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    • ARG!!!

      13 years ago


      ok... I lit up my first cigarette in 21 days... and I am sooo pissed at myself I feel as though i want to Not only cry... but vomit... regardless of how stressed I am at the moment... It was sooo gross when I realized what I was doing... I put it out not even a third of the way through it... with only one of them gone.. I tossed em... I am sooo pissed... what a waste of 4 bucks.. ... ARRGGGG..... If you don't smoke now... NEVER EVER Start!!!!! BAD BAD BAD!!!!!! EVIL!!! HORRIBLE HABIT TO START!!!!!!!!! GRRRR....
      I am going to go and try not to take out my frustrations on the people around me...

    • OMFG!!!!!

      13 years ago


      We saw Underworld Evolution!!!! YAY!!!!! It was SOOOOO awesome!!!!! but i have to say I Absolutly HATE it when People bring thier Kids who are under the age of 12 or 13 to those movies!!!! GRRRRRARG!!! Pisses me off to no end!!! Regardless the movie Kicks Serious ASS!!!!

      See it AS SOON AS YOU CAN!!!!!!

    • Gunslinger Girls

      13 years ago


      YAY I finally had the oppertunity to watch the rest of the series... you know that feeling of unsatisfaction when you FINALLY get to the end a a series you've REALLY been into? And the Ending TOTALLY left you feeling unsatisfied... Like there was more that you should see?

      GSG wasn't like that at ALL It was sooo Good... I am sitting here feeling sooo satisfied I don't think they could have closed it much better than they did!! Just thought I would let you know! But I am not going to tell you what happend! nope... nothing about the Russian Mafia killing Everyone of them... Nope I'm not gonna say... a ...word....oh .... crap.... sorry! :( well..... It's much better when you watch it for your self... I guess... Man I hate it when I do that! I was Just so Excited!

      Check it our for yourself... it really is a GREAT series! Peace! <3

    • Hey every one!!

      13 years ago


      Hows it going? I slept pretty darn good last night... So I am in quite a good mood! YAY!
      Ok... So My kids are watching Dora the Explorer...yay <---- notice the sarcasm I am bored out of my mind...
      Jon Started a Job on Monday.. and he's been working like crazy... thats been a big adjustment for the kids and I... It's been a nice month having him home all the time.. but hopfully soon we can get into some sort of routine..

      In 2 days My brother goes to Vegas... where he's stationed for a couple weeks... but he'll be spending his 21st B-day there Then I found out recently that he'll be leaving For Iraq 2 days before Jon and my wedding anniversary... so he leaves on the 26th.... I miss him alot... but I am very proud of him... : D

      anyway... I know this is misc Rambling so I am gonna go for now...

    • yay me!!

      13 years ago


      So yay I have a had a good day!... Spent the day with my mom in law... Watching DIY network... and cleaning! woohoo! No actually I did have fun... Then I went to the library... come home... On my way home however.... I crossed the street and some guy was like " Hey".. and i try to walk by... and hope he'll leave me alone... No such luck...
      Him :"Hows it going?"
      Me: "not bad"
      Him:" where you comming from?"
      Me: " The Liiiibrrary...."
      Him: "Oh well... How Often Do you go? Every Day?"
      Me: "No.. Once a week every other week... when Ever I finish My books"
      Him: " oh where do you stay at?
      Me:" A couple streets Down, With my Husband and kids..." (Really it was just one)
      Him: "Oh well I'm new around here"
      Me: "Yeah? Me too "
      Him: "oh yeah where you from?"
      ME: "Texas"
      Him: "I'm from New york"
      Me: "Thats Nice"
      Him: " So, Since I'm new I could Use a friend
      ME: Thinking " yeah I'm sure you could..." : \
      Me: OUT LOUD : " Well you know... That would be nice... But yo know I'm married..."
      Him "Oh My gosh Your MArried?":
      Me Sarcastically: "Um...yeah... remember... I live A couple streets down with My HUSBAND and KIDS?"
      Him: "Oh I'm sorry ... "
      Me: "Hey I gotta get home...My husband will be home from work soon"
      Him "Ok ...." <----The rest of the comment lost due to me walking away

