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    • A Quick Tour

      10 years ago


      Here's a quick tour of my living area. Check it out.

    • It's Not Easy Being +30

      10 years ago


      I really don't care about my level but it's really interesting how exponentially difficult leveling up gets after you reach Level +30. I got modded +12 for a comic post a few days ago and +23 so far for my first post on the video and I'm still Level 31. I remember I posted a journal 5 or 6 months ago when I was a level 8, requesting mods so I could start my own threads and 24 pos-mods got me to level +23. FROM +8!!! My mod breakdown has gone from +72 to +98 since I got level 31 and I'm still only 3/4 of the way to 32. Fucking carazy. Anyway, at least I can post threads.

    • I Am Hung 'Ovairrr'... (Anchorman Quote)

      10 years ago


      Being hung over reeeally sucks. I drank half a quart of Captain Morgan's white rum last night and now I have a slight headache, my eyes are pretty sensitive, my back is weak (it hurts even in my favorite comfy chair smiley2.gif -- it's been hurting for about two weeks but right now it's about three times as bad and I can't get rid of it even if my crack my back to get rid of the kink), my face feels really dried out *leaves to moisturize for the tenth time splash cold water on face <.< >.> <.< >.>*, I'm dehydrated no matter how many bottles of water I drink, and the sound of the FRIDGE (caps so the fridge hears me complaining about it) *looks angrily at fridge... back to journal*** is making my headache infinitely worse.

      Fuck. smiley4.gif

      Besides that, I'm pretty happy because I got my first first post yesterday on the "Bump" video. Yay. Fuck, my head hurts. smiley4.gif On the bright side, at least this time I didn't vomit with such velocity and force that I burst blood vessels under my eyes smiley0.gif .

      Edit: Fuckin' fridge won't live to see the sun come up this morning. smiley5.gif

    • Sam Roberts

      10 years ago


      Ugh. Sam Roberts is coming to my university on the 27th to play at the Wave, the campus bar, but you have to be 19 to go. What the fuck? Can't they just ID people who want drinks? What a fucking joke. No one's going to be drinking anyway. It's going to be 500-1000 people in a bar suited for 100 people, no one will even have room to move their arms/breathe, let alone drink. I'm a huge fan of Sam Roberts, I know every word to every song he's ever done and I play to his records all the time at home. I'm really pissed about this.

    • Led Zeppelin IV

      10 years ago


      I saw Classic Albums Live perform Led Zeppelin IV last night and it was freakin' awesome. Classic Albums Live is a band of varying members, voices, and talents that travel from city to city performing complete albums, note for note, of varying classic rock bands. Led Zeppelin is my favorite rock band (I don't file the Beatles under "rock" music) and Led Zeppelin IV is their best album, although I'm completely torn between the epicness of Led Zeppelin IV and the pure awesomeness of Led Zeppelin II (clever album titles, huh?).

      The guy who played lead guitar was a mirror image of Jimmy Page at the age of 50 years old and there was this younger guy who played rhythm that looked like your typical modern rock guitarist. There was also a girl who played came on stage and played keyboard. I was hoping they would do all that stuff off-stage such as the extra guitarist for Led Zeppelin on their live shows would just sit in a chair backstage instead of playing onstage. BUT since that was just because he didn't deserve the glory of stage time after Jimmy Page wrote the part he was supposed to play, I think that's absolutely fine. So it's understandable that the younger guy and the keyboard player got stage time too because they put in the same amount of effort as the other four guys learning the songs.

      The show itself was awesome, the vocalist actually did a half-decent job at imitating Robert Plant which is pretty damn impressive considering the shrill screams all the way down to the mellow ballads Robert Plant performed. The drummer had to be the most entertaining stage presence though. He pulled out all the stops and for a guy who sits behind a bunch of metal in the back of the stage, he pretty much stole the show. He'd play songs with six drumsticks wedged in the creases of his fingers, his solos could go on for two or three minutes without missing a single beat, and he played so goddamn fast that the image blur left by the speed of his arms made him look like a freakin' octopus. Moby Dick was most impressive (they played six other hit songs after finishing Led Zeppelin IV because they liked us so much); he broke away from the Moby Dick drum solo smoothly into the all-percussion number, Bonzo's Montreaux, then without a snare (PUN!), he finished off the last beats of the Moby Dick drum solo again.

