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    • Times are Good

      11 years ago


      I've climbed my poker bankroll on PokerStars from an original $20 to a whopping $750 playing an average of two hours a day for 60 days. That's only $6 an hour but keep in mind that I had to start out playing games for $1-$2, so it's not bad. Now, I'm playing games for around $50 so my hourly rate is climbing as well.

      Anyway, if I can keep growing my bankroll and keep climbing up in stakes, I'll be able to start making a decent hourly wage and might be able to make a modest income for a student. Who knows? If I can steadily increase my winnings, poker might be a reasonable occupation for me when I go out on my own.

    • The Best is Yet to Come

      11 years ago


      So exams are coming up soon and the same thing has been happening at my school every year for three years. The teachers try to cram everything that they "should" into the last ttwo weeks before exams so we "catch up" to where the class before us was last year. I'm in 12th grade, we have 6 exams over 3 consecutive days starting Wednesday, the 30th and we've had a test/assignment added to an hour of regular homework and AT LEAST another hour of exam studying. I barely have time for a private social life. I probably shouldn't have a social life with all this work (but I try).

      Well, I'm going to suck it up quit my bitchin' (Sally) because in a short week and a half, it'll all be over and the workload is going to be LITERALLY 4 times easier (in that instead of 4 hours or more of studying, homeworking, and assignmenting we have less than 1 hour every day for about a month). This is because the teachers realize that they fried our brains out of overworking us and decide that we deserve a motherfucking break (which we do). THEN on February 12, I'm flying down to Florida with my dad, in the "chill" (excuse the irony) 20 degree (Celsius) weather as opposed to the -30 degree weather, as of late, we've been experiencing in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

      Then I go to London, England for some sight-seeing with a cross-Canadian school program followed by March Break. CHILL!

      So, like Sinatra said, "The best is yet to come."

      Good day, sirs.

    • What's Up

      11 years ago


      Not much going on here.

      We had two days off in a row because of heavy snow. That was pretty cool. I expected it Tuesday, but not today (Wednesday). It was a pleasant surprise.

      I've been playing a LOT of poker lately in the meantime. Also, to pass the time, I watched a bunch of old movies on demand. I guess we got new channels at my house or something because we didn't have them before.

      Also, I got completely STONED yesterday. Me and my friend bought 40 dollars worth of weed on Friday and we smoked some that night, and some Tuesday. I remember myself saying, "I am experiencing way too much pleasure to handle." The PLEASURE was actually unbearable. That's how high I was.

      "We weren't low."

      I could feel my pulse throughout my whole body. Every time my heart beat, it felt like I was getting tickled all over. That's why it is "unbearable". It's been a good week.

      I don't want to go on and on about how awesome I am because I smoke anymore. I sound like the hip 12-year-old in 6th grade who brags about it in class about selling the shit (incidentally, Bradley is turning 13 in mid-February).

      Anyway, I just wanted to update people on what I've been doing lately.

      Also, I hate the new Kleenex commercial. You know the one. It's where Balding Middle-aged Man in the sweatervest comes over and starts crying, laughing, and dancing with complete strangers on a psychiatrist couch in the middle of a fucking town. No one fucking believes that it could ever happen. Everyone finds it annoying that they can't figure what the hell the stupid commercial is about until it's too late: "NOOO, IT'S A LAME TISSUE COMMERCIAAAAAAALL" ... *and swallowed by a pit of flaming tissuey death*.

    • WHAT better things?

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      I noticed the description for this forum: "You should be using your computer for better things" and it bugged me a little bit.

      I can't think of any of these "better things". POSTING about PC games? I don't know.

      What better things do you guys use your computers for?

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    • Video games you'll never play.

      11 years ago


      Remember when it was okay for a video game to not have convex volumetric fog rendering and bilinear interpolated textures to be fun? Since when did it become acceptable for 30% of your system's resources to be devoted to rendering shadows, atmospheric scattering, ambient light effects, and all this other superfluous bullshit that game coders keep adding to their engines so they can win some imaginary pissing contest?

      Nobody cares about graphics if the game plays like dog shit. I'm bored to tears with first person shooters. Changing the theme from one time period to another isn't enough anymore, assholes. Did someone beat you to the punch on that killer WWII shooter you were making? Don't worry, just take the same concept, change a few textures, and call it Battlefield Vietnam. We won't notice. Hell, why not Battlefield Korea?

