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    • 1 Billion Views. Congratulations!

      7 years ago


      I'm not usually one to write journal entries on here.

      Mostly because no one sees them, but the "Dear Youtube" video prompted me to write this, even if no one ever reads it. (very likely)

      Admittedly, I only discovered Red vs Blue around two years ago, and fell in love instantly. I went through and watched the whole back catalogue of series, and then, still hungry for more RT content, found the youtube channel, and the website its self.

      Not only have I watched (nearly) every Youtube video since then, and listened to every podcast, I am still excited every time a new video comes up.

      As much as the Internet is full of trolls and dickheads, it also allowed a teenager from Australia to connect to an Internet video company from Austin, Texas, on the other side of the planet. For that, I'm definitely thankful.

      The point of this video was to say congratulations on one billion views, Rooster Teeth! I know I'm just one of many, many fans, but thank you for providing us with so much free content over the years. Buying a Grifball shirt was the least I could do to pay you guys back!

      tl;dr: congratulations Rooster Teeth on one billion YouTube views, and I look forward to new videos, and contributing towards the next billion views!

    • Grif Ball shirt arrived!

      7 years ago


      Hell yeah!

      I was just away for a week with some friends, and came home pretty depressed for it being over.

      Coming home to my grif ball shirt finally arriving was pretty awesome though!

      Thanks guys :).


      7 years ago



      Chapter 14: The Purest Evil, is the worst chapter I have ever played, it's that impossible. Having to help Ope through that village, and the fight in the village with a thug, butcher, infected and a shitload of walkers rushing you is the most shocking thing in the world.

      What makes it worse? I finally save up my rage, and use it on these people, and FINALLY kill them. Start healing afterwards, and a fucking SUICIDER RUNS OUT AND BLOWS HIM UP!!!

      No checkpoint, I have to do it again, broken weapons, no ammo, no rage, and it auto-saved straight after this happened. I fucking hate life.

      In conclusion, fuck you Ope, you dumb, weak, motherfucker.

    • Hurry up grif ball shirt!

      7 years ago


      I just had my last university exam today, and have therefore finished my first year at uni (fuck yeah!). So now I have all summer to do absolutely nothing, until about March when Uni starts up again. I bought a grif ball shirt about two weeks ago, and can't wait for it to get here! shipping from the US to Australia takes forever! I plan on wearing it when I have my really long xbox sessions.

      Feel free to add me (if anyone sees this, that is) on xbox, my Gamertag is the same as my RT/AH username (Magnitude18), just let me know that you added me from RT/AH, and I'm more than happy to add to my Xbox Live friends list with some awesome people from this community.

    • New Ringtone!

      7 years ago


      My new ringtone is the Red vs Blue intro!
      And, to make it even better, my new custom message tone (thanks iOS 5!) is the achievement unlock sound on the xbox.

      That has been entertaining me all day :)

    • Forza 3

      7 years ago


      I have not had internet connected to my xbox since Monday now, so I decided to go back on some games that I played and gave up on for easy achievement points.

      Forza 3 is ridiculously easy to get achievements for, if anyone has it and hasn't done much with it. That said, you get a huge number of achievements early, for not many points, but if you spend a bit of time on the game, you'll get plenty of points.

    • RT/AH Community

      7 years ago


      I hear that a lot about the RT and AH community on here, but I don't know where to go to get properly involved.
      Ideas anyone?

    • Assassins Creed

      7 years ago


      Seeing as Assassins Creed 2 was the first ever game that I 1000'ed (or 100%'ed), I thought I would go back to classis Assassins Creed 1, and try to finish that game off. The list of achievements to get is surprisingly easy, but I will have to spend a ridiculous amount of time finding all the flags. Collectables annoy me.

    • Finally joined Rooster Teeth!

      7 years ago


      To whomever actually finds this (if anyone does),

      I have been a fan of Rooster Teeth for a while now, but only just joined the site.

      As for my gamerscore, I have only just decided to start achievement hunting, and most of the game I had owned before this, I just played them through once and stopped.

      Hopefully, with the help of others on this site, I can increase it pretty quickly.

      Cheers guys.

    • 2019 years ago

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