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    • My luck has changed!

      11 years ago


      My dad was watching me play 0.02/0.05 No Limit Hold'em at Pokerstars for about a half hour and this hand came up:

      Dealt to MakPhee [Jh Th]

      (Me talking to my Dad) Oh, awesome this is my favorite hand."

      MakPhee: raises $0.05 to $0.10
      RobertRR3: folds
      StandardBeat: folds
      -j.dagobert-: calls $0.10
      Diamondheelz: calls $0.10
      enigma1978: folds
      Yarbbi3: folds
      iCheat.exe: folds
      *** FLOP *** [Kh Qh 6c]

      "Hey, look; I have a royal flush draw or a straight flush with the 9 of hearts."

      MakPhee: bets $0.20
      -j.dagobert-: calls $0.20
      Diamondheelz: calls $0.20
      *** TURN *** [Kh Qh 6c] [9h]

      *My hands shoot into the air!* "LOOK! OH MY GOD. Oh my God. Ok. Ok. 20 cents."

      MakPhee: bets $0.20
      RobertRR3 is sitting out
      -j.dagobert-: calls $0.20
      Diamondheelz: calls $0.20
      *** RIVER *** [Kh Qh 6c 9h] [4s]
      MakPhee: bets $0.60

      "Come on... raise it... raise it..."

      -j.dagobert-: raises $0.90 to $1.50

      "YES!!! Ok.. reraise..."

      Diamondheelz: folds
      MakPhee: raises $1.50 to $3
      -j.dagobert-: raises $6.46 to $9.46 and is all-in
      MakPhee: calls $1.43 and is all-in
      *** SHOW DOWN ***
      -j.dagobert-: shows [Ah 8h] (a flush, Ace high)

      "Oh, my God, he had the Ace-high flush. That's sick."

      MakPhee: shows [Jh Th] (a straight flush, Nine to King)
      MakPhee collected $9.93 from pot

      My dad was next to me the whole time. He said that he had to go and I said "Don't leave. You're good luck."

    • what a terrible night

      11 years ago


      Pokerstars did it again. I started off the night with 35 dollars and no matter how well I played, the bad beats kept on coming. I put 5 dollars on 4 different tables and I went broke on three of those, it was fucking ridiculous.
      The most outstanding beats which I can remember (and I think there were about 5 really bad ones), were when I had AA (the best possible starting hand in Hold'em) and I got a guy with JJ (an 8:1 underdog) to go all-in against my aces and he turned a fucking Jack for three of a kind and took down an $11 pot.
      And this one is the worst I've experienced in a long time. I had K4 of diamonds on the dealer button (which is good position because everyone acts before you) and everyone folded before me, so there were only the two guys in the blinds left. I raised to 20 cents and one called. The flop was J83, all diamonds (I FLOPPED A KING HIGH FLUSH!!!) so I wanted to win as much money as possible from the hand so after he checked, I just bet 20 cents again to suck him in. He called and a nothing card (doesn't change the situation at all) came on the turn. I bet 30 cents and again he called. The river was a small diamond, maybe a two, which meant there were now four diamonds on the board and it only took one more diamond to complete a flush. The only thing I have to be afraid of is the Ace of diamonds because it beats out my King of diamonds. I bet 40 cents and he goes all-in.
      (Now let me fill you in here, so far that night, I had suffered countless beats and 5 horrendous ones, and I was tilting a little bit, so I refused to conceive the possibility that he might have the Ace.) Anyway, of course, after I bet 40 cents, he went all-in, forcing me to call with the second-best possible flush after saying, "If you have the Ace, I'm going to laugh my ass off." And, OF COURSE, he had the Ace of diamonds.

      So now I'm down 15 dollars from last night and I'm going to have to spend tonight making that up when I should be on my way to $50+ now.

    • Fuckin' Pokerstars

      11 years ago


      If you're not a poker player, read no further.

      I was playing 0.02/0.05 No Limit Hold'em on Pokerstars (aka Jokerstars). After 2 hours, I went from 5 dollars to 8.91. I was playing at a full table with 9 players and was dealt A3 of diamonds in the seat right after the big blind. I just doubled the blinds because of my poor position and I got 4 callers.

      The flop came Ten of spades, 3 of hearts, 3 of clubs. So I flopped three of a kind, 3's and I bet 20 cents into the other 4 players and it was raised to 40, then I raised to 80, three players total in the pot. I put them both on a pair of tens or maybe one had a pocket pair higher than a ten.

