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      14 years ago


      I've added a few pictures of Celtic Cross in a Danbury Concert we were in several years ago..

      I love how George in one of the shots is on Low A when everyone else is on High A...

      See if you can spot me, I'm in one of the shots... I'm so happy I lost all that weight....

      Few Chick pipers and not much else to make an entry on...

      Summerside sucks for anything to do but the girls are cute and there are lots of them.... so yes there are things to do in Summerside :-) Good times!

    • College life and you?

      14 years ago


      Don't you hate it when a company has a lack of ideas to use for the cover of a brochure?
      Cycling and You? Catholicism and You? Masturbation and You? WTF???!!!!

      I was reading an article in some religious pamphlet and it one particular article caught my attention. They one on Beer... Constantly referring to it as the "Golden Brew" that it was a delicious blend of flavors fit for the people by the masses and that when drinking the "Golden Brew" one can feel empowered and very spiritual.

      Yeah that's pretty much what happens when you get loaded off your ass. Not saying that I'm not religious or anything, because ya know... I'm not... but thats not the point, Beer is not the best thing out there. There are some that just taste like absolute crap in a bottle, Foster's ... don't get me started. Coors Light... dont get me going... A nice white wine and some fish and I'm in heaven, Steak and red wine and "I'm lovin' it" (Fucking McDonald's)

      I've realized that this is my place to bitch on the internet. I never had a place in this universe that I could call home (I'm using that term lightly here) but it's great that I have a place and a space to just vent a little bit.

      My bit on Ogrish.com didn't get any notice, I'm going to put another one about SteakandCheese.com up in a few days and I really don't care much if they get noticed or not, just knowing that I made my thoughts available to the masses is what really counts.

    • White Chicks

      14 years ago


      Its amazing how many nerdy geeky guys dominate the web-
      And if one hot blonde decides that she's interested in something such as RvB then she's fresh meat for a lot of comments on the site.

      I say fuck yeah!!!

    • It amazes me

      14 years ago


      I love that song John Denver was a brilliant man

      I've been up all night, bored out of my mind, a friend recommended I take a look at ogrish.com and I've come to the conclusion that violent video games don't water down peoples ideas of war. Not showing the youth who fight for us, who joined for us, the true horror of war and covering our eyes with thoughts of catchy music and the glory of a soldier is the true crime.

      War is not glorious, in most instances, it is boring until it gets scary.

      On the season one dvd commentary someone mentioned they were in the military and it the biggest waste of time they experienced. I watched footage of Iraqi insurgents attack a US convoy in the middle of the night. What were the thoughts of the marines before the first RPG hit?

      "Man it's fucking cold? I can't wait for some action?"

      I've seen Master Chief die hundreds of times- how do you think I got through the end level of Halo 2 on Legendary
      I say to myself "god damnit I died" and I wait for my xbox to load my last checkpoint

      I watched Kenneth Bingley die-
      I cleaned the vomit of the carpet and threw up again in a sink

      I listened to Spartan 117 gargle as he died
      my controler vibrated

      I listened to Ken Bingley gurgle as the blood poured from his neck
      I cried

      Halo and other graphic video games are not the real evil, they are just pretend, make believe, not real.
      But I find it ironic that the people who are trying to do away with the violence in gaming and put an end to the bang bang shootem up games are inevitably supporting our President in a war that should not be fought.

      Under the website logo at Ogrish.com it reads "Can you handle life" and in the 47 seconds it took me to see the video and understanding my reaction to it... I can't.

      Sarge said something along the lines "I am the past in which we had many wars that seemed important at the time but now just seem unimportant and stupid" well I am the present and this war and all future wars seem stupid.

      Hogarth put it well when he said to the Iron Giant that "It isn't ok to kill, but it is ok to die"
      I cry for all who fight in a war none believes in and I cry harder for those who lost their lives to it

      "Hail the victorious dead!"

      Noone has the right to cause harm to another person even if it is an act of retaliation. What we are doing right now is hurting mothers daughters fathers and sons and puting them in a position in which they must hurt other mothers daughters fathers sons or be hurt further themselves.

      I urge all video game developers, producers, and publisher's, to continue what they're doing but I also ask them to push story and not violence, please.


    • Political Struggle

      14 years ago


      The Church empire and the Green Separatists are at eachother again on an administrative level. No argument so great yet that there has been a declaration of war but I fear that our current events will take a turn for the worst.

      M8O8B- Acting commander Green Separatist Army

      In the event that our leaders are missing I will be assuming command of the Green Army. I know it is a large responsibility but I am certain that we will triupmh no matter who leads us


      14 years ago


      I would provide a link for the posters but I can't figure out how to do it but you can check the posters out by looking at my images

      Join the Green Army today!

    • I lLeave Canada Today

      14 years ago


      I will return in a shot amount of time. I'm just up now to let the caffine run through my system so I will be able to go to sleep before too long

      I have a long drive ahead of me tomorrow so I should probably get some sleep. While in CT, I will still be able to check my status on RvB.com and hope to continue my operations with Green Seperatists.


    • People

      14 years ago


      Its amazing how little people want to think,
      They will spend about an hour talking about spam, what kind of container its in, what it smells like
      How far the chunks flew when people blow the stuff up

      But try and get them to think, impossible
      I posted a Philosophy thread and I got negged (Spencer you prick)

      Its amazing how little people want to do anything other than just bullshit.

      Join a clan, do something remotely productive it will be healthy for your mind!

      -Sam (M8O8B)

    • I made a new friend

      14 years ago


      You're still an asshole, you know that right?

    • Made an error

      14 years ago


      Accidentally posted twice because of stupidity/miscrosoft sucks

      expect to catch hell for that

      until next time

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    • PiperHo

      14 years ago

      yeah...my pipe band (thunder mountain pipe band) has 3 chicks in it. me, my sister, and kate. the other two are snare drummers. badass snare drummers. they rock.

      oh and that's out of a band of about 8 people. haha. it really sucks to have a dinky pipe band.

      but a small one is better than no pipe band.

    • theLetterQ

      14 years ago

      ha sam
      Ninja_Church* is right
      so you know what that means
      your ugly

    • Ninja_Church

      14 years ago

      Wait...you're five foot six feet tall? How is that even possible? You're blowin' my mind!

    • theLetterQ

      14 years ago

      ct is a cool place

    • boboghandi

      14 years ago

      your from danbury? Hell i miss that place. I use to live in Newtown but i moved. CT still rocks tho.

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