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    • Great News!

      13 years ago


      Hey All,

      I know it's been a while but life has been kicking my ass!

      My boyfriend woke me up Christmas morning by proposing to me! smiley12.gif

      twinkie = engaged!

      I'm very happy! smiley0.gif

    • Emergency Update

      14 years ago


      We just got back from rushing Bandit to the emergency room, where he will be staying the night. Somehow as we were finishing dinner his eye started to hemorige and began bleeding profusely. I made what should have been a 15-25 minute drive in under 10, breaking plenty of rules along the way.

      They aren't sure why he is bleeding, but they are going to keep an eye on him through the night. If the bleeding doesn't stop, depending on the flow, they may have to re-open the eye and find where the bleeding is coming from. If they don't have to do any more than watch him, we are picking him up at 7:30am and taking him back to Dr. Martini for observation.

      He bled a lot, not enough to put him in the critical zone, but enough so that the carpet was soaked in blood.

      Please keep your prayers, happy thoughts, good karma, good juju flowing his way... he really needs it right now.

    • It's Over!!!

      14 years ago


      Bandit is home and is ok. His surgery went fine and everything looks as if it's going to be ok. Currently he's curled up on my bed taking a nap, since the anesthesia hasn't completely worn off and he's a bit wobbly. He's sporting some really trendy neon pink stitches too! *pic's to follow when he's not so stressed*

      The first few minutes home were tense as his sister Kittsy (the Boston) greeted him in normal form and noticed that something was different. Enter Kittsy trying to sniff his stitched up eye, when all he wants to do is go in the house and go back to sleep. The poor guy kept walking back out the front door and looking at me like "Make her leave me alone please." Of course every animal currently in the house wanted to come investigate, and the poor guy just couldn't get a moment alone.

      It doesn't seem to be bothering him all that much, to the point where the Vet said they hadn't even had the cone on him since finishing the surgery. I'm definately going to have to keep my eyes open for him trying to paw at that eye though, and at first sign, cone him. He hates that, and it sends his stress level through the roof, but it's for his own good.

      Thank you to everybody that sent messages of support and well wishes. I know he heard each and every one of you and was strong because of it.

      He was going to be FrankenPug this year, but we're definately going to make him a Pirate. Peg Eye Pug, the most ruthless P-eye-rate in all of Cypress!

      (The begining of this story can be found here, here, and here.)

    • Operation... Nervous Wreck

      14 years ago


      We just took Bandit to the vet. If things go well, he'll be able to come home tonight. They are just going to remove the eye and sew the lid shut, which is ok with us, since we'd rather have him healthy and ok than have him aesthetically pleasing. Our Vet is awesome and I have all the faith in the world that everything will be ok.

      But it doesn't stop my worries. I know the risks of animals and anesthesia and couple that with him being a pug, and yeah... Nervous Wreck, Party of One. I think it would be easier if my mom or boyfriend were here to keep my mind off of it, but they both have to work today, so I am the one left with the task of waiting for the call...

      Anywho, please send all your prayers/good thoughts/positive karma towards our little guy. He could definitely use it!

    • Update: Operation Ocular Repair

      14 years ago


      (Note: Part one is posted here for those who can't figure out what I'm babbling about.)

      So at some point during the night (probably when my mom bumped his eye with the antibiotic eye drops) his eye ruptured.

      We saw the specialist this morning and they said that even with the surgery, his vision prognosis was poor, and that chances were he'd be almost completely if not completely blind in that eye. There was also a high risk of the infection getting worse, or his body rejecting the graft and that even if they did the graft, there would be a chance they'd have to remove the eye anyways. When my mom said just to take it out, the Dr. gave her a funny look and said "We're in the business of saving eyes, not removing them." My mom, being my mom, asked for quotes on both procedures and the doctor made the mistake of telling us that while they were the only ones qualified to do the graft, our vet could do the removal if he felt comfortable. We got the quotes... And this "specialist" was nothing more than a scam artist.

