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    • ok so im so excited!

      13 years ago


      alright so some of you werent so happy about april being mini series month on the sci fi channel. well i say you all are crazy! CHILDREN OF DUNE!!!!! omfg im so excited its on the 20th and im going to watch it and no one can stop me!!!


      13 years ago


      ok so this dream had three parts.

      Part I
      i was on a ship that was run by the cylons. the had their own fleet and i remember specifically six simon and sharon. but there were others. there was a tall old man with white hair. reminded me of the father in the show providence. so there were a bunch of us and we were all running from the cylons around this ship. there were all sorts of humans there too though. i dont kno if they knew the ppl in charge were cylons or not. so there were these civilians and then there were my ppl and im not sure what we were doing on this cylon ship but i kept getting captures and they kept injecting me with stuff to make me cooperate. finally i was like fine ill come with you just keep those needles away from me. so i followed them but somehow managed to escape again. this parts weird. so i started seeing a bunch of white cats everywhere. but the cylons had never seen cats before so they were like omg wtf. so this helped me escape for awhile and i hid in a bathroom under a sink and one of the sixes came in and i stood up and i dont remember if i said something or hit her but i started running and i got caught again by a simon. they took me outside of the ship and got to see what they looked like. they were like big grasshoppers. it was weird though because the ships were like twice as tall as me but on the inside there had been at least ten floors and there was this giant mess hall that wouldnt have fit inside these ships. but we were in a hanger and there were a bunch of these ships. i stepped outside of the hanger for a moment and there were hundreds maybe even thousands of people there. the hanger doors shut and i was like NOOO!!! my people were still in there on the ships.i tried to get back in but i couldnt.

      PART II
      the next part took place in space on the human fleet. it wasnt the same as the fleet from the shjow galactica though. we were at war with the cylons so there was a lot of fighting going on. starbuck was in this part of the dream along with adama and the cheif. but starbuck went on a mission to saturn along with the cheif and a bunch of other people and they got shot down and they were fighting and starbuck got shot. i wasnt there but i remember thinking during this part of the dream NOOO!!! what will we do without her the show will be so weird. she cant die. then it was back to the human fleet and i got into a ship (small one) like a raptor or viper or something. i flew down to the surface of the cylon home world. i was flying down this street that had these huge houses and i was like omg soooo jealous. but i looked inside each house as i passed and i could see different models of cylon. again i saw six and simon and sharon but i also saw the preist (al from quantum leap) and i might have seen d'anna but i cant remember. so im flying down this street and i finally get to the end and i end up in a suburb that is not quite as afluent but still has nice houses. i start meeting people and again there are a lot of people that are human but this time i said something about why do you guys live with the cylons and someone said to me the cylons died out a long time ago. they havent been around for hundreds of years. they were talking about them like they were some sort of extinct speices. but looking around i could see at least 5 of them right there in plain sight. i realized that the cylons had fooled the humans into thinking that they were gone so the human population would feel safe. and it had worked. the humans had no idea. the next thing i remember is being on a bus with a six and gaita in the back and i got fed up. i made some comment about how there was a cylon on the bus and everybody looked at me funny. the bus stopped and i stood up and was like "six". i kept calling six out to her but she acted like she hadnt heard. so i tryed a different tactic. i looked at all the people and i said dont u think its weird that there are so many of her. i mean what are the odds tat she has a twin or that there are triplets. right then another six whjo had dyed her hair brown walked up behind me and i was like see. they prove my point. some people got these looks on their faces like omg i cant believe i never noticed. but both sixes came up and then i was like gaita get up here. im like well no one really knows about you. and i asked him a question about something that had happened and he couldnt answer and i was like well i guess youre a cylon too then. next thing i remember was gathering all of the human population (which was huge) together for safety and then we were going to transport them off the planet. all of a sudden there was a baby with a bomb strapped around hjim and he was toddling over towards me and i was like uh oh and i was like no baby go back the other way. so he started walking back towards the cylons who had set him down. i knew they wouldnt blow him up if they were in proximity to the bomb so i went over and took the bomb off and carried him to one of the places where the humans were gathered and gave the baby to someone. i told the people to go about a mile up the road and theyd meet another group of people and would be taken off the planet. then i remembered about starbuck and it flashed back to saturn and showed her struggling to walk. the cheif jumps out of the ship and proceeds to carry her back on and they flew back to the fleet and everything turned out ok.

      o i forgot at the end i found out that the cylons had taken gaitas dna and made copies of him that didnt have his memories and thats why he couldnt answer my question but gaita ended up not being a cylon.

