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    • MacFreedom


      1 year ago

      Well.... I don't come here much anymore... I don't know why... Things changed too much I guess.. I really haven't watched Red vs Blue in a couple years... Even though it changed my entire life at one point...
      I know many of you no longer exist here... and I understand...
      Anyways, I am back in Winnipeg... Unfortunately also back in my parents house... I ended up getting a job in Ottawa as a programmer/cartographer... It was a borderline dream job...
      Anyways, I got laid off in July.... It was a fun few months...
      I moved back to Winnipeg to live at my friends place... However I crashed my car right after winter rolled around so I moved in with my parents... again... Since they live closer to where I work and had a vehicle to spare while mine is being fixed... Which has been happening for the past month and a while now... Insurance has been ignoring Subaru... So they cant get repairs approved to go ahead...

      But yah... I work in a warehouse now... A cooler no less.... and it sucks...

      But anyways, I figured I would jump on seeing as this is one of my quick links still.... Wow... I can't let go or get back into things....
      Maybe another day....

      But not this day! Because I work in 6 hours.... Fuck... 4 hours of sleep... I meant to go to bed about 3 hours ago... Well... anyways....

      Until next time...

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      I'm on my way...

      3 years ago

      From Winnipeg to Ottawa in three days! Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh!
      Proclaimers asides.
      It's going to rock! Hopefully.
      Anyways, I guess I should update my life... Because this is the closest thing I have to a blog.
      So anyways, since last time...
      I did get to continue my movie career, and I was an Extra in the Mr. Hockey the Gordie Howe story.
      SO MAKE SURE YOU WATCH IT! You will be looking for the guy in the Kilt sitting in the stands... Multiple times.... They actually did an extra day of shooting without me because I was so noticeable. It was fun and the people were cool and whatnot. Good times.
      Anyways that was half a month ago.
      I didn't get the job with Bison Transport as an IT guy so I have decided that to get out of my parents house I must make a move to the Capital of Canada and hopefully find a job there. That or meet Jean Chretien, that guy was the best and was rediculous.
      Anyways, I feel like I am missing something here...

    • MacFreedom

      Guess who gets to be in a movie??? THIS GUY! Part II (1/2)

      3 years ago

      So I just finished my first movie production experience a couple hours ago. It was crazy, I arived at the Hotel where the backups/extras were stationed around 1:00 PM.

      During the next hour and a half I waited clad in kilt with my full band uniform (minus the feather bonnet) (which I have not worn since the Brier Curling tounament in Winnipeg 4 years ago) and during this time I lost both my AMAZING Stache and beard..... and the pointy part of my sideburns...
      It was really depressing, and during the time they were fixing up my hair the stylist says "Did they add those sideburns for you?", to which I responded "Nope, they're real", to which she says "Then you must be able to grow a great beard too", to which I replied "SO DID I!".
      I didn't trim my face for the past week and a half because they said DON'T SHAVE. They had my picture! They should have known if it was going to be good enough! ARGH!!!!!!

      Back to the plot....

      The second piper (Who I learned was the brother of a memeber of my band and apparently piped for my mother in Highland dancing years back) and I are called to Wardrobe. Turns out they wanted us to have Authentic Kilts that were the same that pipers had used at Griff's in the 1970's. It also turns out they kilts are children size. (For the record I am the 3rd or 4th largest guy who wears a kilt that I know of in the city) So surprisingly the kilt doesn't fit the other guy. (They just said forget it for me). So historical accuracy is going to be hit and miss here.

      2 hours in:
      We the Backups/extras (roughly 26 of us) get called down to the Pub where we are filming. (Connected directly to the hotel) Here I meet "The Band" it consists of Garth the other piper(75-85), A leprechaun who plays guitar(45-55 (also regular sized human)), a taller grey haired man with an accordeon(55-70), and really nice looking beautiful ukulele player(22-28 (AKA: Only female and person around my age in "The Band")).
      So the band is sitting in the back area and the lights are being set up, first thing to happen is they take the ukulele player away to be one of the dancers. So there goes any shot of me trying to impress anyone. Our leprechaun ventures out to speek with the director about our role in the scene. He ruturns with amazing news. "They have no idea what they are doing" AWESOME! I make a comment "It's a new years scene... maybe we could play-", then the green man interupts me declairing "AULD LANG SYNE!"
      From there we essentially wrote and commandeered the entire scene. He took our idea to the director, and he agreed. (Here's how it goes, They do their dialogue for the main characters, then once all the planned stuff happens, "The Band" begings to march (guitar, accordeon, piper 1, piper 2) and the guitar starts playing and everyone starts singing Auld Lang Syne. We reach the stage and Guitar/accordeon step up, and the pipers hit the centre. By that time we are half way through the second verse, near the end we strike up the pipes and take over)
      We then found our start locations on set and were then sent back to Backups/Extras room.After half an hour of waiting a new member shows up, he has a trumpet, to not my surprise he doesn't know how to play the tune. (Go figure... All of a sudden inspired at this moment of writing to pull out my trumpet from 5 years ago and give it a try.) Then after another half hour or fifteen minutes we are called back down. So at this point we are 3 hours or so in. So we go through exactly what I explained earlier, a couple times. Turns out our pipes aren't really tuned to each other, so we sneak outside to tune a bit, within 5 seconds of starting we get complaints from inside that we are too loud. So we walk about half a block down the road and tune up and get somewhat closer to what we should sound like. Only because they needed us back in.
      So we go over this part rehearsing and shooting a few takes over the next hour and a half. Its about 32 celcius in there with all the people and I am wearing a heavy wool kilt, band shirt, a tie, band jacket, and very very heavy wool plaid (AKA Sash).
      We then are told to return to the backup/extra dressing room (Totally forgot what the place was called until now)

