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      13 years ago


      Uh, yeah, I came back... for the time being.

      I don't know if it's nostalgia, or because I miss you all sooo much (all of you that I don't really talk to anyway, but whatever), or because I'm bored shitless, but I'm back.

      Not much to say. College started again. Here's a run-down of my life over the last 5 months (as if you care, right?)

      1) I worked almost everyday this past summer... 60-80 hours a week, no overtime.

      2) I was the manager of an amusement park. Yes, I was the head carny, if you want to be a dick about it.

      3) I tried a new drug.

      4) I built my computer that I wanted... kind of...

      3000+ Venice w/ Retail HS/F
      1GB Mushkin pc3200 (512x2)
      Refurb. Rosewill X800XL PCI-e, 256MB GDDR3
      ECS Extreme KN1 mobo
      80GB WD Caviar w/ 8mb cache
      480W Thermaltake PSU w/ Active-PFC
      8x NEC DVD-R

      and that's about it for the computer. Everquest 2 runs super awesome now.

      5) College started again. They tried rooming me with a non-PC-mentionable (Politically Correct) person, which just added fuel to the fire about my housing situation, so I dropped out of last year's college and I go to a new one

      6) I have my own, lonely apartment. Bored as shit, but I like the privacy

      7) I have developed major, major trust issues with people. And not just certain people. But with everyone

      8) I bought an effin' kitty. Suck it.

      And that's about it.

      Stay clean, stay happy, and when all else fails, try meth.

    • Holy frick...

      14 years ago


      ... I'm doing a journal entry! Not that anyone's going to read it... but yay!

      And to keep you up to date:

      1) College is over... Hoo-fuckin'-ray...

      2) My MP3 proptly died on me (Hard drive died... Still want it Lilith?)

      3) The girl I was "seeing" is gone downstate, roughly 100 miles away, and I think she's mad at me. Aren't I special...

      4) I'm going to build a new computer for me and turn my old one into a server/computer-for-other-people-to-use-so-they-don't-fuck-up-mine computer

      5) I bought a guitar. I don't actually expect anyone to look this up just to know its specifications, but it's an Alvarez RD20S. $300 in stores, $270 is the cheapest I found it on online retail, and I got it for $120, brand new, no scratches or dents. Aren't I the savvy buyer.

      And that's all that's going on in my life. I've been playing a shit load of Counter-Strike: Source and Half-Life 2 Deathmatch, so if you ever want to play with me (in a non-erotic sense), then you can catch me by using Xfire. my name is, not suprisingly, lordcoldfire. I also use Skype and it's the same user name on there, too.

      Oh, and 7) I have breathable contacts... I don't see how they breath because I can't find their lungs, but yay for me.

      Specs for new computer:
      3000+ Winchester
      nFoce4 Ultra (most likely DFI, GigaByte, or Chaintech)
      1GB pc3200 Mushkin RAM (512x2)
      6600GT or 6800GT PCI-e video card (TBD)
      480W Thermaltake PurePower PSU w/ Active PFC
      200GB or 250GB SATA Maxtor DiamondMax 10 w/ 16mb cache
      8x NEC DVD burner

      Specs for the "you-can't-touch-mine" computer:
      2500+ Barton
      1GB pc3200 Mushkin RAM (512x2)
      Abit NF7 mobo
      Radeon 9600 Pro/XT (Maybe 9800 Pro if they're cheap enough)
      52x CD burner (or maybe a DVD Burner if I'm feeling saucy)
      Antec 350W or 380W TruePower PSU

      And that's it... that's all that's been going on in my life... Interesting, huh?
      80GB Western Digital Caviar w/ 8mb cache

    • You're looking at...

      14 years ago


      The proud owner of a Rio Karma!

      This is like THE iPod killer, in terms of price-to-size/features...

      The Karma has 20GB, an Ethernet AND USB 2.0 connectivity (on the charging base), and audio ports in case you want to hook it up to your home stereo system.

      The Karma also supports MP3s, WMAs, Oggs, and FLAC.

      My late night walks between classes are going to be highlighted by the soft tunes (Meh, yeah right) of Modest Mouse and Led Zeppelin.

      I'll be sure to put pictures up as soon as I get it.

      OH! And the BEST part about the MP3 player I bought? It was only $82! Score!

    • No news it good news, right?

      14 years ago


      That's right... Not a damn thing... Nothing has happened, other than something VERY personal (and family orriented) since the 28th of January...

      Uh, gimme something funny to post and I'll probably do it...

      OH! IDEA!!! I'll be conducting an "owned" picture contest. Post your best picture with the word "owned" somewhere in it. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Whether it's the kid in wheelchair picture or the retard running away from the Subaru (heh, that's the greatest). Please make sure it's original. Here is my submission (winner gets 5 mod points, just because I can):


      EDIT: And yes, that IS Bill Gates being pied in the face. Just look for "Bill Gates pied" in a Google image search. There's tons of pics.

