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    • Christmas

      11 years ago


      I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas. Especially the Jews.

      I got a pretty cool video game chair, and I'm not a big nerd either. It's pretty sweet.

      I also got some good movies. Wedding Crashers, Nacho Libre, Catch Me If You Can, Scrubs seasons 3, 4, and 5. I'm psyched.
      Got a ton of shirts, too. I didn't want to let anyone down, so I wore every shirt that I got last night. At the same time. In the following order: original t-shirt, THEN, new button up shirt, zip-up sweater, winter jacket, sweater, t-shirt, two button up shirts, and a coat with a hood. I lost 287 pounds.

      What did you guys get? Favorite?


    • What the fuck. >:(

      11 years ago


      What the fuck is with those idiots down at the weather network?
      At noon, they forecasted a snowstorm with 15-20 cm over night.
      This evening, they changed it to 10-15 cm.
      At around 9:00, it was changed again to 5-10 cm with 5-10 cm of rain to go with it.
      Now, it's fucking 11:30, I haven't done any homework for Monday and the fucking forecast has been changed again to less than 1 cm of snow and a couple of mm of rain.
      Fucking idiots.
      Now I have to spend the next three hours doing a project I would've started before 6:00 if they weren't such fucking morons.
      PEACE! ,,\V/,

    • Level +20

      11 years ago


      I got to Karma Level +20 a few days ago. Thanks to all of my friends and random nice people who helped me out. Now I can post a thread whenever I have something that I want to talk about. Put me on your watchlist and I'm sure I'll post something interesting. Thanks, again!


    • "I'm a fucking idiot."

      11 years ago


      Yeah, I am.

      I'm sick today. I was heading to my grandmothers house which I never do in the morning because I never have a need to. It's fucking impossible to turn left coming from my suburban street on to the main road at rush hour. I was sitting there for literally 3 minutes until I saw a break in the traffic closest to me, so I crept out into the middle of the road, so people would understand that I'm trying to fucking move and not idle in the same spot for 15 minutes (fucking assholes).

      After being in the middle of the road (horizontally) for 30 seconds, cars started to come over the horizon, and I backed up.
      Into the car behind me.

      Now, I was fucking panicked. I was sick, angry at traffic, scared of a weightlifter throwing me on the highway. After 5 seconds of "Motherfuck. Fuck. Aaah, fuck." I got out of my car to see the other guy's damage, and his front bumper is mangled like a surfer half-eaten by a shark. As I look at this guy who turned out to be a university student, not a weightlifter, the first thing that comes to my head is "$7,000".

      He starts to roll down his window, and the next second my panic is eased by the next words out of the guy's mouth: "The bumper's already fucked up. Don't worry about it."


      So, we part ways with me saying "I'm a fucking idiot", I get in my car, decide to turn right after making this guy wait behind me for 5 minutes (and hitting his car), I see another gap in traffic and I stomp on the gas pedal. Slamming into the front of his car again, but this time, 5 times as hard. So, in a split second, I jerked the gear into drive and peeled out. Pounding on my horn in embarrassment. The last thing I remember about that guy was looking in the rearview after hitting him a second time, and seeing him shaking his head. I imagine he said, "He IS a fucking idiot."

    • Losing Streak

      11 years ago


      I've lost 120 dollars in the past three days on PokerStars. It's driving me crazy. I'm doing the same things that I've done while turning 20 into 185 in one month.

      Wow. In the past five seconds. I just lost 10 more dollars. I'm not kidding. I had AA on one table and a guy hit four of a kind Queens with QJ against me. Then on another table, I had KK and I lost to TT who flopped three of a kind, Tens. That's not a joke. Right after the word "month" I got these two hands simultaneously and lost with both of them. Yep. Make that 130 dollars. I've been having the worst luck of my entire life ever since my journal on November 26.

      Please. Just wish me luck. I'm serious. I need it. Please.

    • Too lazy to make a title.

      11 years ago


      Laziness is the key to success. Here are the rules of being lazy:

      1. Never do anything. If you wait around long enough, someone else will do it.

      2. Don't move. Moving is overrated.

      3. Never run. Running is the worst thing you can do. I had to run once.. big mistake.

      4. If something is not in your reach, you don't need it. Before you get up to get something across the room next time, think. Do you really want to get up and walk all the way there and all the way back to get it? Yeah, I know. I felt stupid for moving all those times.

      5. Don't have an opinion. Opinions are thoughts, and thoughts are work.

      6. Don't work. Working is for suckers. Be a CEO if you can, they never do anything.

      7. If you have to move, fuss about it. Make it well known that you're pissed off because you have to move. Sigh a lot. Drag your feet and arch your back at 60 degrees (bad posture helps you to conform to the shapes of couches when you sit down, and it makes you look tired).

      8. Sleep as much as you can. Contrary to common sense and popular belief, sleeping is very productive.

      9. Don't talk. Talking requires the movement of your jaw.. way too much work.

      10. If you have to work, do a half-assed job at it. Example: If you have to rake leaves, push them out into the road or into your neighbor's yard. If you have a riding lawn mower, run over them a few times until the pieces are small enough to hide in between blades of grass.