      Anyway, it was the best show I've ever seen and everyone was so into the music. The Jimmy Page lookalike could shred a solo like nobody I've ever seen, a couple of times my mouth dropped without me even noticing until my friend pointed it out or the song ended. After they finished the last set, we went to the side door to meet them and for some strange reason the girl keyboard player was very (very) eager to autograph my friend's stomach. 2 minutes and 11 orgasms later, he picked himself off the pavement and we headed back home.

      Best Friday this year.

    • Dilemma

      10 years ago


      Before I get to the true meaning of this journal, let me fill you in on a little backstory. I live downstairs (not the basement, cockbite) in my dad's house, but I go visit my five year old sister and my mom at her house every couple days. I also drop by my grandmother's a few times a week, too. My mom's house and my grandmother's house are about a ten minute drive in either direction.

      Anyway, my dad, his girlfriend, and her two kids live upstairs in my dad's house and the kids, 14 and 10, aren't allowed to come downstairs. My dad works downstairs on weekdays in a different part from where my living room and bedroom, etc. are. There is one phone line for the upstairs and the downstairs.

      What we try to do is only answer when the caller ID is someone we recognize so we don't have constant running up and downstairs to hand over the phone (I like avoiding as much contact with people as possible smiley0.gif ), but for some reason, if the people upstairs aren't home or, god forbid, in the shower, the phone will just keep ringing and ringing and ringing over and over again and no one EVER just leaves a message (which I wouldn't deliver) and waits for them to call back. So eventually, I have to pick up the phone, say they're not home (even though they've been calling non-stop for ten minutes straight without an answer), and tell them that I'll get them to call them back.

      Such a scenario has just occurred and I find myself in a dilemma: Should I walk (all the waaaay) up the stairs and give them the message or just keep pimpin it (blogosphering and watching the teevees)? Poll it up, beehawtches.

    • Fuck XBOX Customer Support

      10 years ago


      Disclaimer: Due to a message that I've received, I'd like to inform you that I'm not the type of person who speaks badly of anyone without reasonable merit or stereotypes races. The Indians I refer to in this journal honestly could not speak english very well at all. They could barely understand what I was saying (I had to repeat myself every other sentence) and vice versa. As long as that's understood, continue.

      I've been having trouble getting connected to XBOX Live and I called customer support. I was talking to a couple of Indians who could barely speak english for over half an hour, the put me on hold to "check their records", then five minutes later, I get hung up on. What the fuck? Microsoft's entire employee list are all assholes.

      Update: After that 35 minute waste of time, I called them back afterwards to both complain about the dickheads who didn't help me one bit, but also try to get help again, and I wasted 70 fucking minutes (OVER AN HOUR) talking to not only yet another person who barely understood english, but he mumbled incessantly and his voice cracked every ten seconds. He didn't fix a fucking thing about my XBOX Live and put me on hold for 20 minutes until I realized he was never going to come back. I'd fucking break that motherfucker's nose. All that bitch had to say was that he couldn't find a way to fix my problem and to try to sign in tomorrow or SOMETHING. Not just put me on hold until I gave up. What a fucking jackass.

    • Total time online: 5d 5h 5m

      10 years ago


      I noticed this. Kind of cool. *shrugs*

    • A Knock On Rock Band

      10 years ago


      Rock Band 2 sucks! What the hell? I'm confused here. Is this the sequel to the same game that I played for two months straight last year? Because besides the graphics looking exactly the same as its previous success, these two games could not be any more different. Rock Band had a list of rock anthem after rock anthem, going all the way from Nirvana's 'In Bloom' all the way down to the Outlaws' 'Green Grass and High Tides', making it the best guitar simulation game there was. Harmonix had a humongous success and continued with further success by releasing over $400 worth of extra songs available via XBOX Live. Why, then, does Rock Band 2 have almost nothing but the most annoying, repetitive, whiny, teenaged, emo music on practically every other track?! The trend with Rock Band 2 tracks seems to be: Intro, Verse, then... wait... that's the whole fucking shebang right there! It's just an intro riff for the song and the verse riff which repeats itself for two minutes making every song a torture because it loses its freshness after the first 15 seconds. I think Harmonix figured "since Rock Band was such an awesome game and sold so well, why don't we just sell another $150 rip-off with new shitty tracks (you know -- the cheap ones obv -- the ones that we could simply make available online) and while we're at it, let's make absolutely no useful changes regarding graphics, gameplay, or difficulty"! Sure, there are a few tracks that I like to play like "Give It Away", "American Woman", and "Snow", but I'm not going to wade through a lake of shit that are the rest of the songs in order to get to the dollar bill waiting on the other side.