      So I've decided to make a few video game ideas of my own. Games you haven't seen before, and probably won't see in the near future:

      1. Guess Who Forgot To Read The Demographic Charts!
      A game where you try to shift blame for poor sales so you can keep your job as an overpaid consultant. You were hired by some asshole in upper management who's trying to cover his ass at board meetings with statistics about sales figures (ie, making shit up), but instead of looking at obvious historical and demographic trends, you cave in to pressure from women's rights groups and Joe Lieberman's spirited backlash at the video game industry due to his years of crippling impotence. The only game you've ever played is "Myst," but you have a master's degree in public administration, so that qualifies you to green-light the latest Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen "game," which really isn't a game so much as a sack of soggy dicks.

      You get bonus points for every additional year you keep your job while avoiding every major video game release, cementing your reputation as a notoriously stupid sellout asshole.

      2. Super Managerial Brothers
      In this game, your brother is the manager of an accounting firm, so you get a job and push the envelope every day by sleeping at your desk, taking three-hour lunch breaks, leaving early, and going to the bathroom every 10 minutes so you can masturbate.

      Besides being a lazy douche, you fritter away all the money you didn't earn on cheap beer and football memorabilia because you "almost went pro" in college. Of course, you can never be fired because you can milk the family card as long as your brother works at the firm, but the game ends when the work piles up so much that you can't avoid actually doing some.

      3. Identity Crisis!

      It's the year 2004 and nobody knows what's cool anymore! Drift aimlessly from one social trend to the next as you eventually find yourself converging to the ultra-hip world of box-framed glasses and studded belts known as "EMO." You have dyed-black hair that is engineered to look messy, but it's not spikey enough to be punk. You wear a skin-tight v-neck argyle sweater and black converse shoes--an amalgamation of old and new. You are a walking paradox. You are EMO.

      You're not bound by the confines of traditional denominational religions, yet you're not confident enough to have an independent thought in that thick, vacuous skull of yours, so you dabble in trendy philosophies like Kabbalah and tribal mysticism. The game ends when you stop sucking manufactured cool from MTV's teat long enough to realize what a dumb son of a bitch you're being.

      4. Corporate Whore

      You're a struggling writer whose writing happens to suck, but fortunately for you, the sucking doesn't stop there. Ride your shitty script from one producer to the next, armed only with your glossy lips, tube of chap stick, and a powerful set of lungs.

      Some of the troubles you'll encounter are: trying to cope with your hopelessly inadequate talent, flirting with repugnant men with smelly balls, and living with yourself for being such a shameless whore.

      5. 30 Something Investment Banker

      You're 31 years old, have a six-figure income, and a receding hair line, but you've spent the last 10 years of your life amassing a small fortune as an investment banker; your financial success is punctuated with your 7 series BMW, and new yacht. You're the man, except for one small problem: you can't get laid.

      Go on an adventure from one bar to the next trying to piece together the social life you neglected by being a money-hungry prick. Challenges include overcoming the social stigma caused by years of greed driven self-loathing, only to realize that people only a fraction as rich are living miserable lives too!

      Prepare to suck down 9 millimeters of cold hard lead when you decide to take the easy way out like the compromising chicken shit you always were.

    • Breakthrough/Book Review

      11 years ago


      I've been going through kind of a breakthrough in my poker ventures lately. Sometime in October, I gave my dad $20 bucks cash for him to put $20 on my PokerStars real money account. I've been slowly running that up over the past weeks and now I've made myself a decent living for a 17 year old kid. I've been keeping my records at a site called and my hourly rate is $10.25/hour. Minimum wage in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island is $8.00/hour. Sweet, huh?

      I now have $510 on PokerStars and I give half of the credit to the absolutely excellent poker book: Harrington on Hold'em. Ideally, it's a tournament hold'em book but most of the teachings, and by most I mean 80-90% is applicable to cash games, too. If you're trying to learn Hold'em, this is the cream of the crop of books. If you're saying to yourself, "I'll teach myself" then you're a fucking schmuck. It pisses me off when people don't research poker but consider themselves serious on the subject. I've told someone this and they said, "Yeah, but the guys who wrote the books taught themselves, so why can't I?"
      #1: You're a goddamned idiot.
      #2: These guys HAD to teach themselves because books of any substance weren't available to them until the mid 70's when Doyle Brunson wrote the "Bible of poker": Super System. Oh, and you're a goddamned idiot.

