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    • 9 years ago

    • Ok so....

      9 years ago


      What have I been doing that has made me absent?

      well first off, I am now unemployed, I left my job working in a call centre as I had enough of all the crap that was going on there. Also because they refused to let me persue an education. With that in mind I quit my job and went on to go back to college to study film/film-making.

      I am currently in the process of writing my first low budget horror movie, which will involve werewolves, romans and ancient britain.

      World of Warcraft is still going strong for me, I quit playing a death knight and am now playing a druid, is much more fun (My toon Kurnous). Warhammer is still going strong for me, currently quit playing chaos for both 40k and fantasy, I now play Space Wolves (Vikings in space) and Wood Elves (I love the celtic imagry).

      Not much else going on I guess. so thats about it, funnily enough the only reason I came back, was I had an email from roosterteeth about my subscription and it reminded me I had an account.

    • 9 years ago

    • Wait... WHUT!?

      9 years ago


      It seems I have been away for a long, LONG TIME. so much new stuff!

      I guess I have alot of explaining to do for my unexpected abense.

      BUT that will be for a later date.

    • Random title is random....

      10 years ago


      No exceptions!

      Any ways, been awhile since I posted something interesting so here we go.

      In my previous journals (or ONE of my previous journals, I cant be arsed to find which one) I did state that I had quit WoW because it was doing my health in. Well unfortunatly I have gone back into it. Now before everybody starts running around like headless chickens proclaiming that doom is upon us like that Irish Bible basher that I saw in Newport today (another story for another day), hear me out.

      For the past few days work has litterally killed me, they have brought out the whip and worked me to oblivion. Its because of this that I come home from work completely and utterly exhausted and shattered. I come home, I watch abit of TV and then I have some food. Now normally after this I would go upstairs and work on my Iron Warriors and other Warhammer 40k projects. But lately, because of the work I have been going through, I just dont have the energy to do stuff, contray to what people think, modeling and painting in Warhammer 40k IS tiring work, even if you do enjoy it, it still is tiring and exhausting work spending a good couple of hours on end doing the same paint scheme over and over again. Sometimes the experience is dampend down abit by music, relatives/friends coming to see how you are doing and the occassional coffee or two. But because of work I have not been able to get round to painting again.

      Now this is where WoW comes in. I have a level 80 Death Knight so I have done the laboreus task of leveling up a character. Now the world is my oster and I can do as I please in it. This helps in that I come home from work and then I can spend a few hours a day on WoW just doing random shit. Sometimes I would be up for abit of PvP and kill some players. Othertimes I may want to raid in Naxx or OS depending on the mood. Or alternatively I may consider taking part in heroics, othertimes I may want to go down memory lane and do old content (I am still grinding Rivenderes Deathcharger in Stratholme). In some cases I might just want to do my professions and make abit of money out of mining titanium ores that I keep getting in Storm peaks, or while I am at it go after the Time-lost proto drake or some other rare monster. And ultimately I could end up going achievement hunting.

      Its these sorts of things that kept me going while being hard pressed in work and even though I have a love-hate relationship with WoW, sometimes I am grateful I am into the game and proud of being a WoW player. Because it helped me to get through a tough time in my life and now that I am no longer being driven to the ground with work (started quieting down now). I can go back to working on my models. So yeah in a nutshell I am still playing WoW.

      Any ways enough of this Wall of text. Time to go to sleep.

    • Away...

      10 years ago


      I have been away due to a few discrepencies that have occured in life. I think its best that I list them out so you can understand better:

      1) Windows XP has been a bitch, so for the past few days I have been busy focusing on getting my pc to work again, even going as far as to purchase Windows fucking Vista to get the problem fixed.

      2) I cancelled my WoW account, its taken up much of my life, made me physically sick (was spending 8am till 3am playing the game non-stop on days off at work and during the weekend), get angry over nothing, and just being a jerk at all. YES I am addicted to the game, and now I am getting my life back on track.

      3) Speaking of getting life back on track, I have now taken up Warhammer 40k again, so painting and going out to vet nights will be nice change.

      4) As you can probably see from my Xbox live avatar, I have now cut my hair, I am 21 on Wednesday (25th Feb) and now decided its time to put the past behind me, even changing my appearance to look more older and wiser now (some people have stated I look alot older now and much more prepared for life ahead of me).

      5) Oh yeah and zombies, everybody MUST LOVE ZOMBIES!!!

      The end :P

    • Still alive...

      10 years ago



      well mostly...

      Kinda been busy with a few things:

      WoW - been playing my Death Knight but feel somewhat out of place with him at the moment, maybe its race selection or it could just be nobody will take me on as either a DPS or Tank spec.

      Warhammer: as you may have noticed I am now doing a Necrons force for 40k, I am also doing a Vampire Counts and Tomb Kings army (see a pattern running here?)

      Artwork: been dabbling in it every now and again, I got some ideas in my head for it but nothing worth noting at the present moment.

