from Coral Gables, FL

    • MJCab00s3


      7 years ago

      Hey everyone....

      Between my Xbox live and Aps ive been neglecting the site....still love yall and waiting on reconstruction......

      sorry for the vanishment try to write soon.....

    • MJCab00s3


      7 years ago


      enough said, its got me bummed out/angry so im gonna go play some xbl to make me feel better, not gonna right til the nightmare is over (thats thursday folks!)


      Ps this made me laugh.....


    • MJCab00s3

      Gamertag, the beggining

      7 years ago

      ok yeah i know i cant spell begginging its just that im a graet speeler

      anyways i have to say, this is my week

      Not only do i gets my XBL (huzzah)

      but im proud to yell to the skys


      Yep i got my restricted permit.....

      so whatchout

      Thanks to all of you who commented on my page/journal...thanks for being my friend


      PS I got to watch my teacher yell at a security guard for 20 minutes....excellent
      PPS slowly edging my wy into making longer/funnier journal comments....hopefully :)

    • MJCab00s3

      Yeah i know

      7 years ago

      Yeah i know i have been an ass and not been on here

      but i am on here...

      so that means... something

      Anyways i wanted to put my gamertag up because i FINNALY got it up and working (dont ask)


      < walks off after posting waiting to see if anyone will respond >


      PS ilove all yall that are still my friends

    • MJCab00s3

      My dog and other rantings of a man

      7 years ago

      All hail my boxer...

      Today he ripped a FUCKING STEEL CHAIN IN HALF

      let me repeat that

      MY 120 pound dog ~ Ripped from his neck A FUCKING STEEL CHAIN

      In othernews today at school sucked

      Goes to show seeing as this weekend was super KICKASS!!!!

      Friday i had 3 friends over and that was awesome...about an nhour after they left my friend daniel slept at my house aka i went to bed at 3....

      Of course i had promised my friend (Kris P) id help him at a garage sale saturday....and i had to get up at 6:30.... am...

      So I helped him and his bro at the garage sale til 1...then me and daniel went home and he was over for an hour (2pm). Now at 3:30 i had to be at my friend Andrew B. house for his sleepover birthday party....

      It rocked...
      we did some 3 v 4 and 4 v 4 in halo3
      I enjoyed the 3 v 4 for a lot of reasons..
      1) As the best man there i was in charge of leading the smaller worse group (the 3 group)
      2) i made my team pink team. Nothing beats yelling at my friends YOU GOT OWNED BY THE PINK TEAM
      3) Yellling orders...having them followed....whats to lose?!

      Anyways i had a great time there but we camped out in a tent ....it was damn hot n ther....

      and it rained...

      Sunday i went to this Travel international expo thing....
      I got free starbucks and got to Scuba...

      so that was awesome....!

      so of course today at school SUCKED!

      But tommarows gonna rock because....

      WooHoo yea kickass celebrations and stuff

      Things Im Asking for (* means i know i got it)
      1) xbox 360 (core) *
      2) 20gb hard drive
      3) XBL
      4) Assorted movies (too many and detailed and i didnt get all of them but i got 300 in HD)
      5) Wheel Of Time Books ~~ one of the single most awesome series ever *
      6) 2 of the new RvB shirts , gotta love 6 pedals,4 directions and Is it a spider

      Rant over? Think so? GUESS AGAIN


      Nope just pulling your leg

      Personal quote: "YOU JUST GOT FUCKING LAZERED BY A PINK SPARTAN" gotta love wiping out 4 guys with a spartan lazer ...hit a warthog and chopper in one shot =D

    • MJCab00s3


      7 years ago

      Today, Friday November 23 I have finally gotten a 360

      *draws breath*


      OF course i also got Halo 3!!!

      Now im gonna be on xbl later so yea....unfortunately im gonna be out of town tommarow and sunday so yeah i wont be on then =(

      This (or my previous journal) is the official Journal for putting your gamertags (or names or whatever) so I can add you (gonna have to look through the rest of my journals & comments)

      Ok so im gonna go watch some blue collar comedy check back in in a few...and of course..... XBL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      A change from my norm. but I invented this today (kinda had to be there type of thing)
      Me: "Dont make me hit you with my portable rhino"

      yea... inside joke

      PS. I got 5 A's wednesday in my hardest AP class go me...

    • MJCab00s3


      7 years ago

      Hey guys please put any gamertags you guys want me to add to friends list here


    • MJCab00s3

      Other Considerations and School...

