraints), so if I can successfully craft my jewel I'll get that stuff ordered.

      I'm also starting to think through my boot plan...I think I'm going to go the boot cover route. I've got a stash of muslin I can use to make the pattern, I just have to choose a good base shoe.

    • QofW: 09/13/13

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      LoZelda Supposedly An Adult

      Almost forgot to post the question for the week!

      Who do you wish we saw more of in videos or podcasts?

      I'd really love to see Geoff reappear in a podcast, and any video with Joel makes me laugh til my sides hurt.

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    • Zelda Cosplay Progress: Satin Sucks

      5 years ago

      LoZelda Supposedly An Adult

      I've managed to get the body of the dress finished (along with fixing the hole I accidentally cut in the sleeve while trimming seams...oops) and have started on applying the gold/yellow trim. I tried to make bias tape out of some satin but between the fraying, satin's refusal to press, and some really bad cutting on my part it was just too much work for a result that wasn't making me happy.

      Instead, I went and found some satin ribbon that was close to the color I wanted, and started stitching that on. Making corners has proven to be a real challenge. I found that if I tack things first it gets a little better, but only slightly so. It's far from perfect, but you can actually really only see the problems with it from up close. I have the collar and sleeves done (you can totally tell which sleeve I did first), and have started pinning for the bottom. I'm hoping to finish that part up this weekend so I can start on the next part of the costume next week.


      For anyone who cares, I've decided to try to make the gem out of clay, then make a mold from that. I'm hoping I can find some reasonably priced silicone so I can make a good mold, but that is proving more difficult than I expected. Ah well, that doesn't really matter until I make the gem now does it?

    • Moment of Win: Chance RT/AH Community Encounter

      5 years ago

      LoZelda Supposedly An Adult

      I was grocery shopping, and I picked up a cake mix because I'm the kind of person who likes to have an "emergency cake mix" in their pantry. You know, for all those last minute cake situations and there's no time to make it from scratch.

      I'm not the only one with that problem, right?

      I get up to register, and the cashier grabs the box, then looks at my "I'm going cakeless" shirt, looks at the box, then back at me, and says "I don't think Ray would be very happy about this."

      Score one for the awesome RT/AH community.

    • RWBY Discussion

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      LoZelda Supposedly An Adult

      Come talk about RWBY!

      For starters, I'm confused. If Ruby and Yang are supposed to be sisters, why do they have different last names?

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    • QofW 09/06/13: Next Gen Consoles

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      LoZelda Supposedly An Adult

      The recently infamous question: XBox One or PS4? Have you pre-ordered either, or do you have any plans for buying either?

      Personally, I don't get to play games often enough to justify dropping a couple hundred dollars on either system right now. I figure I'll ride out the first wave of chaos, then think about buying one of the systems later. In the mean time I can just make friends with someone who gets one if I really want to play something

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    • Cosplay Trouble: Resin Casting Advice?

      5 years ago

      LoZelda Supposedly An Adult

      I'm working on my Skyloft Zelda cosplay, and while it's not perfect I'm making decent progress. I have the dress body done, and the gold/yellow trim around the neck is attached. I've started on the sleeve cuff design, and started planning out the trim design at the bottom of the dress. I'm hoping to have the dress essentially done by the end of next weekend.

      I'll still be missing the jewel though, which is where I'm looking for help. I have the dimensions of the jewel all drawn out, and possess the resin and dye I need, but I have no idea how I'm going to make a mold. I don't have anything that already exists in that shape to cast in mold builder, and I can't find the correct shape in pre-done molds at craft stores or online. I'm not really sure what to do...

      Anyone have any advice, helpful hints, or suggestions on how to make a mold that will stand up to the heat of the resin curing process from scratch?

    • QofW 08/30/13:

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      LoZelda Supposedly An Adult

      Whoops, we kind of missed a few weeks there. My bad!

      Your topic of discussion for this week is: What is your favorite game or game series?

      I think my username and recent journal post are sort of dead giveaways for what mine is smiley0.gif

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    • Test Driving Tattoos

      5 years ago

      LoZelda Supposedly An Adult

      I over think things routinely. Like to the point I could probably talk myself out of cashing in a jackpot lottery ticket. I've wanted a tattoo (a specific one mind you, not any ole tattoo) for about 4 years now, but every time I thought I had the guts to go through with it my brain would go into overdrive and come up with a list a mile long of all the reasons I shouldn't.

      So here we are 4 years later, and I think I've finally managed to quiet the "don't do it!" voice. I still have one nagging problem though: where do I put it?

      I work in the sort of industry where exposed tattoos are a no-go so I am limited to areas that are covered under normal circumstances, but I don't want it somewhere that it will get little to no exposure.

      I've got it sort of narrowed down to four possibilities: ankle, hip, lower back, and upper back (center, not shoulder). They each have their pros and cons (thank you over active thought processes for making me have a pros and cons list...) so I'm having a hard time deciding what will be best for me.

      Enter the wonder of the internet, where you can apparently get temporary tattoos printed with any design and any size you want. I decided the best way to convince myself one way or another would be to start trying it out, and ordered a couple in varying sizes. I tried the first one this weekend in probably my most out there location choice.


      Thoughts from the peanut gallery?

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