      New years: I spit on it, not a fan of christmas or new years, new years resolutions? I am not bothering this time around.

      Games: I recently bought Left 4 Dead and a few other games (Dawn of War box set, Stubbs the zombie... yes there is so defintally a pattern here). I may make a few reviews in the future.

      Music: not much here, most of the stuff I am buying and listening to are just boring me, I dunno it could be new years syndrom but I am in a 'cant be bothered' mood. so meh.

      And thats really the jist of it I am afraid, but yeah see what 2009 has to hold I guess.

    • M3T4LG4M3R Reviews

      10 years ago


      Each month I will be reviewing items such as new games, new metal albums and every now and again a film or two. But I may also review old stuff just for nostalgia reasons :)

      Any ways, for this month, I will be reviewing 2 CD's I bought today, the first to go on trial for sonic pollution is:

      DragonForce - Ultra Beatdown
      Roadrunner Records

      When people think of a DragonForce album, they think of a bunch of british lads from many different cultures coming together to get drunk, have fun, look at chicks and make good metal. While DragonForce can do these without a fuss (and trust me if you have not seen them live, then you are missing out on a riot of a party) it seems that the dragon has been tamed... somewhat.

      Now before I get lynch mobbed by all the 12 year old DragonForce fanbois, I will like to say that Ultra Beatdown IS a fine album, but at the same time it is mediocre at best. When I sat down to listen to it I was somewhat indesicive over what the guys objective was in this album. I guess you could summerise this album as a videogamers album, though that might be abit cruel it does indeed make me think of zelda and metroid with a hint of castlevania there for good measure. Even looking at the albums artwork makes me think they were on a winter-een-mas binge or something or other. Which all in all is fine but still draws to the daming conclusion that DragonForce are seeming to slow down. Herman Li and Sam Totman sound drowned out by the over use of synthesizers and keyboard play that Vadim Pruzhanov is employing in the songs. Songwise they are unfortunatly quite forgettable, Opener 'Heroes of Our Time' and its follow up 'The Fire Still Burns' are a sign of things to come. But I guess honourable mention should go for the Bonus Track 'Strike of the Ninja' which makes me think of Ninja Gaiden and I could see it 'possibly' hitting the live/gig circuit ever once in a blue moon.

      Overall if you are a dragonforce fan then my review would most likely fall on blind eyes and you would have already got it and marveled at its surposed awesomeness. But if you are the casual metalhead or music listener you would be better off without, having said that I would make mention that Ultra Beatdown does remind me of Metallica's St. Anger, its a fine album but may take a few listens to get into.


      Amon Amarth - Twilight of the Thunder God
      Metalblade Records

      If DragonForces 'Ultra Beatdown' was the St. Anger of the bands repitour of albums, then Amon Amarth's 'Twilight of the Thunder God' is The Blackening of theirs. Quite frankly this is as GOOD as it gets, 2006's 'With Oden on our side' was somewhat of a mixed bag for me, it was a classic Amon Amarth album but some of the songs were hit or miss, quite frankly 'Twilight of the Thunder God' is one of those albums (and quite rarely) that I can sit down and listen to the entire bleeding thing and not get bored of it. Songs that stick out like a sore thumb (and thats a good thing) are 'Guardians of Asgaard', 'Tattered Banners and Bloody Flags' and finally 'Live for the Kill' seriously, LISTEN to them and you will understand what I mean. Johan Hegg's vocal work is top notch 5 star work, while Fredrik Andersson carries on pounding the drums of war that it should be a officially recognised as an artform (or should be used to scare off the christians... yeah I am going to hell for that). Olavi Mikkonen, Ted Lundström and Johan Söderberg carry on doing their thing with the bass and guitar work and its A class Amon Amarth.

      Having given all the hot spicy praise that would get the vikings and the gods up in apprasial there is ONE tiny nit pick I will make about the album (gets ready to be raided by the viking hordes) and thats the song 'Where is your god?' maybe its just me but it does not feel right of course this is my personal view but after a couple more play throughs I 'may' enjoy it. But for now I guess all I can say is get this album NOW! Before odin sends the wolves onto you. I would also suggest you pick up the Limited edition digibook, as it has a nice DvD of the band playing live (which is great for me, because I was bed ridden on the VERY SAME FUCKING DAY as they were playing live at the CIA in Cardiff ¬_¬).

      9/10 (would be a 10 if 'Where is your god?' was not there)

      And that is all I have for this month, tune in next month and I will see what I can conjure up in my magic hat.

    • WoW

      10 years ago


      Yeah As you might have noticed, I havent be online much because I have been playing WoW alot lately. Playing a death knight has made me interested in the game again and I am really enjoying myself for the first time on there (it does not feel like a second job)

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    • JoeBuckBob

      9 years ago

      MEANIE!!! We have ALOT of catching up to do Mr.!

    • dw_slainhope

      9 years ago

      ZOMG!! You is alive!

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