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    • RTX2013 Backpack Progress Part 11

      6 years ago

      LoZelda Supposedly An Adult

      Letter embroidery: 20 hours
      Key embroidery: 28 hours
      Fabric Prep: 6 hours
      Assembly: 6 hours

      Total: 60 hours

      60 hours, also known as "dear sweet Jesus I did NOT think it was going to take that long." That being said, I think it's sort of badass.


      Pretty sweet right? I have a pocket on the front lined with red (blue was too dark to see in it), and the inside of the main pocket is a pretty even split of red and blue.



      I cannot tell you how excited I am I got this done. I was a little nervous for a while.

      So, obviously I'm going to be pretty easily identifiable walking around the convention center. If you recognize the bag, come up and say hi!

    • RTX2013 Backpack Progress Part 10

      6 years ago

      LoZelda Supposedly An Adult

      I've been sewing with a brand new machine, so in addition to trying to re-teach myself how to sew I was having to learn how to use this new piece of equipment. I spent a little time playing with some scrap pieces, but really I've just had to learn on the fly.

      Now that I got through the major assembly (i.e. zippers), I'm relatively familiar with how this machine works, so everything is going a lot faster now. It's kind of crazy. I got the gusset put together (the side panel) AND got it attached to the front. HOLY CRAP!


      I have the strapping attached to the back already, so now all I have to do is get the back attached to the other side of the gusset and get the lining inside. I might actually finish this before the end of the weekend!

    • RTX2013 Backpack Progress Part 9

      6 years ago

      LoZelda Supposedly An Adult

      It turns out I'm actually pretty good at sewing zippers! Also turns out I suck at top stitching! So, essentially I'm completely backwards from normal. Like that's a surprise.

      Between last night and this afternoon I managed to get the front (including the front pocket) assembled. I have to admit, for not having had a real sewing project in many years (other than Link tunic, but that's pretty much a sack with sleeves) I'm actually kind of proud if how this is going.


      Next up: sewing the straps onto the back panel. Good thing I have my handy dandy heavy duty needles!

    • RTX2013 Backpack Progress Part 8

      6 years ago

      LoZelda Supposedly An Adult

      I have all my pieces cut, interfacing fused, and just finished basting on the padding. Next up: actually sewing things together! I get to learn how to attach zippers for the first time...


    • RTX2013 Backpack Progress Part 7

      6 years ago

      LoZelda Supposedly An Adult

      Small setback...

      I went to go press out my embroidery so I could start pinning things together and found that over the course of the stitching process I had apparently not been stretching my fabric out well enough over the hoop...I managed to essentially shrink the fabric by a good half an inch.

      Sad face smiley2.gif

      So, since we're only a week out from RTX, I can't exactly just start over. My only choice now is to make the piece into a patch and sew it onto a correctly sized piece. It won't look quite as awesome, but it's better than nothing or throwing away all the work I've already done.

      Good news is I got all my pieces cut and I am in the process of applying the interfacing to strengthen it up. I'm hoping to finish this tonight, then spend tomorrow evening basting my padding into place so I can actually sew Thursday. Fingers crossed!

    • RTX2013 Backpack Progress Part 6

      6 years ago

      LoZelda Supposedly An Adult

      My goal for this weekend was to have the embroidery done by the time we got home from our little weekend trip to see my parents in Illinois. I am happy to say I pulled it off!


      To make sure I finished it, I actually worked on it in the car while my husband drove. If you've ever thought "wow this highway is pretty smooth" try stitching while going down it. I guarantee you will no longer feel that way. On a related note, I'm super impressed I only stabbed myself twice.

      After I finished, I decided that while the embroidery was sort of badass (can embroidery be badass?) the backpack was going to be a little bland with all the black/grey going on. I didn't want to go nuts and tie-dye it or anything, but I thought a small bit of color might be appropriate. So, with my remaining road trip time, I whipped this up:


      I still have a ton of work to do, like actually sewing all the pieces together, but I'm (possibly naively) optimistic. Hopefully all the pieces will get cut out tonight, and I can try to sew a zipper for the first time tomorrow. Expect a flurry of activity!


    • Gavin, Michael, and...Taylor Swift?

      6 years ago

      LoZelda Supposedly An Adult

      This was probably the best 26 seconds of my day.


    • RTX2013 Backpack Progress Part 5

      6 years ago

      LoZelda Supposedly An Adult

      I'm just about halfway through embroidering the key...I didn't exactly expect this to be a short project, but I certainly didn't think it would take this long. The key has taken about 15 hours at this point, so by the time it's done it'll have taken probably close to double what all the letters combined did. It's got a pretty cool texture though, I'm kind of excited to show it off.

      The fabric is getting a little stretched out around the major curves from all the pulling, but I'm hoping a quick bath and a visit by the iron will fix it in the end.

      Of course, it taking this long has one massive implication: I will only have one week to actually piece the backpack together. Yikes!


    • RTX2013 Backpack Progress Part 4

      6 years ago

      LoZelda Supposedly An Adult

      I finally finished all the text. Is it perfect? No. Is it plenty good enough? Definitely. This part took much longer than anticipated; I think I put in about 18 hours to get all the letters outlined and filled. This does not instill much confidence for the key part, especially considering I've never had to fill in a big space like this before. I'm essentially trying a new technique... I hope it works, and I hope it doesn't take ages! I still have to assemble this sucker and I'm very quickly running out of time!


    • RTX2013 Backpack Progress Part 3

      6 years ago

      LoZelda Supposedly An Adult

      I've almost finished all the letters for the embroidery. The little letters are proving to be more difficult than the larger ones, which I wasn't expecting. Especially the "E". Damn that little "E"...As long as you look at it from back here, it's not so bad. Hopefully I'll be able to chug through the rest of the needlework and get to assembling pieces soon. Afterall, RTX is only a month away!


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