      Harrington on Hold'em is a three-part series. He considered selling it as one book but it would've been over 1000 pages and $150 CAD so he split it up. The first one tells you major things that every player should know, including pot odds, reading the table, flop texture, hand selection, and so on. The second book is more tournament oriented but still applies to cash games and the third book is literally full of questions. He tells you the situation, your hand, a little info about how some of the players play, and asks "What's your play?" He shows the flop and tells you the actions of the other players and asks again. It's a great way to learn the game. If you consider yourself serious about the game but not a goddamned idiot, buy the book. PEACE.

    • Rock Band Is The BALLS (In A Good Way)

      11 years ago


      Harmonix recently came out with Rock Band and it's awesome as hell.

      I played through it by myself the first time just on guitar. The guitar is sweet because it has 5 frets on the top just like Guitar Hero, but they're not colored buttons, so the guitar looks more real. But there's also 5 frets near the bottom of the neck for solos. You don't have even have to strum during solos, you can just tap on the solo frets. DUDE!

      Drums take some getting used to. It seems no matter which tv I use, there's always a lag I can't fix so I have to end up hitting the drums a few fractions of a second before the actual beat in the song. Kind of a con because you can tell you're not actually drumming in rhythm with the song. SUCK! After a while though, you get used to drumming and it is satisFYing when you can drum well. YAY FOR ME!

      Some wicked technology kicks in when you start using the mic. When you sing along with the song, the mic can tell whether or not you're singing in key. Serious sci-fi stuff. BACK TO THE FUTURE!

      Here is the ultimate of Rock Band. You can actually play in a band. That's the fucking ultiMATE. A singer, a guitarist, a drummer, and a bassist (if one of your friends owns the game too and brings over his/her guitar). I'm lucky enough to have three friends who are now addicted to the game. We've literally played, at least, six hours a day for the last three days and then hit the town at night so we're not losers who stay in our house all day playing video games. One of my friends that plays also owns Rock Band so he brings his over and we have a full band going. BONDING!

      I'm fortunate because our setup is in a big wide-open space in a basement with a 52-inch plasma. You have to fit four people, a drum kit, and a singer who wants to jump off the walls every time he screams the YEAH! part in the Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again". And without the huge-ass HDTV, we would have to squish all of our music next to each other in a little space and then the singer would have to read tiny words above that music, say on a 27-inch.

      If you have the means ($170 USD + tax), get off your AAAnus and buy this game right now. And a 52-inch plasma (second mortgage + second job).

    • I Guess I'm Not Very Interesting

      11 years ago


      I don't have many profile views or journal views. I thought more people would be intrigued to look after tasting an appeteaser of my ruggedness from my primary picture. You may laugh but I die on the inside.

      Oh, man, that's funny: "Chickens talk to me."

      Inside joke. With myself. I'm so dead inside.


    • Texas Hold'em Poker Strategy

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      I've been looking for a good place to talk about poker strategy but no luck. I wanted to see how a thread would go here.

      So, basically, if you play poker and have been having problems with any certain situations, just ask your questions here. Here's a question:

      I was playing $0.25/$0.50 Hold'em on FullTilt Poker. I was dealt QQ in early position. I raised the blinds to $1.50 and I was reraised to $5.00 by "PokerPro" in middle position. Everyone folded back to me. I reraised him to $11.00, hoping to win the pot right there. He called me. The flop came Jack-high. I suspected he had AA or KK but in case he had AK or something crazy, I bet one last time with $8.00 and he called it again. Now I was sure he had AA. I knew I couldn't put one more chip in the pot. He was trying to make me bet for him. We both checked the turn. I checked the river. The board was all undercards to my QQ and he bet $15.00, trying to make me think he was bluffing, but I folded.

      Could I have played this better? Should I have folded to the $5.00 reraise preflop, called it to see a flop, or did I make the right play with the reraise to $11.00?

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    • A Little Poetry

      11 years ago


      Just sat down to some cookies and chips and I thought of this little ditty:

      December is a month where the numbers shouldn't exist.
      Money, calories, and age.
      We should all think ourselves rich.
      Our eyes shouldn't wander over our food packages.
      We should all be like children.

      Merry Christmas.

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