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    • Heavy handedness and it's impact within the show. (V6E3 Spoilers.)

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      The fault for much of this foobar ultimately falls on light and dark boy's shoulders. These two each think they know what's best and have WAY too much power to back their feuds. OF COURSE Salem would spit in their faces after that. What else was she supposed to do, find another meaning in life with no guidance regarding how?

      It's a pattern that's likely going to keep coming up in this show. Those in power deciding they know what's best and ignoring the needs of those they "shepard" or "guild." Thus far, it's only ended in tragedy when they attempt to enforce those ideals. We've seen it with Ospin's creation of the academies, resulting in Pyra's death and Hazel's bitterness. We've seen it with Wiss's father and his dysfunctional family. Now we've seen it with Salem and the two god brothers as well.

      I'm really kinda hoping this show ends with the gods understanding they can never have exactly what they want and leaving permanently. Centering power on a mass scale like that isn't doing much good for anyone. Initially it appears there are only two extremes this can end in. However...

      As stated in Volume 4, "If you take a second look, then maybe you find there's a way around as well." Ruby's eyes might hold an aspect of that resolution if she can lay them on Salem and restore some of her empathy. I've posted about that theory elsewhere.

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    • The silver eyes and Salem. (Spoilers!)

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      My personal view on the episode is a mixed bag. Personally I consider it more back heavy in it's interesting elements. But one particular confirmation from the episode stands out. Read no further if you don't want spoilers.

      The older bother effectively confirmed what I've suspected for awhile. His flash AOE ability fries grim completely. Ruby hasn't destroyed grim with her power, but she's done the next best thing. So what would happen if she cornered Salem and let loose her own AOE in a controlled and full-power form? I doubt it would kill Salem, but it might "cure" her of the affliction brought on by her Grimm Bath.

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    • Blake as an Animagi. Infiltration as a house or wild cat?

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      It occurs to me that the Schnee family won't exactly be revealing much information or allowing a faunus anywhere near their estate. I know Oscar/Ozpin's power has limited quantity, but Raven and Crow weren't astronomical excretions. So what if Blake and team RWBY asked Ozpin to pull his magic again for their infiltration expert and White Fang leader? It could be just what they need for information gathering not possible otherwise.

      The black cat?

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