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    • A rant and a RAOK

      8 years ago


      For me, I know that the world is messed up and that some places just didn't think that a GFC would happen. But it did and most parts of the world have ridiculous unemployment numbers and for some1 to gain employment they need a stupid piece of paper to say they completed something, wether its a college degree or even graduated high school. A lot of these positions are for roles that you wouldn't need said bit of paper for anyway.

      It still amazes me how backwards some places in the world are. Yes somethings in Australia may seem a bit backwards but then again other things we have are well above U.S standards.

      Take minimum wage. In Australia the average minimum wage is around the $15/hour, but it varies from industry to industry. Wiki List of wages per country this page will shock you

      Another great thing (which relates to wages) is NO TIPPING. Because we have quiet a high(ish) minimum wage there is no need to live off tips as your main source of income (if you work in the food industry). Yes we can choose to leave a lil $$ if we thought the service at a restaurant was great but we have the choice to chose it if we want to or not.

      Government funded health care. Yes a levy come out of our taxes but how else is the system gonna be partly funded. This means that if you need to go the the ER you can and be seen with out being told 'you don't have health insurance we cant see you unless you want to pay lots of $$'. If you go to see a doctor you Medicare will give you a portion of the fee you paid back to you. I know my doctor charges me about $65 for a consult when i'm ill and i know that i will get back between $30-$40 from Medicare.

      Any way enough ranting on about stuff to the main reason of this journal.....

      I have always believed in RAOK (Random Acts Of Kindness).

      Now I'm sure most of you know (or now know) that my latest RAOK was for our beloved Willow. She has been having a bit of a hard time the past 6months or so and I hate to see my friends in trouble.

      It pained me to read that she had to put some of her personal belongings up for sale to pay for her car insurance. So I did what any caring friend would do. I found a way in my limited 'spare $$ from my pay/$$ for my trip to melbourne budget' to pass on a gift. Now I'm not going to say how much I gifted her, thats between her and me.

      Some times I wish I could help out more but its hard being on the other side of the world and differnet timezones. So I do what I can (thank you to Paypal).

      So for now all I can do is ask the universe to look out of our Willow and hope that her luck turns around very soon.

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      **This song has always meant something to me.. I think its the message of selflessness, that kinda sums it up for me. Even if your friends who are physically near you may not be able to help you out, there is always a friend out there in the world who can help.

      Bridge Over Troubled Water

      When you're weary, feeling small
      When tears are in your eyes,
      I will dry them all
      I'm on your side
      When times get rough
      And friends just can't be found

      Like a bridge over troubled water
      I will lay me down
      Like a bridge over troubled water
      I will lay me down

      When you're down and out
      When you're on the street
      When evening falls so hard
      I will comfort you
      I'll take your part
      When darkness comes
      And pain is all around

      Like a bridge over troubled water
      I will lay me down
      Like a bridge over troubled water
      I will lay me down

      Sail on silver girl
      Sail on by
      Your time has come to shine
      All your dreams are on their way
      See how they shine
      When you need a friend
      I'm sailing right behind

      Like a bridge over troubled water
      I will ease your mind
      Like a bridge over troubled water
      I will ease your mind

    • gotta love the TER-GET LADY

      8 years ago


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    • Bored

      8 years ago


      I hate it sometime when i have nothing to do at work.

      On Friday I managed to get all of the patient cards out for the week and all consent work has been sent out to parents.

      I asked my boss for some letters to type up for Monday (today) because i have nothing to do.

      I get into work this morning and see a small pile of letters to type.... a grand total of 8.

      I should be able to get these all done by lunch time and then there's nothing for me to do. hmm i might txt my boss once i am done to see if i can take the afternoon off.... I think i deserve it. It is SO RARE that I am this up to date with everything. hrmmmmmmm

      What do you think my chances are???

    • phase 3

      8 years ago


      this is the rough layout of what i would like to go on the wall.
      of course size ratio and that would have to be sorted out. wolverine, gambit and hulk in that sort of pose. Storm and Iorn Man in flight maybe some lightning from storms, night crawler and rouge kinda as is maybe some smoke around NC, Captain America and Thor guarding the left an right. all in all i think if i can get it all right and print it on a projector sheet i might be able to hand paint it all,

      maybe i could commission Luke to do it for me. he is the pro and i have always liked his reworks.


      what do you think.. am i in over my head??

    • Phase 2 - Background Complete

      8 years ago


      I finished the background.. what ya think??


      i will get a better pic up soon

    • my kitchen project

      8 years ago


      so over a year ago i had this plan for my kitchen wall. now i have decided to make some more progress with it...

      last night i did the chalk outlines for the background

      1st coat of the grape.

      no time to waste now gotta get this 2nd coat on perfect

      2nd coat of grape but have to put a fresh coat of yellow on. the wall was originally yellow

      EDIT 2
      thrashing the deep grape with dry brush

      EDIT 3
      thrashing the deep grape with dry brush with out the tape

      EDIT 4 &5
      yellow thrashing with tape and finished product

    • So how was your friday?

      8 years ago


      Friday night Steve and I went to a Burlesque show in Northbridge (its the night club part of Perth)
      didnt get many pics





      So what did you do?

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