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      9 years ago


      To Whom This May Concern (EVERYONE SO KEEP READING!),

      You may be wondering, "Where do penguins come from?" Well, when a mommy penguin and a daddy penguin really love each other, they do something that is too explicit for the internet. Through this evil penguins are born, and then they exist in a land most cruel: Antarctica. In Antarctica killer whales are racially diverse. In Antarctica penguins reproduce. In Antarctica I can vote. Something suspicious goes on in Antarctica.

      Now, you've all seen the news lately. Penguins have been storming New Zealand and consuming trillions of people daily. There are only about six billion people on Earth so this is a devastating loss for New Zealand, but the penguins just keep coming. I have been theorizing--and this is incredibly nonspeculative and probably 137% true (the other 18% is, of course, for the impossible to occur and I be wrong)--and it appears to me that the penguins could only be successful in their plight if they were being funded by a government. Now, in order to find the government funding the penguins, we must ask ourselves: What country has something against New Zealand? The answer appears simple at first: The Republic of Texas in the year 1839. But in actuality this is wrong. While there is overwhelming evidence to implicate the Republic of Texas, there is even more evidence to support a claim that Antarctica is to blame. Let's look at the facts:
      1) New Zealand refused to help Antarctica in its War of Independence from New Zealand.
      2) New Zealand and Antarctic penguins have an apartheid in Antarctica in which New Zealand penguins have more rights despite the war being fought to be free of their rule.
      3) Antarctica is just crazy evil.
      When you look at it with the facts in front of you things become clear don't they? Antarctica is responsible. Antarctica must be stopped.

      What can you do with this information? I know, it appears too much to handle, but we don't have to handle it. Write to your Congressman. Write to your Parliamentary representative. Tell them the reasons of what's going on in New Zealand, and if the world leader's come together, we can instigate a war against Antarctica. It's not immoral. They are penguins. We can win. We can free Antarctica. We can rescue New Zealand. Best of all, I can be heralded as a hero for saving the day.

      Louis the XVI de France

      Penguins have sparked a revolution in France, and Louis the XVI has been beheaded.

    • So I've Joined...

      9 years ago


      As it may or may not be visible or invisible I have joined. It's very interesting to be on this sight and posting this post as it has nothing to do with anything. However, I'd like to state that my friend and I have formed our own machinima company called Biotic Mass Productions. Fun, fun. I've been wanting to do machinima since I'd first been introduced to Red vs. Blue by my friend Chris P. in KC way back in the summer of 2007 when Red vs. Blue was on Season 5. Since then, I've surpassed Chris in obsession. I have a prized email from Matt, a Grifball shirt, all of Red vs. Blue seasons that have been released on DVD, RT Shorts: Season 1 DVD, and my RT messenger bag (which Adam got a Caboose one and we both got button packs and we've gallantly spread around RvB with our awesomeness).
      I wrote prose in my early years, some poetry in fourth grade, and random essays or any bits of prose really (and a video game that I should get back to now that I remember it) until sixth grade. Then I made a switch to script-format, and I've been in love ever since. The reason for my script change? Red vs. Blue of course!
      So back to Biotic Mass Productions. We thought about it for a while, Adam kept remembering, and Adam "set the wheels in motion" and attained people to agree to work and even got us all software to work with. Now I have a place to get started. I can begin dealing with scripts that I want for machinimas. I can make mini-series and the main thread series that Biotic Mass is considering. I've got to say it's pretty good.
      As for Chris? Hopefully, he'll "set the wheels in motion" for Marshmallow and Snickerdoodle. He is remembering it anyway!

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    • pikachuface

      8 years ago

      if i were an enzyme i'd be dna helicase
      so i could unzip your genes


    • pikachuface

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      I would have modded that as all the +1's you could do but you can't :(
      quite a nice story!
      We need chris onboard!

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