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    • GOLD STARS 4 ME!!!

      10 years ago



      Just noticed I've spent a total of five days online. I've probably doubled more than a year of activity just in this one past week smiley0.gif . They should give out staff awards for spending five days online. Just saying.. 120 hours is a lot of RT.

      Anyway, just thought I'd take a break from GH4, wipe the cheesie stains from my hands, and inform you all that I officially don't have a life smiley6.gif .

    • Fuckin' Snappy

      10 years ago


      I have new pictures. Sorry for the really lame title.

    • Life Update

      10 years ago


      Here's what's going on with me lately.

      I'm trying to get a job at Domino's as the delivery driver so I can afford to drive my car again. I've been walking everywhere for a month and a half now and it really sucks because it's starting to get freezing here (islands are so harshly affected by seasons).

      I've decided to switch my university major from business to music which is a quite a switch. They said I'm the first person in the history of the university to ever do that (I'm guessing it's usually like business to economics or business to sociology).

      This means I'll (hopefully) be working part time at Domino's until the end of this semester and then full time until next fall, when the next year for music starts up. Even if some first semester courses started second semester, I still wouldn't be able to get in because I can't read sheet music.

      I'm learning piano! It sucks ass! I was hoping I would be some kind of natural virtuoso because I recently took up guitar and learned very quickly (after playing bass for five years though, so...).

      Random info: I have these sites tabbed (in order of importance):,

      I also went obsessive-compulsive to take into account and arrange those tabs by the amount of time I'd be spending at each one. For example, I only check the scores and standings at so that only takes a couple seconds. I rarely get hotmail, and if I do, it's basically just a how do you do. Facebook is just me seeing if someone sent me a message and me replying. I just check to see if there's a new comic or video at RT, at first. I check for music news at, I see if I have a new subscribed video on YouTube (I don't tube aimlessly), and I spend about 15 minutes reviewing music at, then I go back to RT to read journals and go to the forums. I only use once every week or two because I just don't download that much.

      What sites do you go to?

    • The Beatles

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      How does a thread for the most popular band in the world not already exist on this site? How does that happen?

      This is the thread for general discussion regarding the Beatles: the most popular (and possibly the best) band in the history of all that is music.

      Here's a link to the related Group:


      Here are a few topics to get us started:

      What is your favorite Beatles song and why?
      Who is your favorite Beatle?
      Is Sgt. Peppers (album) actually better than Revolver, or is it just more popular because of other reasons (such as the album cover)?


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    • I'm A Sponsor

      10 years ago



      HA! Used 'em all, suckas!

      So, after three or four years of good times, I finally forked over ten dollars (besides the dvd money I've spent) as of five minutes ago, became the fastest sponsor to use all of his sponsor posting abilities, AND -- saw this funny stat:

      Every 216.24 days you post a new thread, usually on Thursday afternoons, as with 1 (50%) of your threads.

      So worth it smiley11.gif

    • Peekaboo

      10 years ago


      Got re-interested. I'm back. *Worst attempt at giving up RvB ever*

    • And He's Gone

      10 years ago


      I'm not going to be on the site anymore. I haven't posted on a forum since the first two weeks I was on the site and now I just don't care at all about the community aspect. I thought them having videos back on would make it more fun for me, but nothing happened. Bye.

    • University

      10 years ago


      So business school at UPEI started on Wednesday. It's not so bad. I don't have more than four hours of classes on any given day and I only dislike one of my five courses, finite mathematics.
      My band, Casual Day, is going pretty well so far. We haven't recorded a song yet, but we have managed to go through two guitarists, finally settling on a third one. We have a bunch of songs in the making, probably ten beginnings, two of which are basically finished. We just have to get around to actually recording rough versions on my Macbook Pro.
      By the way, I got a Macbook Pro after my PC was infected by a virus regardless of having Norton Antivirus. Fuck you, Norton.

    • You Know Summers

      10 years ago


      So, I took a break from the site for a while and now I'm back. It wasn't actually too bad catching up on five pages worth of content and only three videos after more than a month of being away from the site. What's this whole myspace/roosterteeth thing?

      I'm confused. Besides that, I've been having a lot of fun. I haven't been able to get a job the entire summer which isn't as bad is it sounds because I have all the free time in the world, but no money. Being a poor person for two months has learned me a few things:

      1) You can save money at the movies by sneaking in!
      2) You can save money on green fees by just walking on a golf course and playing. They don't even notice!
      3) If you can get a ride to the beach, a night with friends is always free. And so is the liquor which you promise to pay them back for, too! (But never will).

      In other news, get facebook and become a fan of "Casual Day". It's a new band a few of my friends and I are starting and this is the best intermediary through which we can gain non-local fans. We're going to post a song on facebook soon, just so people know that we're not a joke.

    • Been a while

      11 years ago


      So it's been a long time since I wrote a journal. I graduated high school this week. Exams were absolute fucking hell. I'm writing this from Maine right now, at the Marriot where I'm staying; I'm on my way to Ocean City, Maryland for a vacation, and it should be the shit. I'm staying at a place called the Seawatch, it's a stone's throw away (I said it, fuck you) from the beach, like every other hotel on the island, and it's really nice. Big rooms, arcade, pool as in billiards, a pool as in splish-splash, and the best meatball subs around the corner. "Hey.. get me two." Anyone who gets that reference, one mod point, because they matter that much now. I'll be back home in two weeks.
      In other news, I got high at the beach back home a couple weeks ago and completely forgot my favorite Lucky Charms hat (view images), when I went back to get it, it was gone. My guys on the streets said that they heard some punk-ass tide took it away. I'm going to find this dick, Tide, and kick his ass. Get my hat back.

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