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    • dum dum dum

      8 years ago


      so this weekend steve and i went to the movies x2
      HP:DH2 - great way to end the series. would have liked to have seen more of the '19yrs later' bit. but i guess the studio is saving that got the special edition DVD

      Bad Teacher: was funny. It was nice to see diaz in a role wher she looks her age. and Jason Segel is brilliant as the sleazy gym teacher.

    • I wish i was the Dr

      8 years ago


      So i have recently started watching Dr Who.

      I just have to say that I have always smiley12.gif 'd Tennants work in the past and watching his run as the Dr has made me smiley12.gif him more...

      I only have 2 or 3 episodes left of his run and I dont want it to end. smiley2.gif

      I'm scared to watch his run end. But I have to finish watching it cos I borrowed the DVD's off a friend and I have to return them soon.

    • So how was your weekend?

      8 years ago


      I know its Thursday and the past weekend is long gone but i have only recovered from what was an amazing weekend. Even if I was sick.

      What did i get up to. SUPANOVA...

      For those who don’t know what it is... It’s Australia’s version of ComicCon. More the New York not San Diego.

      I was given the enormous task of running the ‘FONT OF HOUSE’ crew of volunteers.. It’s such a huge honour and task to be given because you are responsible for making sure people get in the right line and keeping them happy.

      I was also given a megaphone.. Which made losing my voice only half as bad as it could have been without one.

      During my breaks I got my photos and autographs done and caught up with some of the comic guys I met in Melbourne and Perth last year.

      The comic guys are the best because you can sit there and have an in depth conversation about random stuff.

      267893_10150221190099296_581124295_73700 Stuart Mc Kenny was such a blast to catch up with. It was the 1st time he and his partner Wendy have come for the Perth leg and they didn’t disappoint. They brought a stack of prints to sell and I think after my photos and autographs I spent more money at their table. 268490_10150221192964296_581124295_73700

      After the Saturday wrapped up guest services manager came over asking them how they were getting back. Steve and I happily offered them transport for the weekend because that’s how we roll. As a thank you Stewart gave me a pencil work of Gambit.

      The ever funny writer Shane Mc Carthy was there on the Saturday and I was able to catch up with him. Almost told people to go up and hug him at random after he snuck up on me while he, Neil Kaplin ( the voice of Optimus Prime) and Julie White were heading to their panel. lollypopange4e097f6f2b557.jpg

      Other highlights would have been meeting James Marsters, Corin Nemec and Sean Maher.

      lollypopange4e097cfd9af59.jpg Corin is SO HOT.... Funny thing was that when his line was empty he would go for a wonder. Would have been nice if some of the quieter guests wondered outside to say ‘hi’

      All in all it was a good weekend. I think if I wasn’t sick I would have been able to go to some of the after parties that the volunteers were having. Fingers crossed next year is better for me health wise....


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