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      14 years ago


      I guess I can update about what happened in the past week since I'm hold off on finishing the rest of my English work.

      As you know, Dean came in on Saturday. He got to stay for a short time, but it was very enjoyable none-the-less. We got to eat for almost free (my daddy is a kind man, strict, but kind). We also went up to the mall and look at all the good stuff... video games, movies, and action figures. After coming home, we called Matt and Maddy up and played Halo for a bit before heading out to Laser Storm. Poor Maddy later said, "Matt and Dean were all combat like and I had no clue what I was doing." He left shortly after... Very saddening.

      Kar had come in the day before, but we didn't get to catch up with her. I did get to see her for a few days out of the week she was in. Being the girls we are, we didn't do much more then talk. Other then that I took cosplay pictures for her. Speaking of which I have a story for you all... Kara locked us out of her house. She wanted to take pictures outside by a tree (yes in the cold, snowy weather). We get outside and half way to the tree Kar decides it's too cold standing out there in a sailor outfit and a cover and later I also gave her my coat. To make this shorter, I ran down to her grandmas to get the spare key which didn't work, then I 'hacked' into her garage (she forgot a few numbers to the password), and we hung out in there before finding a spare key into the house hanging on a hook.

      Then on Friday Kar, Maddy, Bry, and I went to the mall. We (excluding Bryan) helped Mad find a dress. I think she found one that she liked, which is awesome. She is going to look sooo nice. I hope Maddy has a good time; she wasn't even going to go till Jim asked her... She's a good sport. =D

      Well, I think that is it for now. I might even start my English now.

    • DVD

      14 years ago


      Went to the dentist today, but that's not important... My mom had to run into Kohls afterwards. As she was shopping I ran over to Game Stop and bought the fist season of RvB. I am so dang proud of myself *smile*.

      That's about it.... Well, except that my best friend is coming home tonight and Dean is coming in tomorrow. So excting!!!

      Edit : My Granny is doing just fine.

    • The update

      14 years ago


      Here's an update of what happened tonight:

      Both girls and boy's team (and Amber!) showed up at Bethel before 6pm. We were able to get there, get our stuff on, and warm up before the comp began... Chris was about to have a heart attack though from spazzing, but that's nothing new. The girls did well, after getting to see them fence the first match, I was able to work on a few things with the newbies. Maddy won some of her matches, and Vicki won a few... I think. I'll look at the stats later. The boy's team did very well, as I hear. Bryan only lost one bout, Matt won most of his, Max... Max had a pretty off night but did end up winning a few, and I think Magnus lost the only bout he fenced in (I'm pretty sure most of that is right, I was over with the girls as the boys fenced their first match). I got yelled at by a pissy dumb ass director for going over to the score people to say that we wanted to sub in Andrea for Vicki. Ugh, they can just bite me.

      I also called home from there to tell my dad how everything was going. It turns out that my Granny was put in the hospital because of a blood clot. *sigh* We just got a call from her saying that they are sending her home. They are giving her painkillers tonight and that she has to go back in the morning. It seems that ever since my pappy passed Granny has been sick. I know it is a terrible thought but she needed the rest (the rest from having the flu, not the whole blood clot thing). She has been over working herself and hasn't gotten much sleep in the past few months. Poor Granny... She really didn't need this to happen.

      I think that's all that happened tonight. I'm off to bed so that hopefully I can wake up on time to take a test and a midterm.... The fun.

    • Competition Season

      14 years ago


      So it beings. The fencing competitions start today... Or so it will if the weather is nice to us. I have always loved the comps; they are more of an adventure then anything else. Speeding though Pittsburgh, because we left late, trying not to get lost... Amber swearing her head off and Bryan locking his windows (a classic!). It happens every time. Hell would freeze over if our team got to our destination on time without getting lost. When we finally get there fencing goes from 6pm to 10pm (usually we still run over our time limit). After, we have our midnight trip to Eat N Park where the boy’s team is the most destructive.