      He seemed nice... and he was decent looking.. I mean he wasn't Hot by anymeans... But dateable had I been single... Needless to say My egos had a little boost today... thats always nice...
      Well Better go I've got friends to Chat with! Peace <3

    • quiz for me

      13 years ago


      yay another one! lol

      DO YOU
      Play an instrument?:Used to play the piano... now it's just the radio
      Watch TV more than 60 hours a week? Umm I think I am on the computer too much to watch that much tv
      Like to sing?: I love to
      Have a job?: yes. I am a mommy
      Have a cell phone?:yes. a prepaid...
      Like to play sports?:yes. Roller hockey! Woohoo!
      Have a crush on someone?:yeah. My husband
      Live somewhere NOT in the united states?:Nope
      Have more than 5 TVs in your house? hmm Living room, My room Mandas room and mom in laws room... and I think there may be another owned... not sure... but it sounds like it :)
      Have any special talents/skills?hmm... Not particularly
      Exercise daily? I try

      CAN YOU
      Sing the alphabet backwards?: with lots of stumbling
      Stand on your tip toes without wearing shoes?:too easy
      Speak any other languages? mmm... no
      Read music, not just tabs?not too great
      Roll your tongue? yup :D
      Eat a whole pizza? uhg... I am trying to get out of that habit!

      Snuck out of the house?:Yes
      Lied to get out of trouble? most def
      Had a computer crash? uhg I hate that... yeah it's happened to me too
      Seen a shooting star?:Two times.
      Been to any other countries? No :(
      Had a serious surgery?:Yes
      Solved a rubiks cube?:Hell no... I think it's planned that way though
      Gone out in public in your pajamas? yes
      Cried over a girl?hmm... I have to say yes... but not in the way one might think
      Cried over a boy?: Many
      Kissed a random stranger? Yes
      Hugged a random stranger?: yes
      Been arrested? nope
      Done drugs? Not for me
      Had alcohol? ummmm... yes
      Laughed and had milk come out of your nose? well I don't drink milk... Flavored beer, dr pepper, Orange juice... water... ouch beer was the worst
      Sneaked into the opposite sex's bathroom?:yes
      Swore at your parents?:Hell.. biggest fight me and mom ever had.. .I was 17 Decided I was gonna Move in with a friend... Got mad at mom every other word out my mouth...bleep... A smack in the face every time... Lasted about an hour... whoopeee
      Kicked a guy where it hurts? several times
      Been to a casino?: Nope
      Ran over an animal and killed it?:Not that I am aware of
      Broken a bone? my baby toe... :(
      Gotten stitches?Had my gallbladder removed 2 years ago...
      Had a water balloon fight in winter?: Wasn't very fun
      Bitten someone?:yeah
      Been to disneyland/disneyworld?:no What a miseralble person I am because of it too! J/K

      Brushed your teeth: this morning
      Cried 3 days ago... another cigarette withdrawal...<Sigh> does that ever go away???
      Went to the bathroom:30min ago
      Read a book:Yesterday
      Had a snow day:hmmm... Dec 13th
      Had a party: I don't remember
      Went to a doctor: I dislike drs greatly!
      Tripped in front of someone:hmmm it's been a whiel!
      Went to the grocery store:today
      Got sick:mmmm... about 2 months ago
      Got cursed: I dunno
      Called someone couple days ago

      Fruit/vegetables: fresh fruits
      Black/white: Black
      Lights on/lights on
      Body spray/lotion: either
      Chinese food/Mexican food: depends on my mood
      Summer/winter: fall
      Snow/rain: Snow
      Fog/misty: fog
      rock/rap: Rock n roll
      Meat/vegetarian: both
      Sprinkles/icing: Icing!
      Strawberries/blueberries: Strawberries
      Ocean/swimming pool: hmmmm... ocean it's been soooooo long!
      Wallet/pocket: pocket
      Cat/dog: dog

      Am: not sure
      Want: All bills caught up
      Need: nicotine
      Hate: Ignorance
      Feel: hmmm... well... I'm gonna keep that to myself!
      Did: shopping
      Am annoyed by: hmmm... many many things...
      Would rather: be out having fun... (No offence RVBers)
      Am tired of: Nicotine withdrawals
      Will always: hmm.. I dunno