      7 years ago

      First off is there any need to even attempt to explain why??

      Well Here i shall go plunging into the universal hatred of the dreaded institution known as school.

      First Off Im gonna list my personal complaints with school
      1) We get a deadly virus that is resistant to medication at my school. Termed "Staff infection". Does the school let the parents know...of course not Absences > Death
      2) The sheer pointlessness
      I mean common when da hell am I ever gonna need to know the difference between all the rulers named Frederick in Prussia. I swear a persons gonna hold a gun to my head and ask me that.
      And all these small countries. I mean who knows where slovakia is. and why do I care (American view true but hell as long as my pilot knows where it is....) I swear all the small neglected countries of history are gonna get together and star the "feather war". A war where the nations throw feathers at each other. Totally non-lethal war
      3) Grading Scale
      I have a 4.0 in a class. thats 10 A's. We get a project i Get 2 A's and 2 F's. Think id still have an A right? wrong.... dead wrong

      On the plus side you get to meet people

      On the upside Im in the middle of a 4 day weekend. Always nice and Happy.

      Theres this girl i like at my school we talk and laugh, any ideas how I can ask her out

      Bleh This journal feels so organized....CURSE YOU AP EUROPEAN HISTORY....CURSE YOU!!!
      Plenty of a rain a falling today by my house...so it was an inside day

      Got to talk to my friend in Greece, i havent talked to her in months

      Got a Halloween Party tommarow ~ So its H3 time! yea!
      Anybody that wants to leave me there XBoX Live Account (so i can friends list you not steal your account) im gonna be making a journal soon for that....


      Quote Of The Day: Tucker: "Hey Caboose, Try sticking your Tongue On The Flagpole again"
      PS Anyone here play Guitar Hero...Jordan has to be one of the hardest, and most 1337, song in the game

    • MJCab00s3

      Welcome Back!

      7 years ago

      Hey all can i get a yeaa!

      I am back!

      only problem is, mountain of homework/projects/more hw/more hw/more hw

      and so life goes meh

      good few weeks thou

      Had fun at a great bat mitzvah saw my cousins and basically did some other stuff..

      so whats new with all of you?!?!?!

      ~ anyways ~

      Homework time *cry*


      Quote: Grif: "PhD does not make you a real doctor."

      PS HALO 3 FTW!!!
      PPS I might be finnaly getting a 360 soon

    • MJCab00s3

      Just an intermediate journal

      8 years ago

      ^ to quench the thirst of my great fans!!!

      hey all sorry about the dissapearance but not much has happened to me....besides the absolute and total kicking of my friends assess in H3...


      im going out of town (to washington...dc not the state)

      now i got to go pack the car herf....

      leave me a message , tel me what yall have been up 2 and ill right a real journal either on the trip.....or after

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    • smashman


      6 years ago

      Hey there, MJCab00s3
      You were once a member of the Spartan Penguins, do you remember?
      I made a group for all the old clan members.
      The page is here.
      If you'd like to join, please do so. If not that's no problem =)

    • etha7


      7 years ago


    • Fuzzball42


      7 years ago

      Hey dude, how's it going? What you been up to?

    • quotemaster


      7 years ago

      thas cool

    • quotemaster


      7 years ago

      good just kinda boring so whats new with you?

    • CabaCaboose


      7 years ago

      Hey! Nothing much, you?

    • SarBni


      7 years ago

      pretty good, haven't seen you in a while...

    • Raptor_Alpha


      7 years ago

      Hey man sorry for not being around (if you even remember me =( ) anyways whatsup?

      Dude...don't worry about it. Yes, I remember who you are. smiley1.gif We all have lives outside of this site. On a practical point....I did have to clean up my watchlist. I hate the fact that this place only lets you watch 64 people. So those people who don't post as often...I had to remove from watch. So, if I don't reply to your posts right away...that is why. Speaking of which I see that you did something today but I have read it yet....I think it has something to do with you having a XBL Gamertag.

      As far as me...I've been busy with our basement finishing. My Xbox360 is down there now with the new TV (58" Plasma" but since construction workers are still there most of the time....I can't play as much as I did before. (Even that wasn't that much. LOL)

      I've been a a few trips since December. I will be going to San Francisco next month on business.....I can't wait to be somewhere warmer than where I am now. Have a good week and maybe I'll catch on line here OR XBL smiley1.gif

    • eeuchler


      7 years ago

      fine, grifbal is being added to match making for this weakend

    • mbxtra


      7 years ago

      Happy New Year! smiley0.gif