      Now the pot was 2.90. Pretty big for 0.02/0.05 blinds.

      The turn was the 5 of spades, a nothing card. I bet out 1.85 because I knew that stupid players like the ones who play 0.02/0.05 would definitely call me with just a weak top pair. One of them went all-in for 4.50 after the other one called, I raised all-in and the first one called all-in too. It was an 18 dollar pot.

      One of them had 54 of spades, I don't know why the hell he called 80 cents on the flop with no draw and 5-high, but he did and now he had a 20% chance to win a 18 dollar pot in 0.02/0.05 which is completely rare. The other one had KT offsuit, which I suspected one of them would have in the first place. He had slim to no chance of winning the pot with only two tens in the deck left to save him. 1 in 25 to be exact. Which means if the hand was played out 25 times, only once would he win the pot.

      The turn was a ten. Since I had the most money, I got a whooping 2.75 from the side pot which I split with the dumbass with 65 who deserved nothing. And the lucky motherfucker with KT pulled 13.11.

      He said "Lol, that's luck, man."
      I said "you mother****er" and left.

      Son of a bitch. Fuckin' Jokerstars. I would've had 46 dollars in my account if I won that pot, but instead, i have fuckin' 28 dollars. That's fair. Now I'm going to go play 0.05/0.10 to make up what I should've won after 2 1/2 hours of hard work playing 4 tables at the same time.


      11 years ago


      The fucking red sox are going to win another pennant. this fucking sucks. i hate the red sox because their fans are stupid morons who were only fans of them in the first place for how TERRIBLE they were. if a team hasnt won a pennant in 50 years before their last one, why did they have so many fans? i dont know!! it was retarded. they had the second largest fan base next to the new york yankees which i used to love but theyve become a huge disappointment too. I HATE THE RED SOX.

    • New images up.

      11 years ago


      I put up some new images. Check them out, tell me what you think of them. Mod them if words don't rightly express your love for them.

    • Michael Clayton, Habs/Pens

      11 years ago


      a great movie and back just in time for the habs/pens game on cbc. if michael clayton is playing in a theatre near you, see it. its awesome.

      now for the habs/pens game, two superstars with slow starts this season: saku koivu and sidney crosby. it makes the game more enjoyable seeing that i'm not a fan of either team. this better be a good game!

      will edit on sunday morning to fill you in on my satisfaction of the game lol.

      omg. what a terrific game so far. montreal dominated the game up until halfway through the 2nd period. it was 3-0 when the pens finally started to crawl back into the game. all of a sudden, it was the final two minutes of the third period when the habs get called for a 2 minute penalty, the pens pull their goalie for the 6-4 advantage and CROSBY scores it at 1:52 left! no one scored in the OT even though in the first minute, even though the pens got caught with a stupid penalty and gave the habs a 4-3 advantage. NOW WE'RE IN THE SHOOTOUT

      ok... christensen's going for the pens first.... save
      ok.... now kovalev for the habs... save
      now sykora for the pens... miss
      now KOIVU... OOH and a save just in time as it was about to cross the line
      NOW CROSBY... oh so disappointing. he came through in the third but couldnt outdeke the goalie
      now plekanek for the habs again. another miss

      ok for a shootout this is getting boring lol

      ruutu - miss
      streit - save


      malkin - save


      higgins for the habs - ooh a flash of the leather and a sweet save. the pens goalie has been impressive in this shootout
      gonchar - loses the puck
      andre - omg amazing stretch of the pads
      whitney - miss

      (i think the pens fans wouldnt care if the habs score now. they just want the game to end lmao)

      habs miss
      pens miss

      THIS IS RIDICULOUS. 15 misses

      andre markov, the 16th shooter, the 2nd shooter in the 8th round, scores a one deke backhander in the five-hole and the habs win it.

      near the end there, i was rooting for the penguins to win it because it wouldve been such a great comeback (more impressive if done in overtime or in the first three rounds of the shootout though)
      Still, like I said, it was a great game.

    • Sensible journals.

      11 years ago


      Ok, I'm already getting tired of the bad journals I started off putting here. I'm going to start trying to type more sensible journals. From now on, I'm going to type more coherently, intelligently, and relevantly. Feel free to ignore completely my first absolutely ridiculous and uninteresting posts. ALL PRAISE MAKPHEE!! HAIL HIM!! FOR HE SHALL POST BETTER JOURNAL ENTRIES!!!