      Part III in the next journal

    • Part III

      13 years ago


      Part III
      The last part of my dream was the weirdest. there was about 20 or 30 kids and me and we had crashed in the water on some planet but we were right by the shore so we didnt drown. the cylon fleet was above us and they started dropping troops (toasters) down to fight with us. the funny thing was they were the old toasters not the newer sleeker models. the ones from the 70's or 80's or whenever. we were fighting them in the water and when we managed to kill them all we ran to this building which turned out to be a school. there we saw like hundreds of other kids with guns and knives who were also fighting the cylons. the cylon fleet did another pass over us and we all stood really still in the shadows so maybe they wouldnt see us and wouldnt drop anymore troops. they flew over once and then turned daround again and flew over us again and dropped a bunch more toasters on us. we were all fighting but for some reason my group didnt have any weapons so we opened some of the windows of the school and went to hide. after the kids outside destroyed all these troops we came back out and picked up huge sticks. mine was really long like 10 or more feet. the next time they flew over they dropped giant crabs like 3 times the size of us. we chaced them into pools of water and they lay at the bottom as my group pokes them with our sticks. i turn away for a second and look back and they werent crabs anymore but giant logs. we cracked into them and started getting at the inside which was the vulnerable part but because they were so deep in these pools it was hard work and people started giving up. the logs just sat there. i turned away again and looked back and they had turned into giant cell phones. i started jabbing the screen of one and cracked it a bunch and i got to the inside and pulled it out all by myself. the inside was a second smaller cell phone about the size of your average adult. the kids carried it away and cracked it open and killed it.

      the next part of my dream was weird. i got into a fight with some rich girl and we had a contest where there were different events. she killed me at basketball but then we had a dance contest and i won because the crowd liked me better. thats when i woke up.

      i enjoy sleeping because its so entertaining!

    • hmm i havent done this in awhile

      13 years ago


      i swear to god both my keyboard on my laptop and the key pad on my phone are like retarded. theyre both fucked up and it bothers me because i have to go back and retype everything because im missing like 20 letters.


      in other news, the condom slipped off the other night while i was having sex so prayers would be appriciated. i dont need no babies.


      im such a loser. its such a nice day outside and im in my room on my computer. but i dont really care. i prefer my games to the great outdoors. i think ill go play sims for awhile now...

    • OMG!!! i just made my first thread!!!

      13 years ago


      its about a tv show called the evidence i searched and searched for another thread and couldnt find one im gonna feel like a real idiot if theres already one out there!

      on another sadder note i also lost another person who watches me smiley2.gif now i only have 14

    • The Evidence

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      A new show on ABC at 10:00 eastern time

      what did everybody think? i liked it. i was afraid at first that it would be just like law and order but i think the the friendship between the two detectives really made a difference. also knowing all the evidence ahead of time made certain parts more interesting. notably the finger. i was like omg his fingers gonna get cut off!!!

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    • somebody stopped watching me

      13 years ago


      so i had sixteen people watching me and now only fifteen people are watching me. i feel like a part of me broke off and went away with whoever they were!

      my spring break was lame. i went home worked and did a little shopping. i couldnt wait to get back. isnt that so lame? i did get my tax return today which is nice and then i will be getting paid soon so ill have somewhere near $700 in the bank. i love having money!!! i love having money so much that i dont spend any...thats a little useless of me but whatever.

    • back to school

      13 years ago


      i feel like i didnt even get a break because i worked four of the seven days and on the days i didnt work i was busy and running around doing stuff. im tired and i need more time. i really wish i didnt have school tomorrow. gosh i complain too much. im making a list of all the tv shows i want to watch during the week. im a tv junkie. and it all started with the sci fi channel. i think i need a support group or something...or maybe just a nap...yea a nap sounds good.

      in other news i saw texas chainsaw massacre the other day. OMFG!!! i havent seen anthing so grotesque in a very long time. that is what true horror is about. and my sister tells me it was based on a true story which is so creepy!!! i mean seriously can you imagine all that actually happening to people? and the people doing it...they were all completely mad!!! great movie though!

      anyways ill update more later i just wanted to check in cause its been awhile.

    • Fire Burns!!!

      13 years ago


      it bubbles the skin and if u touch anything the skin comes off!!!


    • Evil Ori Cylon

      13 years ago


      Ok this journal entry contains spoilers for the next season of Stargate SG1

      so i heard the the name of Valas Ori baby is Adrea. Well my name is Andrea so i think that what happened was that they got confused and just left the n out. This means that I am an evil ori cylon because we all already know im a cylon right but now im an evil ori baby too!!! this is so exciting!!!

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