      To remove the eye, they wanted $1,542.55. To do the graph, they wanted $2,071.24

      $1,500 to remove an eye... Needless to say, Mom was pissed, and told them that in no way was she going to pay them that kind of money, and that she'd be taking him to our vet. The nurse was rather abrupt and left to get our bill for the visit, $98.00 for the Vet to see him for less than 10 minutes. When she came back, she made it a point to inform us that the Vet was on the phone with our Vet making him aware of the situation.

      We got home, and she called Dr. Martini, explained everything, and he said that he understood and that he could schedule an eye removal surgery for Thursday at 9am. And the real kicker of it all; He's only going to charge us $425 to $500 for the whole procedure. That is under the price the specialist quoted us ($636.00) for just the removal itself...

      Fucking Scam Artists...

    • Operation Ocular Repair

      14 years ago


      (Note: This entry was originally posted on 10/4/04 but for whatever reason never went through)

      So here's the deal. My little pug Bandit somehow took a huge chunk out of the two top layers of his left eye. The only thing keeping his eye from rupturing is the 3rd corneal layer called the endothelium.

      (Anatomy of a canine cornea: the epithelium (outer layer), the stroma (the thick, middle layer), or the endothelium (the inner layer).)

      What this means for the little guy is that in the morning, he is going to see a canine ophthalmologist. Our vet thinks they will do a skin graph over the ulcer to keep it from rupturing and to help stimulate healthy healing and regrowth of the damaged layers. Then they may have to sew the eyelid shut for a few weeks in order to keep him from accidentally damaging the area again.

      The worst part is, we don't know how he did it. The Vet said that he doubted it was one of the cats, so our biggest likely culprit is the pile of old bushes and plants that we have out in the back yard after my mothers latest "gardening" expedition.

    • The Sims 2

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      Continuing on with gaming adictions, The Sims 2 has taken up a large chunk of my life since being released. I was rather surprised not to see a topic dedicated to the game yet.

      What are your takes? Good, Bad?

      I think the graphics are a lot cleaner, and the new abilities are fun. I think it's funny that when you get a girl pregnant, she actually IS pregnant for a few days, instead of just *POOF* there's a kid.

      Has anyone found any major glitches? I've heard there is one involving the Teddy Bear, but I have yet to experience it.

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    • Hi There!

      14 years ago


      I'm no good at introduction posts, so I guess I'll just say "Hiya" to anyone that's looking!

      Oh yeah, and for the record to clear up any confusion (and because I was too lazy to do things the easy way), my name is twinkie. MMZ is my gaming clan tag.

    • 2019 years ago

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    • Halo53

      13 years ago

      I remember when you used to post and didn't have a life

    • SnT

      13 years ago

      If you have never been there, you should.

      Tid bit of humor from their site, I'm sure you will enjoy.

    • chopperdave

      13 years ago

      update your journal! or go to the basement!

    • Kschenke

      14 years ago

      LOVE YOUR ICON! reminds me of my childhood (just kidding)

    • Dementia

      14 years ago

      Dead Like Me is a great show. I made my roommates get it just so I could see the new episodes and I might actually be converting one. though he usually just lays on the couch like a lump no matter what is on so I can never tell.

    • onesoul

      14 years ago

      nice alphabetically-organized list of interests there. especially the jhonen materials and etc. and airheads is a wonderful choice for movie, especially because the song degenrated is so wonderfully stereotypically good to ears. boondock saints is a marvelous film, but sadly I don't see donnie darko or Tombstone on your list. oh well, everybody can see a good movie anytime. just wanted to comment on your state-of-being. congrats on being awesome.

    • nickwashere

      14 years ago

      Monster Garage rocks ok thats all i wanted to say oh yeah and sometimes just got to let the ruff end drag that too

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      14 years ago

      Anyone who lists bondage as there first interest is A-OK in my book.

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      wait... only asians can be twinkies...

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      first comment PLUS SHES A GIRL


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      14 years ago

      hi, mmz, welcome to the site.


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