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    • I just crapped my pants

      10 years ago


      I heard rumors about Deus Ex 3, and I was very happy to hear that, the series has to be Eidos' best yet. So I was on to look at some release dates and I saw it on there with a "to be announced" on its release date. I had no idea it was officially announced! So then I looked and found a trailer!!! It is just a cheap teaser trailer, but shit, it got me pumped up for this game.
      And if you look at related videos you can find one someone created that analyzes the video, and they do a great job too. I cant wait for this game!

      btw, why the hwll did they use that retarded voice for the narrarator? I hate that voice...

    • Dragon Age: Origins

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      Bioware is bringing us another great RPG to the Xbox 360. Dragon Age: Origins looks awesome and promises over one hundred hours of gameplay, and a ton of content. You can even train a war dog to fight along side you.

      If Bioware's history has taught us anything this game will be awesome. Dragon age comes out late October on the Xbox 360 and looks very promising.

      If you are still not excited, spend five minutes on their website:

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    • Star Wars conquest

      10 years ago


      I've been addicted to the Mount&Blade star wars mod. It feels like a mix of battlefront 2's conquest, and KOTOR. I decided to be a good guy and align myself with the rebels, but now I am not so sure. We have been at war with the hutt cartel but Luke Skywalker refuses to lead a real campaign to overthrow Nal Hutta, he just took over its battlestation and left. Then on top of things when he first attacked them he called me for help and wanted me to scout some of their planets in the Nal Hutta region, so I went into their airspace and an army of 100 soldiers attacked my small group of 10 and killed all of them and took me prisoner. on top of things they stole my boots. MY BOOTS!
      So I was pretty pissed about that and went back to Luke after I had finished scouting. Not only did the asshole not reward me, he said "I heard the Hutt defeated you, Hah! This is not a game child, you should leave it to the grown ups" and I was pissed. So now I am considering following the path of a jedi who has been underestimated by the masters, and joining the Empire.
      I still have to grow a better army, I only have 80 soldiers now and with tactics we could take on about 140 as I learned, and take no cassualties. Unfortunately... the rebels and Empire are at war now and commanders travel with no less then 600 soldiers. So for now I am focused on taking over the Gammor system from the Hutt.

    • Fuck My Life

      10 years ago


      You ever had a friend that was kind of annoying, but at the same time you felt bad and didnt want to say "fuck off?" and then they show up at your house and want you to go hang out, and since your at home you cant really say "im busy". Well i managed to hold this kid off for a couple of weeks, but the excuses have run dry, and im screwed. And then my mom got mad at me for avoiding him, like some how I dont have a choice of who I hang out with or something, so now I have to spend the afternoon with him, shit.

      On a brighter note, heres a first screen from my movie (made with "the Movies" game) about Billy Mays and his fight against the evil hooker beating Vince:

      I had some road blocks with it, so it may take longer then excpected, but I will complete it sometime soon.

      WOW: so I went with the kid into town, we waited for two hours for another kid who wanted to watch Transformers AGAIN (it would have been my third time seeing it) and then we went and got some food instead, wich made me feel like shit, so now im at home throwing up... GREAT NIGHT..... NOT

    • Good old fashioned Farcry 2 achievement

      10 years ago


      The current drought of games brought me back to Farcry, wich I never beat because my disc stopped working. I looked over the achievements, and on the playthrough I am currently on I can get all the single player achievements, and then I can do some MP to mop up the rest. The only one that intimidates me is the "rank 30" in multiplayer, wich requires you earn 1,500,000 EXP. and you get about 200 xp a game.

    • I hate you snoop dog

      10 years ago


      I am a fan of "the doors", and I enjoy their music very much. So I was wandering around youtube looking for a video on how to play the song "riders on the storm" on the piano because it would be awesome to know how to do and I *shudders* found this:
      words can't describe how angry this made me.... I hate you snoop dog, die.

    • System Shock 2: 2

      10 years ago


      Got into this game finally. its scary in its own special way, dead bodies strewn about with blood spatters, an ominous feeling that sticks with you, the constant shattering of glass at random times and unknown sources, and those damn alien things popping out behind you out of nowhere!!! It is an awesome game though, even today. I chose the path of a magic (forgot the name) user and got a great power that emits a circle of flames. I tend to jump and activate it when an alien hits me and they burn to death =D

      Im going to play the movies again, i was thinking about that game and all the wonderful times i had with it. I was starting to get good at the movie maker too, but I lost interest. this time though, I will be working towards making the movie I always wanted to on that game. It will star a black man named Turkey Jones I made in star creator forever ago. I will upload when finished, probly a day or two from now.

    • Post your fan fiction

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      I didn't see any forum topics for sharing fan fiction, so i hope this is ok.

      Post your work here for everyone to see and comment on.

      Im working on a Star Wars FF right now
      Got the first chapter done and im working on chapter 2
      Any feedback would be appreciated.

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    • System Shock 2

      10 years ago


      Im about to sit down for a marathon sesion of "System Shock 2". To tell the truth I never played it, but Ive heard such things as "its the best pc game ever" so i cant wait to play.

      I have been watching Beast Wars again, and I discovered this odd urge to find the original 90's toys in their original packages so that I could collect them. When I was a child I had almost all of them, but as any child is, i tore them from their packaging and played with them until they were worn out peices of plastic missing their weapons. So I took a look online and found a few, ranging from ten bucks to 200, so any suggestions? Ill give lots of mods (not really, probly like 5) if you can give me a site that has them in stock, original packaging.
      I also need to find the beast wars DvD's and Beast machines, Ive been watching snippets off of youtube, watched about four episodes.

    • The worst Star Wars movie?

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      I love all of the star wars movies, I've watched them each at least a dozen times. but the other day as I watched Star Wars: Episode III I felt like it was the worst one, and for a couple of bige reasons.
      First off, as I watched the development of important plot characters I was saddened; no jedi in this movie had time to show their real powers and fell victim to a quick saber battle that ended with their death. When you first saw General Grievous on his cruiser you knew he was a badass. He had four arms and a saber for each, and you just wanted to see him in combat. Fast forward to Utapao when Obi Wan has found grievous; yes I understand Obi Wan had the force on his side and incredible skill, but grievous didn't even really give us a display he just got his hand lobbed off, ran way, and got shot in the heart. I was dissapointed, and thats not where it stops.
      Mace Windu take THREE JEDI KNIGHTS to arrest Sidious. Before you read further you should watch this scene again and take in the bullshit that it is. They walk in and instead of standing ready to fight, two of them just stand their until Sidious stabs them with no effort. Then the third does a little dance before he gets stabbed leaving Windu alone. Four jedi knights against Sidious shouldn't go like that.
      It felt like they just tried to shove what could have been two movies into a couple of hours, and as a result what could have been epic battles became a 30 second fight.

      So it is clear that the new trilogy, as great as it is has its flaws, but I'm not sure wich Star wars movie I dislike the most. What is everyone elses least favorites and why?

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