    • This is incredible.

      11 years ago


      This is a video that someone made about Halo. It was in the latest Bungie Weekly Update and it's not supposed to be interpreted as things to come in the Halo movie but that's what I think of it. It shows how amazingly real the battles scenes are going to look and how realistically the Covenant can be recreated. Incredible.

      Here's the link to the Bungie Update (the video links are at the bottom of the update page):

    • im smarter than you

      11 years ago


      this is a reply to my last blithering journal about my digital camera. im here to etch my name into the sketch of smartness.

      Adam Smith, An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, edited by Edward Cannan, p. 18.


      The Motivating Factor of Self-Interest

      In civilized society man stands at all times in need of the co-operation and assistance of great multitudes, while his whole life is scarce sufficient to gain the friendship of a few persons. In almost every other race of animals each individual, when it is grown up to maturity, is entirely independent, and in its natural state has occasion for the assistance of no other living creature. But man has almost constant occasion for the help of his brethren, and it is in vain for him to expect it from their benevolence only. He will be more likely to prevail if he can interest their self-love in his favour, and show them that it is for their own advantage to do for him what he requires of them. Whoever offers to another a bargain of any kind, proposes to do this. Give me that which I want, and you shall have this which you want, is the meaning of every such offer; and it is in this matter that we obtain from another the far greater part of those good offices which we stand in need of. It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker, that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest. We addresss ourselves, not to their humanity but their self-love, and never talk to them of our own necessities but of their advantages.

      MacPhee (me) in His (mine) Own Words (words)

      Do I agree that self-interest is the main motivator behind our economic actions?

      Yes. Man is likelier to succeed if he can take advantage of others' self interest by showing them or making them believe that it is to their advantage for them to do what he asks of them. This is the meaning behind bargain: give me what I want, and you'll be given what you want as a result. A bargain is a more agreeable solution for both parties than is one doing what the other requires while receiving nothing in return.
      A command economy is one in which a "wise" central authority answers all of the questions in the 'best interest' of the workers. This system was taken advantage of and merged with the pure market economy system we use today. But by itself a command economy would be a difficult esystem in which self-interest would be kept in check. I believe the lone authority would abuse his position and unfairly advantage his side of the bargain.



    • the first one

      11 years ago


      im going to try to write a journal every day because im a mod whore. its going to be filled with random shit that has absolutely no chronological order at all. you're going to be confused and im going to like it. i bought a digital camera yesterday. we bought ..... im not going to use the backspace bar either except for typing mistakes... if i start a sentence and think of something else, ill cut into the start of that sentence and start a new sentence. TAKE THAT GRAMMAR and... stuff. anyway i bought 2 gb of camera space / memory and some rechargable batteries and my grandmother was like ... yeah i was taking pictures of nothing random shit all day and deleting so it took up a lot of the nonrechargable batteries that came with the camera ... we started looking at cameras when i went to get my passport photo ... im going to london, england in march with my school and some other people who i dont know... where was i........................... oh yeah ... and my grandmother was like.... wait i didnt finish..... we looked at a 250 dollar camera first and then later we went futureshop to look at better ones, they had that same 250 camera for like 20 or something bucks less! and i found a good camera that didnt blur and stuff for 500 dollars, and the case was 20 dollars, and the memory card was 35 dollars.. and the batteries were.... 50 dollars, so it was expensive<<<<!! wow that was a long sentence. so my grandmother was like... you should change the batteries before you go... she told me to go out and take pictures of the ocean on such a beautful sunny day... oh i live on PEI, CANADA, .... change the batteries to the rechargable ones and i was like ... no theyll last a long time and i was out taking pictures for about 45 minutes and i was halfway done of my walk and i ran out of batteries and i was pissed because she was right and i didnt even take the rechargables ones in case... that was stupid! so im all tired and angry walking back to her condo... she has a 250-300k condo on the water that is wicked awesome. i have a lucky charms hat. i had a wheaties hat last year and my evil sister is suspected by me of throwing it out the window during a road trip. i loved that hat, it had the words breakfast of champions on it, and a goodbye (not hello) kitty pin, and a curious george pin, which is awesome. wouldnt it be funny if someone made a poster or pin or sticker or something that had curious george looking down a girls shirt LOL!!! and it would say curious george on it. oh hilarious. bye

      EDIT: I'm sorry about this journal. It's November 10th as I'm writing this edit and I'm embarrassed of this journal, but will keep it posted for.. historical reasons.

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