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    • Question of the Week 07/26/13: It Begins

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      LoZelda Supposedly An Adult

      Welcome to the beginning of something wonderful: the question of the week.

      Every week, myself or one of the other admins (maybe we'll be all organized and shit and take turns...or more likely it will probably be a free for all) will post a new thread for the question of the week. It will usually be random, possibly bordering on ridiculous. The point? Starting a random discussion. After all, if we're ever going to organize an in person meet up we should start figuring out who might be a closet sociopath.

      So to kick things off:

      Which "dead" or otherwise missing RvB character would you most like to see make a mysterious reappearance?

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    • RT Podcast

      6 years ago

      LoZelda Supposedly An Adult

      Is anyone else super glad that Gus admitted they have edited things from the podcast before releasing it after doing the live stream? I seriously thought I was going nuts when I would swear I remembered somethiing being said, but it wasn't in the version released on Tuesday. So glad to know I'm not crazy...

      Well, not about that anyways.

      I actually really enjoyed the panel from PAX Australia. For the most part, they were good questions, and led to some great answers. I love the quick, sarcastic replies the crew is able to come up with on the spot.

      I've made a habit of listening to the podcasts while I'm at work, even if I already watched the live stream. It's a nice alternative to music when I'm trying to crank through prepping samples, and it's great to get a laugh every once in a while. I'm pretty sure my coworkers are afraid I've lost my mind when I start giggling at my lab bench though...

    • Why I Love This Community

      6 years ago

      LoZelda Supposedly An Adult

      Prior to RTX, I made a couple friends through my backpack assembling adventure journal entries. Down at RTX, I got to meet some of them face to face. One such friend actually lives in Michigan too, just across town as it turns out. It was cool to meet someone down in Texas and have that transfer all the way up here. We got together this past week actually to have dinner and drinks.

      And so I could return his super fantastic metal Halo 4 case that the entire RT crew signed.


      Through a series of ridiculous events, I ended up one of the lucky ones who made it into the Joel signing line on Sunday. While we were waiting around, my new MI friend and his crew found us to chat for a bit, before asking if I wouldn't mind getting the case signed for him. He handed it over, and went about his business. By the time we got through seeing Joel, the convention center was shutting down and the MI posse had already left for the night. So what did we do? He said to just get it back to him sometime once we were back up here.

      We had never met before, just talked a bit online, and suddenly for no real reason other than being a part of the same community, there was an inherent level of trust that said giving me this awesome item was no big deal, that there was no question I would return it.

      He was in no rush to get it back, and it wasn't until 2 weeks later that we were able to connect again. And that's why I love this community. We can do that kind of thing. We can meet, and 72 hours later you feel comfortable enough with someone who was a stranger to just hand over something that is essentially irreplaceable with a simple "yeah I'll get it from you later" before you wander off.

      High five, Rooster Teeth community, high five.

    • Shoe Painting Help?

      6 years ago

      LoZelda Supposedly An Adult

      I ran into a few people at RTX who were talented enough to have painted their own canvas shoes with all kinds of awesome gaming related things. I was smart enough to ask one of them how to go about doing it, but not smart enough to take notes or ask her RT profile name.

      So, this is my plea: anyone out there paint awesome things on shoes who can give me some guidance? The only tip that stuck was "start with white shoes", so that's as far as I've gotten. Any tips/suggestions/hints would be greatly appreciated!

    • Anyone out there?

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      LoZelda Supposedly An Adult

      Hi guys!

      After the adventure that was RTX and meeting so many people who happened to not only be from Michigan, but my region of it, I thought it'd be a great idea to try to get us together in a cohesive group. Lo and behold, this group already exists, but it doesn't seem anyone has really been here for a while.

      This is my attempt to revive it. If you find yourself here because I met you at RTX and sent you a message saying "hey come find me here", hi!

      The people I met at RTX and myself discussed maybe trying to put together meet ups in the fall if there's enough interest.

      LoZelda, reporting in from the Kalamazoo area. Anyone else still out there?

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    • RTX2013 Recap

      6 years ago

      LoZelda Supposedly An Adult


      It's been over for more than a week, and most people are already through all their recap posts, but I like to be fashionably late as it were.

      We took advantage of the early registration mid-afternoon. Judging by the pictures we saw of the line earlier that day as well as witnessing the line Friday morning, totally glad we went on Thursday. We saw Gus as we were leaving, who looked absolutely terrified that people had found him, so we just waved and went on our way. So hard to not just run up and hug him.

      We hit up Frank for dinner (in my opinion, totally awesome), then went down to the river walk to catch the fireworks. We had originally tried to hang out at TGIFriday's for the Sidequest gathering, but it got way too busy way to quickly, so we decided to just skiddadle and do our own thing.

      When the doors finally opened for the mad rush, we wandered for a little and ran into the first person who recognized me from the site by my backpack and crazy haired profile picture @millerjs86. Bonus: he and his group live on the other side of town from us. Yes here in Michigan. Totally awesome. We grouped up and watched the center stage from afar while we waited to try and catch Burnie. We missed him, but did get Matt and Kathleen. This was awesome moment number two, as Matt really liked the backpack and asked me if I would mind if he took a picture, then asked me to head over to the store to talk to the people in charge there. Awesome moment number three: Brian Behm liked the bag too.

      In the afternoon I hit my first panel, RT Shorts. It was cool to hear about how they flesh out ideas and even get a sneak peek of a short. Later that night we made it to Geeks Who Drink. Not what I expected based on some things I had been told, but it was fun. I bugged out of Geeks Who Drink a little on the early side (we were the opposite of winning), and managed to meet Jack. He was just a cool dude to talk to. He recommended some bars to check out, so the group we had collected head out.