      I'm glad I didn't buy this game and get ripped off, but my friend, Josh did happen to buy it. His brother Dave (who knows nothing about music) was the one who beat the World Tour so we can play the 10% hits that comprise the game when I go over, but when I borrowed it and saw for myself what awaited when you enter career mode, I was not impressed at all. Save your money and stick with the original. And if you're really itchy to try something new, I hear Guitar Hero 4: World Tour is awesome. The setlists are hit after hit and the look of the game itself is amazing.

      My advice: GH4.

    • Why Is Your Favorite Band Your Favorite?

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      Lucky title choice. Couldn't fit a single other character.

      ANYWAY! To the thread!

      First of all:


      If you love a band so much that you just can't help but use phrases like "in the world, in history, in the universe, to ever exist, etc.", it's FINE! Don't be a dick about it.

      Besides that, the title pretty much explains it, but I'll elaborate. You don't have to have a paragraph explaining why you like your band. Some people's reason might be a single song (Stairway to Heaven, Free Bird, Bohemian Rhapsody) or some people might have a whole history that added up to why they choose to idolize the band they do (Well... it all started on my second birthday... *four pages later* ... and that's how I got the part for Mister Mistoffelees.. wait.. wat wer we talkin bout?).

      So I'll go first.

      The Beatles are my favorite band because they are the most lovable band in the history of the universe smiley0.gif. Their music is the broadest, most expansive, and interesting I've ever heard and will ever hear in my life. They put themselves out there to their public and everybody got to know who they were. They didn't hate the press, they embraced the press! Everyone has their favorite Beatle, one that they can relate to, one they admire, obsess over, or idolize. They released groundbreaking album after genius album after historic album, and that's exactly what they were: historic, groundbreaking, and epic. They paved the way for tens and hundreds of millions of artists that preceded them and were the sole inspiration for some of the greatest musicians that ever lived to even pick up an instrument and start playing (including me). They stole the hearts of every single girl and the admiration of every single guy in Great Britain and North America with their debut album in 1963 and crushed them all in one final crippling blow bow when they abruptly disbanded at the end of 1970 (literally the end of 1970 -- the day before 1971). In those short seven years, they made 11 truly amazing albums that only got better after each release and changed the course of history. They took control of the charts and made it their own, putting over half of their discography in the #1 spot over the years. They made four of the top ten albums on Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time (including three in the top five). While their first two or three albums weren't so impressive -- I'll be the first to say so -- the Beatles were still the newest and greatest sound of their time and transformed what music was, is, and will continue to do so. This supposed weakness of a slightly unimpressive beginning is ironically the thing I love about the Beatles most as a musician because it shows that you don't have to have an amazingly groundbreaking debut such as Guns N' Roses with Appetite for Destruction or Boston with their self-titled album if you want to leave your mark in history and that's really encouraging that they accomplished what they did after what I'd call a rocky start (on the weak music side of things of course, regardless of the lower quality of the music, they were still huge with the ladies because of the love songs). They wrote at least one song for each person in the world -- one song that has the ability to move anyone from any background no matter what kind of music they listen to and no matter how much they say they hate them. I honestly believe they are the best band that has ever graced the stage and no band will ever top them. It makes me sad that I wasn't around when they were together, but their classic discography is timeless and will be listened to by millions for centuries and millenniums to come. I love them so much that I hate them, be it out of jealousy of their talent or bitterness over their break up and the decades of music they stole from the world that they would have made had they stayed together, I'll never stop listening to them and I don't think I'll ever love another band more. Fin.

      Now you go.

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