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    • I remember why I stopped gaming on this computer now...

      3 years ago


      It makes games a lot harder when there's a full second delay between button press and action... -_-

    • A couple of dumb Steam questions

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      I swear I've searched the internet for answers to these, but if I found the answers they were too technical for me to even realize they were the answers. So:

      a) If you buy a game on Steam do you have it on all the platforms it's available on, or just the one you bought it on? (I've never used Steam on a console before but my new roommate will have one and I'm trying to figure out if I'll have to buy games over again.)

      b) Is there a way to get Steam to tell you if you have space to download the game before you buy it? Budget is tight and I don't want to spend money on something I can't uuse until I can afford a new laptop.

      Bonus question: Is there a way to get Steam games to run using a hard drive if i don't have the memory on my actual machine? Or would it be too complicated if I even have to ask the question?

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    • Back!

      3 years ago


      After probably over a year. But shit's been hectic and laptop's been shitty. I finally got it working though, in large part because of Patch Game Club (maybe it can run at least a couple of the smaller indie games) so I'm revisiting all my websites that are just too frustrating to use on mobile apps. Unfortunately, I don't think it's up to rejoining the Minecraft server any time soon, but The Cat Lady seems to be running...well it's running.

      See you kittens around!

    • Dragon Con

      4 years ago


      i was at Dragon Con for maybe 20 minutes today, just long enough to register after work, but i've already seen a RWBY t-shirt. And it was the one I have. Gonna be a good con.

    • A Lot of Stuff

      5 years ago


      So I know I've been gone for a good bit, but with good reason, promise!

      June 1 I moved to Atlanta. My apartment was about to double in price and I wasn't happy in my job and I was way too close to my family so I picked up everything and left. I've been couchsurfing amidst a couple of friends while job hunting so as not to inconvenience any one kindness with my unemployed homelessness for too long of a time, but Monday I start my new job! I'll be an administrative assistant at the corporate headquarters of a concrete company and I'll be learning a completely new business and hopefully taking on more and more responsibility in whatever part of it I'm most interested in and it looks like there will be lots of challenges and growth which is really all I need to be happy in a job, I think. That's what was missing in the old job, there was nowhere to go.

      And in November three of us are going to rent a house together so the inconvenience I inflict on everyone will be merely emotional and not financial! Until then I'm going to continue to bounce, probably. Or I may need to pick one place and stay there since I have somewhere to be every morning (which I am so excited about I have been SOOOOO bored).

      My life is coming together surprisingly quickly and hopefully once I'm leaving the house again I'll develop some sort of social circle and have people to talk to and my friends won't feel like they have to babysit me at every party they go to because I think they're getting tired of me and if they're not they will soon.

      The new job also means I was right to sell my RTX tickets, as much as I hate it, because there is NO WAY I would have any vacation time ready by next weekend and even if I could that might not make the best impression on my new bosses after a week and I still really wish I could go.

      So that's my life and where I've been. I might not be super active for a couple of weeks yet while I adjust to my new schedule and to having some stability in my life but I miss y'all and just wanted to say hi and share my good news. smiley12.gif

      PS two of the people I'm bouncing between have puppies, they are enormous puppies and I spend so much of my time with dogs now I will try to post some pictures.

    • RTX Tickets

      5 years ago


      So I don't know if RTX has sold out yet, because I've been crazy busy, but I just moved and don't have a job yet so I suddenly can't afford to go to RTX anymore smiley2.gif .

      The point being, I have a weekend pass that needs using. I'm asking $80 (which is cheaper than I bought it after processing fees), PM me to workout payment etc, and if you know someone looking please send them to this journal. I just found out the plane tickets I bought for RTX are nonrefundable, so I'm really hoping I can get some of this back.

      Thanks for reading, and if selling or trading the passes on the site is frowned upon in any way please let me know and I will take this down immediately.

      EDIT: The pass has been claimed! Thanks to everyone who showed interest!

    • Oh Man

      5 years ago


      Some exciting things are happening, but those exciting things may lead to me not being able to make it to RTX after all. We'll have to see.

    • Burnie's Career Arc

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      Is there anywhere that Burnie's story of how he became a company president then started RT and everything is all together in one easy read or listen? I have a friend who I'd like to show it but I don't want to make her watch 20 different videos that piece it together and I can't remember where the relevant information is. can anyone help me out?

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    • Babies

      5 years ago


      My best friend had her second daughter this afternoon and I got to be there for it. Not, like, in there, gross, but I was waiting after the baby was delivered and deslimed with big sister to meet her for the first time. She's so tiny and so beautiful and I held her even though I'm terrified of tiny babies and it was amazing.

      I am definitely going to get in trouble for running out of work in the middle of the day, but so worth it. And it's better to ask forgiveness than permission, right?

    • So That Was Awkward

      5 years ago


      My mom found out that i was going to RTX by seeing the plane tickets on my bank account. (which she accessed totally legit with my permission, that part's fine.) So I had to explain to a woman who still believes that the internet is predominantly pedophiles and elderly men looking for women to abduct that I'm going to an internet convention to meet people I know from the internet several states away alone. On the fly. That was fun. She...eventually stopped asking questions so I guess she's okay? I don't know if she told my dad yet. He's a little less on board with the whole "Owls is a grown woman who can make her own choices and go on vacation wherever she chooses" thing.

      This'll be...yeah.

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    • BattiestBadger FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      5 years ago

      So I was in the "How long did you watch but not join?" thread and saw your post. I just had to say I really like your username.

      • LoadedInOwls

        5 years ago

        Haha thanks! I'm pretty fond of it myself.

    • Ayarin

      6 years ago

      Welcome to the Ladies of Rooster Teeth community smiley0.gif

      I'm Ayarin but I go by Iri and I'm a Lady Leader within the group~! If you need help with anything around the site or wanna help with any of the Ladies Night events or just want someone to talk to, don't be afraid to drop a comment off smiley1.gif

    • JJ FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      6 years ago

      Hi Alison! thanks for the add!

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