      Dear Jesus was this a lesson in how not young I am anymore. We bar hopped a little, ran into our new favorite Guardian @dizzypiper (by the time the weekend was done I was convinced he had to have a clone, because that dude was everywhere), and made even more RTX friends, though it turns out @tcastro and I were already friends and alcohol just made it impossible for either of us to notice that for a few days. Funny how that works out. Good to meet him in person though!

      We got to the convention center early for the sole purpose of booking it over to the autograph line to catch Burnie. By the time the doors opened and we made it to and through the line, we were just about the last people to get to see him. He was a little rushed, but that's understandable, I'm just glad I got to talk with him for a half a minute. Definitely one of those people I'd like to just sit down and chat with over a beer if I ever had the chance.

      I also got to catch Shannon and Gus, reconnecting every once in a while with our fellow Michiganders. For dinner we hit up Casino El Camino, a place my husband had wanted to go to for ages (big fan of Diners Drive Ins and Dives). It was good, but I don't know if it was good enough to wait that long for.

      After dinner we attempted to hit the mixer, but it had the same line and capacity issues the rest of the convention seemed to be hit with. We took the opportunity to go back to the hotel and rest up for a bit, then tried again later. Success! I was able to catch Barbara (who had her shit under control making people form a line) and Brandon, and felt bad for the other staff members who were being absolutely mobbed.

      I wasn't up early enough for the shoot it seems, but I did manage to get towards the front for both the RvB and podcast panels, so the day was definitely a success. I'll skip the details of the Joel line/not-line/mob, but I was grateful to be one of the people who were able to see him, despite having to wait 4 hours due to a scheduling conflict. Hanging out with Barbara and Kara was awesome, and Kara
      loved the backpack. I believe the exact words were "that is fucking awesome". Majorly happy about that.

      Homeslice for dinner (AWESOME), then an early crash to prepare for our super early wake up call for the flight home.

      All in all, awesome weekend. RTX has some issues to work out, but they know it, so I can only imagine that it will get better and better. Super glad I was able to go, and I definitely want to go again. Maybe I'll try my hand at being one of the chaos controllers.

    • RTX2013 Update Is Coming...I Promise

      6 years ago

      LoZelda Supposedly An Adult

      I know I promised an update on my RTX trip later in the week, complete with pictures of me nerding out, but "later in the week" is going to look a lot like "next week...probably". But I have a good reason! I sort of procrastinated on something else that was "way in the future" and suddenly the future is tomorrow.

      Okay that's not really a good reason.

      For anyone who missed it, I am a scientist. I have degrees in both chemistry and physics, and generally do work in both. I am currently a pharmaceutical chemist, but I still do work for my previous neutrino research group. I'm actually published (yay!) because of my ability to straddle both realms, so I pretty regularly get emails from people asking me questions both about my previous work and ideas on future projects.

      At the end of May I was asked to present my paper at the LIDINE (Light Detection in Noble Elements) conference. I actually managed to give the talk without peeing myself, so I considered it a success. However, since I had never given a talk before, I did not know that giving a talk meant you had to write "proceedings", which is essentially a mini-paper on what your talk was about. It still has to follow journal format, with an abstract, references, etc, but it's short. The purpose is to get word out and have a published record of your work when you don't have a formal paper for it.

      You see where this is going? I found out after the talk that I had to write one of these, and my work also already has a published paper...soooo I had to figure out how to write a summary paper that covered my talk without rehashing the paper. Considering I didn't even really write the original paper (I just did the research and data analysis...actual paper construction is what the group grad student was for smiley1.gif ), the fact that I'm terrible at summarizing without rehashing, and the due date being over a month away, I pushed it off figuring I'd come up with some stroke of genius about how I was suppose to do this.

      Aaaaand now it's due for review to the rest of my group tomorrow. Whoopsies?

    • RTX 2013: Well That Was Nuts

      6 years ago

      LoZelda Supposedly An Adult

      Hey all,

      I'm back from RTX and unfortunately back into the grind of every day life. I have some things I want to share about RTX later when I have more time, but for now I wanted to say a few things.

      - It was awesome meeting up with community members in person. Especially the ones that it turns out only live about 20 minutes from me.
      - Thanks goes out to those of you who approached me to say hi after recognizing the backpack. It was really cool to have a sort of beacon for people to say hi to me, and to be recognized for it!
      - On the same note, Matt really liked the backpack and actually asked me for my picture when I caught him for a signature. It was awesome. Kara about had a heart attack over it and ran away with it for a while to go show other people and asked me tons of questions about how I did it. That was super awesome. I'm thinking I might make another one for her...but shhh, it's a secret.

    • RTX2013: The Trip Begins

      6 years ago

      LoZelda Supposedly An Adult

      I'm eating a quick breakfast before heading out to the airport to catch my flight to Austin! I probably won't be updating here as much while I'm gone, however if you're interested in keeping up on the RTX happenings follow me on Twitter @MIGamerGirl! I'll be updating there constantly smiley0.gif

      For those of you making the trip too, I'll see you in a few hours!

    • RTX2013: I'll leave the light on for you.

      6 years ago

      LoZelda Supposedly An Adult

      I caved and made a Twitter account.

      I know I know, it's not like I took up heroin or anything, but it sort of feels like this is how it starts. BUT I did it for good reason. The RT crew has made it clear that will be the best way to get updates on RTX happenings, and now I'll be able to fire off questions/correct science inaccuracies during the podcast stream, so it seemed like a good choice.

      Anyways, I tell you this because I plan on updating pretty regularly while at RTX. Like anytime I'm going to a panel, or something interesting/crazy, awesome happens. So, if you're unable to go yourself, check it out and follow me at.https://twitter.com/MIGamerGirl.

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