    • I'm an asshole... I fucking hate myself

      14 years ago


      The one person I care for is gone. It's the same person I talked about in the poem.

      She's gone from my life forever because of me. I never payed attention to her. I never recognized her for who she truly was. I drove her away as hard as anyone can: By not caring.

      I don't know when I started it, but I just seemed to give up on the relationship. She gave up everything for me. Her music, her photography, and God, for me... A single, insignificant being. And I'll never get that back.

      As I sit here crying, I think about how happy I was when I was with her. How I would trade everything I have to be with her for 5 minutes, both of us in total bliss with each other like we once were.

      She's the best person I know in existence. I know she can't read this, but I don't care. I am still in love. I love her quirks. I love her heart. I love her. But it doesn't matter now, because of me. I am a horrible horrible person who shouldn't be around to hurt anyone else.

      Hopefully a pint of alcohol will change all of this Saturday night.

    • Lust Over Valued Ecstasy

      14 years ago


      This is a poem I wrote after finding out about a few certain things about my ex-g/f... I think you'll understand:

      "I sit in tears making a decision
      The past has gone, but your actions reflect in present
      The tears burn my senses

      In a world of searching for that true one
      My love just lived down the street
      Heather, I love you

      I never broke
      I never faultered
      I never cast a shadow

      You shone bright in life with much potential
      I let you go, carefree of what you would do

      In the time of bee stings and sunburns
      A cup was filled of

      You drank that cup into your blood
      And inject it into me
      With every soft death kiss

      I found out today I was tainted by
      Lust Over Valued Ecstasy

      The Truth does hurt
      That's no Lie
      How could you cheat on me
      To my eye

      Diseases abound
      Of conspiracy and care
      How could you lie to me
      I saw no flare

      Tears of Passion
      Sweat of Love
      All gone now
      I feel rage

      You lied to me, admit it now
      I put Ecstasy, Valued, Over Lust in my Heart
      And you ripped that apart without a blink

      I never lied
      I cared so dear
      Like a Princess you wore a crown
      A pedestal you mounted

      I held you high
      I hailed your name
      Love I gave you

      But fuck you now
      I know the Truth
      I know the lIES
      I know the dECEIT
      I know the Trust
      I know the Sweat
      I hate the L-O-V-E

      A scar forever
      I found the one
      But fuck you now
      LOVE is forever done."

      I would appreciate some feedback, if you don't mind.

      Oh, and I never write poetry. This is the second poem I've ever written.

    • Who wants m-o-o-o-d p-o-o-o-i-n-t-s?

      14 years ago


      That's right... You do. Why else would you be here?

      Over the next 24 hours I will hold a contest. Whoever posts the funniest picture, or funniest joke, or funniest story, or funniest website, or most helpful information, all of which these requirements have to be relative in someway to me, will get +15 mod points. The Runner-Up (read, "You got second place because you suck. Why couldn't you be as funny as 1st Place?") will get +10 points. And Third Place will get +5 mod points.

      Why am I doing this? Because I have 50 friggin' mod points that I need to get rid of.

      So, I have a set amount of 30 mod points that I can't use. That means I have 20 extra mod points to waste on what I want. The tone, demeaner, and attitude you post with will ultimately determine how I judge you, and you will be modded accordingly. That means my 20 extra mod points could be for good or for worse (kinda' like marriage... But with less consequences... Oh, and there's no child support or alamony).


      PS: The "festival" will end at 7PM EST on January 23, 2005.

    • Major bummers...

      14 years ago


      Major Bummers:

      1) No one cares

      2) I don't care

      3) I hate me

      4) I want to get away from it all

      5) I'm tired of being lonely

      6) I just don't give a shit anymore

      7) I'm getting totally drunk tonight and I hope something bad happens

      Have a good night!


      8) What's the point of living if we're all going to die anyway? We can't take emotions, experiences, or physical achievements with us.

    • I'm on a Musical-High!!!

      14 years ago


      *glee* I got my memory today!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAY! That's right! I have 1GB of Mushkin Value RAM (2.5-3-3-8, 512x2)! I can finally run through Qeynos Harbor in EQ2!!!!

      And I absolutely LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Led Zeppelin. Hopefully I'll be able to get tickets to Robert Plant's live performance in Oklahoma City in March.... God I would love to go to that. I recommend, no, recommend is not the right word. REQUIRE everyone to get the Led Zeppelin DVDs simply titled "Led Zeppelin." It's so awesome and I can guarantee anyone who's into guitars (which I'm not, but I still think it's amazing) to watch the performances of "I Can't Quit You Baby," "Dazed and Confused," "Going to California," "That's The Way," "Stairway to Heaven," and "Achille's Last Stand." They are simply and truly mystifying...