      I have been standing the whole time so far (it takes me a while to get exhausted enough to sit comfortably in a kilt. Also I am pretty shy in public so I like standing around in the corner)

      After about forty five minutes of standing around and getting one glass of water and nothing eventful happening we return down to the pub.

      We arive to find the cameras have changed location. We also realized we didn't take any time to finish tuning our pipes. So we go through 2 runs of the new layout and we(the pipers) realize with that break we are very out of tune, even though NOBODY else notices, asides from ONE person commenting on my one tennor drone which was not tuned close at all (since I accidentally knocked it off). We take another five minutes to run outside and get things sounding better.
      We return and run through a couple more takes of the scene. One of the crew members comes up to "The Band" and asks me if "I am the piper for Portage (la Prarrie)", I honestly have no clue whatsoever, I ask "if she is asking about the Overnight shooting that is happening in the next couple weeks or if she was asking if I was already in a scene shot in Portage".
      After much confusion she gives up. I still dont know what the frigg she was really talking about. But I was asked to do some overnight work in the next couple weeks that they would provide transportation for. Which sounds like it may be out of town. Meaning there is possibly a Part III to come.
      Anyways, we continue to do runs for about another half hour and get sent back to the dressing room.

      PART 2/2 HERE

    • MacFreedom

      Guess who gets to be in a movie??? THIS GUY! Part II (2/2)

      3 years ago

      I stand around with "The Band" for about 15 minutes before we hear that the union people are eating Lunch.... At about 6-7:30 (lost track of time)... 15 minutes later "The Band" gets called to wardrobe very suspiciously ("We need the band to come with me, you are going to Wardrobe. The band is going to wardrobe, because you are needed at the wardrobe").
      Turns out it's a trick, to make the other people think we aren't getting food before them. There is a very nicely presented "LUNCH" provided, though the Taco shells and ground beef felt lackluster at best. The Turkey breast on the otherhand was hand cut for us and was great! (Also this was the first time I actually sat down since getting there)
      We got to eat for about half an hour and we return to the dressing room. Garth and I grab our pipes and head to the bathroom. We tuned up and probably litterally scared the shit out of someone. The pipes sounded amazing! We return again to the dressing room and sit around for fifteen minutes before "The Band" and a few specific Extras are called to the set.

      Back at the set things are very uneventful, we see they changed the cameras around and have taken control of "The Bands" previous location. After the confusion clears up, only after about twenty minutes, "Tha Band" returns to the dressing room. Now in sitting mode I take a seat in the corner near my stuff. Garth gets up and leaves (assuming washroom). I grab a cup of water and head to my seat, a man dressed in a modern suit approaches me through the room. (I apologize, I am unsure of his descent. Perhaps from India) He introduces himself and I introduce myself (I really have no idea who he is I just assume he is part of the cast and likes the bagpipes). He asks me a question, "There is a wedding taking place and a lady is turning 96. Would you play the bagpipes for $150?", I am not to sure what to say of this, I tell him I will need to check with someone to make sure I am not needed. So I walk over to one of the crew who has been assisting with coordination, she is in the middle of a raido convo. Meanwhile this man has already talked to another coordinator and has confirmed I have some time.
      He leads me to the banquet hall accross the floor, and points me in the general direction of whos birthday it is, I ask "What do you want me to play?", he replies with "Whatever you like", I respond with "How about Happy Birthday?", he says "If you know how to do it that would be great!". I strike up the pipes, and get through the first bar of Happy Birthday, and loose it, I try again with different notes, nothing, In my mind I am thinking people must think I am the worst. Suddenly I get an impulse, "Screw it!" and I start into Scotland the Brave (The one song you always hear them play) I begin to march and it just made it look like I was joking about being an idiot at the start. Still not knowing who's birthday it is, I scan the crowd looking for the oldest person. The man points in a general direction saying "the young lady is just over there". I look at the three tables in the area, Control Alt Bingo, I see an old lady who people are opening up a spot beside. I break out of Scotland the Brave and head into No Awa' tae Bide Awa', even though I wanted to go into Green Hills and After the Battle. People are lining up to take photos, and record videos. Once I get through Green Hills and am nearing the end of After the Battle a coordinator runs into the room and yells, "Scott we need you!". Lucky for me most people are done with the pictures. I take my bow, break into Minstral Boy and begin my march out. People are clapping so much, I hit the doors by the end of the first part and seeing a line of people outside still waiting to get in I continue into part 2, despite my coordinator waving his arms frantically to stop. I will not yield. I finish playing and I have completely forgot about the offer made, the man shakes my hand one last time and hands me a couple bills folded. I place the spoils in my belt pouch and return into the room.
      Turns out they didn't actually need me, they just wanted to be sure I didn't loose track of time (ooohhhh I was gone for 9 minutes). Meanwhile Garth has returned and said I sounded great. He himself didn't realize I messed up Happy Birthday.
      I felt like a champion returning from battle, being applauded for my deed and being cheered for my reward. It was strange, thats for sure.
      Fifteen more minutes pass and we are called down to the set.

