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    • Red Faction:Guerrilla

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      This game has achieved what none before it have; completely destructible buildings just waiting to be smashed with you sledge hammer or blown apart by explosives.

      post achievment help, or anything else about this amazing game here

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    • Favorite Liam Neeson role

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      Share your favorite Liam Neeson roles from Qui-gon to Fallout, and your favorite moments of his badassary.

      My personal favorite was Qui-gon jin. anyone who was a part of the duel with obi wan, darth maul, and qui-gon is a badass, and he fought valiantly before he fell.
      Taken was also a great movie, he did a good job, especially when he got shot and the blood dissapeared and he was fine, lol.

      and as for Fallout, it was a great answer for fallout to match oblivions Patrick stewart.

      so post away, this is the only forum here!

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    • POLL

      10 years ago


      I found out, sadly, Crackdown 2 is not by the same comany, its a different one. hopefully they don't fuck it up!

    • Crackdown...again

      10 years ago


      although im still addicted to Red Faction i decided to get Crackdown today, i missed it.

      It kind of developed into an achievement whoring game for me this afternoon, and i have a sudden determination to grab all 800 orbs, agility and secret.

      it is a slow start, i began my quest for agility orbs and the tally now stands at 59 total, including all the orbs in the southernmost part of the first island.
      I'm going to finish up the rooftop, road, and street races later, and I really need help with "psych out" (complete time trials on psychotic) i could probably do it on my own with a few trys but If anyone can help me and play co-op through the time trial bosses, it would be greatly appreciated

    • Red Faction

      10 years ago


      i finally got guerilla and it is amazing, and also very hard.
      I have already had some epic fights involving buildings collapsing.

      I was doing a rade mission and ended up climbing up a big four story tower for a vantage point, and while i was sniping a huge EDF truck launched over a hill and obliterated the bottom of the tower, and as i ran to the ladder to escape the whole thing fell onto a hill side and sent me flying, luckily, out of the roof and out of the rubble.

      the coolest thing i have done by far though was when i was taking out some HVT's and had to run across a long walkway to a tower. three troops chased me and stopped on the walkway halfway, and since i had the amazing-disintigrating nano rifle I shot the support beam for the bridge directly under the troops, and their added weight sent the entire middle section down into a ditch.

      My no-life gamerscore is nearing 30 thousand, and amazingly i have only whored 3 games for achievements; Fallout 3, Oblivion, and Mass Effect.
      and i keep my self respect, still no Avatar on my list, the easiest achievements i earned was in King Kong, and I genuinly liked that game, it was great

    • E3

      10 years ago


      I liked all that I saw at E3, and especially liked splinter cell conviction. I don't know why that was my favorite part of the show, but I love the series, and it looks amazing.
      AND my long awated question is answered; shepard is not dead! i was releaved to hear this, but apparently depending on the choices you make in mass effect 2, your character CAN die in the end.
      my friends brought up a good point and said maybe they make you choose between saving yourself and a crew member/multiple crew members. that would definitly make for an incredible story twist.

      i finally got my character in fallout 3 to level 30, but even though i have earned all the achievements the three mission achievements for broken steel don't appear on my list... i have played through them 3 times!

      I want to check out red faction guerilla, i have waited years for a game with truly destructible environments (screw you bad company) and Volition delivers. geo mod is amazing.... i could have endless fun with the game, but i need to get some cash to go buy it first.

    • TOR

      10 years ago


      i've been reding up on the old republic, seems the bounty hunters will be mandalorians! that makes my choice.

      im dissapointed that there will be no KOTOR 3, only this MMO, wivh is supposed to be "KOTOR 3-12" as one stated, and with biowares rep, i'm just hoping the story is as epic as promised.

    • good things to watch

      10 years ago


      there are very few good tv shows compared to the millions that completely suck, I thought about it, and these are the best shows on television (my opinion)

      1. Dexter:if you havent seen it, its about a blood spatter analyst for miami crime lab who is a serial killer, its amazing, especially season 2, season 4 is coming soon, its on showtime.
      2.its always sunny in phillidelphia:this is probably the funniest show on tv, if you havent seen it, you need to, its on FX.
      3.flight of the conchords:this shows really funny too, and rediculous, you may have heard of the band. through out the show they have rediculous hilarious music videos, its on HBO.
      4.monk: i love this show, i think everyone has seen it, it has good clean humor but still remains hilarious, its also on FX, and sadly the final season starts next month

      i'll think of more later, anyone else got good shows to watch?

    • the center of peace and progress

      10 years ago


      i just watched the first vid doc for star wars the old republic, and read the comics, im really looking forward to it.

      although i would love to be a light side jedi (or dark, cant choose) i think my first character will be a mandalorian bounty hunter. you get jet packs! you can fly around while blasting jedi with guns, and it looks pretty awesome.

      im really wanting to play it now, the developers describe each players journey as "their own trilogy", and biowares bulletproof story telling is promised to be a big part. screw WoW!

    • star wars armor

      10 years ago


      me and my friend are going to try something a little unrealistic, but awesome, we are going to make star wars armor. i need to get this book on molds and vacuum forming, and then we are going to start off small by trying to make helmets, preferably mandalorian helmets.
      if this does go as planned, we can make plates for armor, and then (if its legaly ok) we are going to sell them. if not, maybe at least i will finally have a mandalorian suite ive always wanted. people sell this stuff that cost 35 bucks to make for 450 bucks, thats quite the profit. then my friend was talking about custom painting, weapons, it would be awesome.

      i continue to play pokemon diamond, unfortunately these asian con artist want you to invest a lot into the game to get all the really powerful pokemon, like buying old versions to plug in and swap pokemon.
      i am content with just this, and i just caught Giritina! and it sucks....for some reason i continue to want to play and catch new kinds of crap hiding in bushes. hopefully my xbox is back soon....

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