      I hope that Amber shows up relatively on time tonight. We are leaving with out her at 4:30 since she something is going on with her work today. If I have to coach by myself for a long period of time then I might just have to cry... I don't want to deal with Chris today.

      Here are some good things that are happening in people's profiles:
      Fvslacker's PSA
      Chihuahua*'s Lyrics game
      MAP's latest journal entry (I forewarn you that it is political)

    • The funny thing

      14 years ago



      First off, for those who don't know Dean/fvslacker is my boyfriend and Kara is my best friend (the other guy in the picture is Bryan, Kar's boyfriend). They met up with each other at Harrisburg when Kar went down to cheer some fellow fencing teammates on at a competition.

      Now, Kar and I don't get to see our significant others all that often. Not only that, but we hang out with each other’s boyfriends. I get to see Bryan all the time at fencing and when the team decides to get together. Kar, on the other hand, got to spend a good amount of time with Dean on Saturday. And being such cute people they are, they even took a picture together. *heart*

      It’s funny/odd how things work out sometimes.

      P.S. Thank goodness for RvB!

    • Sooo...

      14 years ago


      I really don't have much to say right now, but I feel badly for not updating all that often. All I am doing as of lately is fencing, school, work, and trying to make plans to see a few family members and Dean this coming month. Also Kara will be in for a week (coming home on the 4th).

      Also not having Advil when you need it sucks. But, cookies and chocolate covered pretzles are a good substitute. Well, not really... Let's pretend though. Thanks

    • It's that day

      14 years ago


      I guess I'll go with the general public and say, Happy Valentines day! I'm not against it or anything, but for me today was just one of those Mondays. You know, the ones that you stay up till two in the morning working on an English assignment even though you know that there is no way in Hell that you can get an A on it (not because you didn't do well, just because your teacher is an ass). Then, when you get to class, he says it's not due till Wednesday or even the following Monday.

      I guess that since school is over with for the day, I am much happier. Tired, but happy.

      I'll be concluding this now. So, Happy Valentines especially to you, Dean. =D

    • Eat foil

      14 years ago


      Tonight is the team's fencing scrimage against BP. It's exciting, even though I don't get to bout *tear*. I love the feel of competition season, and hitting people you don't know is the best thing ever. This also means late night trips out to Eat N Park. I don't think that we'll be doing that today, but they are an adventure nonetheless. Well, I better start getting things ready so that I can go. We have to leave early to get the strips set up and stuff since Amber won't be there on time. Heh... that's nothing new.

      Oh, and Dean, I got it!!! I'll try talking to you tonight, once I get in (if it's not extremely late).

    • My friends are so kind to me

      14 years ago


      My good friend Matt is a dumb butt (if you want a summery, look at fvslacker/Dean's comment)...

      He sent me a message over RvB (I not knowing who MAP was at the time) that had a few insult in it. Since I only skimmed though the message, they were the only things that I picked up. I in turn go to his profile and take him off my friends list. After doing so, I reread the message and notice that he is making fun of himself too. Also, he called me a perv. The only people that would dare do both, with out asking for a beating, are those who are close to me. Most of the people that are that close are those on the fencing team. Going back to his profile, yet again, I see that he added more information (such as his name) that wasn't there before when I first added him. I put 2 and 2 together and figure out what was going on. So, basically:

      You're an ass wipe, Matt. I hope you know that. Squat-lunge pyramids for you... punk.

      On a better side of things... I signed up for the martial arts club again. Hopefully this semester there will acutally be a club. I don't know what happened last semester, but it was dissapointing that nothing became of it. I really need to do more activity, I'm so out of shape. And I finally figured out that sitting on my lazy ass doesn't qualify as a work out. Imagine that.

    • Flash Animation

      14 years ago


      I was reminded today of this site. It's 2 flash animations of Harry Potter and company as puppets. Really, it's not lame at all. My fencing team still references it after a year when a fellow team mate told us about it... but, then again we get a kick out of most anything...

      Check it out, and well... enjoy and all that other good stuff.

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