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    • Master Chief Spartan117 Reporting

      14 years ago


      Master Chief Spartan-117:
      2307 hours,October 6, 2552 (Military Calendar)\
      Aboard captured Covenant flagship Acendant Justice,\
      Anomalous Slipspace bubble.

      Master Cheif Spartan117 reporting,
      Hey wuts up? RVB ROCKS I can't wait to see how this strangerhood project works out. I like how the new site looks it'll really rock when lots of people start using it . It will be like a RVB orgy or sumthin. On second thought mabe a RVB orgy wouldn't be that great..... Tex's armor would get in the way. lol. b(^.^)d
      So if n e one wants an alternate form of COM, My AIM SN is Numbuh1Drummer

      Good luck Spartans, Master Cheif out

    • 2019 years ago

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    • jaydog96x

      14 years ago

      spartans are retards!
      so F$@# you ,l,,(-.-)!!!!!!!!!!

    • ALLDAY

      14 years ago

      Nice pic, wait, thats me. Hmmmmmm.


    • Dementia

      14 years ago

      Always nice to meet another Evangelion fan. My favorite anime series and my favorite movie for an anime series too.

    • Shadowleaf

      14 years ago

      Hey man whats up...I like your toaster image, so randomly funny.

    • LXGCmdrVicto

      14 years ago

      dude cool images

    • MCSpartan117

      14 years ago

      Power is EVERYTHING
      ROCK ON!!!!! \m/(^.^)\m/

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