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      13 years ago


      Well. First off id like to congratulate clan Merciless for the excellent movies for Halo! secondly, ive got some news for the 360. Halo 3 has been declared for the 360, but no release date as of yet. You know Bungie, secretive and stuff. However rumour has it the release will be the same time as the Halo Movie, in Summer '07. Oh, and speaking of the X360 the current prices are $399 and $499. Itll cost you but hell its worth it in the end..

      Doom movie this friday! It better not be a shitty adaptation from game to the big screen. (House Of The Dead style). And, come on, Saw 2 on Halloween. Exciting stuff this next few weeks, EH?!. Hey, im bored now. Im off to go play some FarCry Instincts on XBox Connect. My screenname on there is Looper55. Add me, and we will play sometime.

      Oh, and im running a poll on whos going to be what this halloween, so send me an email at Here_To_Stay69@hotmail.com with what you are guna be, and ill add up the results and post them on here ASAP. Tell your friends!!

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      13 years ago


      hey everyone. ive gotta new GT, it is now LoopersSquirrel


    • Birthday and thx to Rooster Teeth

      14 years ago


      Hey hey hey its my birthday on the 24th and i thought id like to warn yall. San Andreas hitting xbx soon, and halo map pack at may. Chaos theory is out. WOO! Any ways, id like to thank Rooster Teeth for there continuing support in making halo the funnest game to create movies with!

    • 2019 years ago

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    • Magnethios

      13 years ago

      Hey, we're bringing together the community for one last event, click the banner for more info or my pic:

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    • clindenaar

      14 years ago

      you like simple plan yellow card and the killers... you are SO my new idol ;)

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