      Oh, and I've been listening to a shit-ton of Doors and Black Sabbath lately... The Who is next on my list for albums I'm going to buy. And Modest Mouse doesn't really fit, but they're coming after The Who. If anyone can recommend me some very good older rock bands along the lines of The Doors, Led Zeppelin, The Who, and Black Sabbath, I would GLADLY check them out.

      Well thanks a shit-ton to all 3 people who view my journal! Have fun drinking Thursday night, because I know I will!

    • Hey, I'm drunk!!!

      14 years ago


      Yup, you read it right.. It's 2:45am and I'm drunk... I headed over to one of the big frats of my town (Sigma Pi) and they had a party... After polishing off about 1/2 a bottle of a fifth of SoCo, me and my buddy headed back... From there, he proceeded to let out a very large belch which fixed the burning in his esophagous (sp?)... We were both so happy... So we proceeded to finish off the rest of the pool game I had started in the Student Center...

      After a few matches of HL2:Deathmatch, he IM'ed me from his "friend's" computer and told me to come over... I guess some girl wanted to see me... Me and the girl didn't talk, and I then played some original Super Mario Bros. And I'm not talking Super Mario Bros. on the computer or SNES... I'm talking ORIGINAL Super Mario Bros. On an NES. Yeah, it was kick ass... I never remember the 5th level being so fuckin' hard...

      I know it seems like I'm not drunk because I have such spectacular spelling, but the buzz is starting to wear off. Bummer... I wish I had the rest of that SoCo... And I saw a few cool chicks tonight at the Sigma Pi party... And one of them liked SoCo almost as much as I did. And we shared a couple swigs... But I didn't talk to her becase I was too busy watching an intense game of Beer Pong. It was bad ass...

      Anywho, I think I'm going to bed on my new pillows... Hey!!!111oneoneone... I didn't tell you guys, did I?!/1questionmarkone I got new pillows!!! They're bad ass.... Oh, and my RA (Resident Advisor) freaked me out... You see, this is the living arrangements in my dorm room.... There's a common room, like a living room, with some couches and chairs and a TV and my stereo system hooked up to the TV. And from there, there are 4 rooms. Last semester, Brian (the RA) had his own room, I had my own room, Brad and Ben shared a room, and Dave and Mike shared a room. Now, me, Brian, and Brad all have our own rooms (Ben went to live with his diabetic friend, Joe, so he doesn't die or something), and Dave and Mike still live in the same room... Anyway, Brain walks into my room, while I'm kinda' tippin' back and forth, and he goes "Got a fork?"

      "What do you mean 'got a fork'?"
      "I need a fork"
      "There's some on the black thing....*looks to his girlfriend, who I never met before* Hey, who are you? My name's Alex... What's your name?"
      Her- "Christy"
      Me - "hi Christy"
      Her - "Hi"
      Brian - "Where's the forks?"
      Me - "On the black thing"
      "What black thing"
      I walk out and point to the big black shelf on the wall - "That black thing... With the big box that says 'Forks'"
      "Oh... Thanks"
      "No problem"
      And then I went over to the girls' room and played Super Mario Bros... Oh, and I would still be at the Pi house right now, but the cops showed up, which sucks... Thank god I wasn't too buzzed then... I got more buzzed when me and Brad went to Super Wal-Mart and walked around... I saw the big rest room sign, and Brad said he needed to go take a piss, so I turned my head for a sec and didn't see what room he went in, left or right.... So I went left and said "Brad? You in there" Then I looked around and saw no urinals... I went into the lady's rest room... And so I jogged into the Men's rest room and went "Brad... I love you..." and I look up and there's a Wal-Mart worker and Brad taking a piss (in seperate urinals, of course). So I just washed my hands and walked out... And that led us back to the dorm room where I got my poolstick and left and Brad took a shit...

      And so now I'm here, talking to no one because no one reads my journals... Oh well... Oh, and I'm listending to "The Doors" right now... And that's all I have to say about that....

      Oh, and here's a pretty funny quote from Brad: "Fuck yo' couch, bitch."

      Oh, and we watched Napolean Dynamite... A lot of people said it's not funny the first time... I thought it was hilarious... And me and Brad watched "Labrynth" with David Bowie... that was pretty bad ass... But that was last night...

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    • nodhawk

      12 years ago

      Hey nice brun you gave that one person about the working age and everything.

    • Brian-301

      14 years ago

      hey i have a friend who lives in midland, theres an airport near him thats in saginaw. im sure you really care, though.

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