      Funny?: I have my moments
      Cool?: eh... Maybe slightly
      Pretty?: you tell me
      Sarcastic?:Hell yes
      Lazy?: more than I'd like
      Hyper?:When I am Uber tired!
      Friendly?: Most of the time... i think
      Evil?: <grin>
      Unforgettable?:hope so
      Smart?:once in a while
      Strong?: nope
      Talented?: sure
      Dorky?: sometimes

      High: cloud
      Lonely: Loveless
      Pen: letter
      Flower: Cared for
      Window: horizon
      Psycho: Jon tonight... missing the bears game
      Brain freeze: Icecream
      Strange: guys
      Sassy: wasn't she a cat in a movie?
      Suffering: Hell
      Art: Beautiful

      Sky dive?:If I was pushed
      Run away?: Sometimes I want to
      Curse at a teacher?: don't have a teacher
      Not take a shower for a week?:depends on how cold the house is
      Ask someone out?: I have but It's not looking probable in the future
      Unscrew your cellphone too see what's inside?:no I have to much other things to entertain my self with
      Lie to someone to make them think better of you?well. of course
      Visit a foreign country for more than a month?: If the oppertunity came up
      Go scuba diving?:OMG YES!!!!
      Write a book?: Maybe
      Assemble a computer?: boring
      Become a rock star?: maybe when the kids are older
      Have a long-distance relationship?:No
      Marry someone you don't know?: never!

      What kind of computer do you have?: Gateway
      What grade/level of studies are you in? I graduated highschool
      Do you like to throw popcorn at people in the movies? lol it's funny to watch them look around trying to figure out who did it!!!!
      How many posters do you have in your room?:none
      Who else should take this quiz?: Everyone

    • wussup?!

      13 years ago


      YAY!! I found my messenger bag... at walmart... go figure... I shoulda gone there first! grr oh well can't always be the smart one (Jon Shut it!!! you too tawmis!) And any other smart asses out there!)
      WEll WE just watched Transporter 2... and that movie absolutly kicked ass!!!!!! I would have to say as good or better than the first! Wow... I came away from that movie so satisfied... <Sigh> Ok perverts not like that! geez...

      Anyway I gots to go... I've to stuff to do! Peace! <3

    • hmmm

      13 years ago


      Well It's 1:02 am and my son only fell asleep about 15 minutes ago...whew...
      Doesn't he look cute and Innocent?


      Yeah don't believe it! He's a little terror just like his mommy before him! >:D

      I would really like to take some gemology courses and even Jewelry design.. I don't feel so frustrated now! YAY I guess most of it's worn off into exaustion!

      Anyway ... This is Me and Jon's Best friend Sam back in March


      Yes If you did notice a little sparkly I have my nose pierced... :D I love it !!
      I am pretty sure I've lost weight since then but no pics yet to prove it! There will be hopfully soon! anyway I wasn't really sure what he was gonna do... kinda the unpredicable type!

      This is Jon and Sam... arent they cute in thier shirts sam made for spring break last year!?

      IMG006.jpg ][img]

      Awww... anyway.. I am going to bed now I am soooo sleepy! Peace! <3

    • ok...

      13 years ago


      so Something I have been thinking about over the past year is My Passion For Jewelry (I think I inherited it from my dad...
      well I really would like to do something with my passion... so I have been thinking about Maybe taking some G.I.A courses... well... My Parents offered to pay for some of it... and come to find out the program I want Is Campus only (They offer home courses on alot of thier programs) and The nearest campus is in NY I am in PA... and It's a 24 week course... not to mention the course costs over $13,000 arg... talk about frustration...

    • Have I mentioned....

      13 years ago


      That My 4 year old amanda :

      Is Like the worlds Biggest Inuyasha Fan Ever?


      Well next to me of course... I think it's Cute... Manda and I stayed hom from Church one sunday because She was sick... and I wanted to watch it...I had just got the series and was anxious as to what happend next! And Now She asks me All the time "mommy ? Can we Watch Inuyasha?" SOOOO Superly & Adorably cute!!!!
      I Love her to death... My son however is a Huge Spongebob Fan! (My Boys 2) :D

      that is all I have to say for now... Peace <3

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