    • I'm in the Money

      11 years ago


      Another poker story, but this is interesting for everyone. Not minute details which nobody gives a shit about.

      So I came home yesterday and found my dad and his friend huddled around a computer logged into a $2/$4 game of Texas Hold'em on PokerStars.

      They had $200 on the table and I'd find out that they were already down $400. With my expertise in Hold'em, they were able to turn that $200 (which because of a stupid mistake which I disagreed with was once dwindled all the way down to $50) into $450 dollars within one hour.

      I told them to leave after reaching the $400 mark, but they decided to stay for a few more minutes, instead. Dave, my dad's friend, was getting antsy and played a subpar hand, went allin with a subpar flop and lost a $1000 pot to a slightly "parrer" hand. Teh sigh.

      For a few seconds, I was happy when my dad told me he couldn't put any more money on his account because he had a $600/day limit, but then he came up with the bright idea to use mine, which had only $60 dollars on it. They each added $50 to my $60 dollars and I didn't want to say I was afraid to put my hard-earned money into the game, so I let them do it. I told them that I wanted to control the hands, they let me, and we walked out -- logged out -- with $515, $170 each for them, $175 for me.

      I'm glad it panned out, but I'm never risking all of my money in one game EVER again. I played a few games this evening, and I'm now left with $168. Better luck tomorrow. I'll write another journal about poker in a couple of months or so, when I make my first $1000.

    • Volunteering

      11 years ago


      I volunteered yesterday at the hospital. No, not holding the arteries or running 50 cc's to the ER "stat". But I did give the people who did that banana bread! Yeah, I volunteered at the canteen for 4:30 hours yesterday and December 8 as well. I was told I'd be stationed with a girl named Mariah, which led me to Mariah Carey, which led me to hopes that she was hot, but she wasn't. She was 16 years old and could already write a top-selling autobiography though. It would be a really sad book so I wouldn't buy it but everybody else would.

      1. She had a brother with dwarfism who was depressed because of how short he was at 16 years old and hung himself in his closet.
      2. When she was 4, it was discovered that her heart was located beneath the skin of her chest, not in her chest cavity.
      3. When she was 12, she passed out, and woke up realizing she couldn't see or talk as a result of a stroke. Losing all mobility of her right arm, and half of the mobility in her right leg. Also, because the left brain was most damaged, she lost most of her ability to think logically, so she suffers in school.
      4. She's lived everywhere: New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Ireland, even Nova Scotia!
      5. She has four foster brothers because her parents didn't want to have any more kids of their own after all three were diagnosed with depression, including her, which is why (and I hate to say it) I don't like her. She's very depressed and depressing, to the point where she makes you dislike her. How else would I know all of these things about her? She just started telling me these things for no reason.
      6. Her two best friends died in a car accident last year.
      and I'm sure that there are a 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 that she either didn't mention or I forgot.

      Would you buy that book?

      Besides the depressing stories, volunteering was alright. I ate a sub with yellow tomato in it. Yeah, hospital food. Ew. It was a Saturday and I thought it would be busy, but according to Mariah, it's the least busy day of the week besides Mondays. There was a sign on the wall above the cash register that said "This premises is monitored by camera" which made me paranoid and I spent half the time scouring the 20x5 foot canteen for a micro-camera that probably doesn't exist. The sign is probably there so the workers won't steal money behind closed doors. Because that's the whole point behind volunteering at a hospital, to steal money. :D and a thumbs up.

      Comment, you mofos.

    • Like the Song Goes..

      11 years ago


      I could use a little help from my friends. I'm starting to lose interest in the site and as hard as I'm trying to be active here, it's hard to get + modded as stingy as people are with their mod points. I saw one guy on the site say he had 2000+ mod points that he's never used and probably won't. I've never had more than one since the day I joined when you get 25 at sign up. I just want to get to Karma +20 so I can post my own threads and talk about what I really want to talk about.

      If this RT video drought keeps up or if I don't get to Karma Level 20 so I can start posting my own threads, I'm probably just going to lose interest in the site completely. So, if any of you could help me get to +20, I'd really appreciate it.

    • Finally!

      11 years ago


      My DVD's finally came in tonight for Season 4 and 5 of RvB. I got home from school and there was a notice on my door that I wasn't home at 1:15 (what healthy person is?) and could pick up my package at their office.. a half hour away.. damn. So I got there in about fifteen minutes.. yeah, I sped, so what? Picked up my RT merch and spent 1/5 of the drive home looking at the road and the other time ripping the package open whilst driving with my teeth and reading the backs of the DVD cases.

      I'm halfway done of Season 4, then I have the bonus features, commentary, then the same with Season 5. I'm going to expose my best friend to an all-night RvB love-fest (not gay) one of these nights and make him understand why I say "I hate babies" all the time. Finally, I own them all, my collection is complete!

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