      The rest of the shots we didn't even play. I just stood there and fought the heat.
      This happened for another couple hours and eventually the scene was finally done. "The Band" has finished its task and has fufilled its use.

      This is where the story ends... Sort of, turns out I was given $250 instead of $150 and when I went to the bank to deposit it, there was a girl who said I looked good. And that is all I can ask for. So with that I ended my day.
      All I can say is that today was a good day.

      Hopefully I can do a Part III.

    • MacFreedom

      Guess who gets to be in a movie??? THIS GUY!

      3 years ago

      Anyways, tomorrow they are doing a scene from the Mr Hockey Movie here in Winnipeg.
      It just so happens they need a bagpiper!
      I just got details today and apparently the scene takes place in Huston in a bar called GRIFF'S which I found helarious. Anyways unfortunately I don't get to go to Texas for this, they are just decorating an Irish Pub here to fit the bill. I am told there will be a Mechanical Bull.... Not getting any ideas since I will be kiltclad...... Ohhh the ideas!!!!

      Anyways, I know its been a while. Hope everyone is doing alright! Can't fucking wait for this to happen.
      I hope everyone watches Mr. Hockey when it comes out.

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      Revelation Soundtrack

      3 years ago

      Well anyways I was browsing the Zune marketplace today on my Windows Phone 7 Samsung Focus and I saw the Revelation Soundtrack, and without even thinking I just bought it..... No idea why... well I have a good idea why, but still not sure why I didn't think about buying it.

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      I will miss you man...

      3 years ago

      I didn't really know who you were, but you were cool, I don't know why you left us without saying farewell.
      But I do know some things.

      You will not be forgot!
      You were one of the most insparational people on that site!
      You had the best profile picture!
      You painted cool things on controlers!
      You didn't say goodbye!
      You are Kalvaza!
      You will be missed.

      I hope your having a good time, doing whatever it is you do.
      I remember you told me about Haggis Pizza... I never got to try it, and I regret it, so I hope you don't regret your choice.

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      A sad day indeed

      in Forums > A sad day indeed | Follow this topic

      I bring sad news.... The man we once knew has deleted his account......
      He shall be missed.

      1 reply

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      Stuff about stuff

      3 years ago

      So I was just looking through all my journals and some of my comments, and they all seem to... well, be very unprofessional, terrible grammer and spelling... lots of ... and ... And the Language wow, kinda harsh.
      So I figure I should update once a month at least. Be professional and see if things change here.

      My guess is that nothing will really change, but who knows.
      Anywho, need to Study for my Cisco Security Theory final, wish I had a bit more time, but what can you do?
      Untill next time.

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      Online time

      3 years ago

      I don't understand it.
      Actually I don't understand how people who have only been here for a year have accumulated 50 days of online time. Cause I find myself on here a lot and I feel like it only counts the time I am loading pages... anywho, need to study for Cisco Level 3... Fucking switches...
      Maybe I will update this more often.... but then again, who the fuck wants to read about Networking?

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      4 years ago

      yo dude, are you gonna be watching the bhawks-stars game?

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      5 years ago

      Little late, but thanks anyways! smiley13.gif

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      5 years ago

      I'm from the McNair clan. Are these our colors? I have no idea, I'm color blind as well. I'm thinking that they aren't though.

      They have a huge festival here in Utah, USA every year: The Scottish Festival. It's at a place called Thanksgiving Point.

      That picture is a few years old. My ex-gf is Scottish and she and her family have a booth there. They make clothes for months leading up to the event; in return, within their booth they have people wear the clothes and they take pictures and email them out within a few days. Of course, they take donations, but I got special treatment.

      They have authentic Scottish music/bands, food, events (log throwing, sheep herding, for examples), and many things that go on. You can even look up your clan, buy your clan colors/clothing, and purchase all sorts of weaponry. It really is a great event. I don't like going too much though because I run into relatives, lol.

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      5 years ago

      High school english classes, that would be a memory i blocked out. And yes, Brave New World is a bit odd

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      halodudette My Name's Jeff

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      5 years ago

      Bubbles, anything bubbles does or says.

      but having to choose my most favorite moment, it would have to be this one.

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      5 years ago

      Trailer Park Boys is the best show on the face of the planet. and im saying that from minnesota!

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      5 years ago

      hahaha TPB is pretty sick to see every once in awhile, used to watch that show a lot, good times thanks for the welcome

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      6 years ago

      I make a sucky tour guide. All I can think of right now is the battered old Doctor Who police box in Glasgow's city centre.

      And I've only had Haggis pizza once in my life, and I had to buy it frozen out of a store. smiley5.gif

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