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    • GTA IV

      11 years ago


      Shorter main storyline than the others. Probably due to new multiplayer access.

    • I has snow? What about golfs!

      11 years ago


      We've been snow-less on Prince Edward Island for over a month now and we just got 15 centimetres tonight. Fut the wuck, man. I went golfing three times this weekend. Damn snow's so damn selfish. It's totally going to mess up my short game.

    • Video Games and Me

      11 years ago


      My friend, Josh, and I have been going through a bunch of co-op shooter games but, surprisingly, there are not a lot of noteworthy titles out there.

      Army of Two was the shit, of course, in a good way, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 had incredible gameplay but the storyline was crap and over before we even knew who we were fighting (we found in the last five minutes that we were up against an old teammate of ours), but it was still an awesome game, based on the gameplay alone (long sentence).

      We tried Kane and Lynch but the gameplay is horrible, even though the storyline's okay (contrary to Rainbow Six Vegas 2), and we also tried out GRAW 2, but it took us a half hour to figure out how to get into co-op campaign... and realize that it sucked, so we returned both of those games.

      EB Games has this policy that if you take a game back within a week, they'll give you full credit towards another game. I knew this but I didn't know that if you try to do it twice in a certain amount of time, they won't give you full credit ($59.99+tax), they'll just give you credit for the exchange price ($39.00 flat), because people take advantage and basically rent games from them for a $60 deposit. Regardless of this, the manager, Andy, let it slide because I'm hot. Really hot. $60 hot.

      So, Josh and I gave up our co-op hunt, and I started playing Burnout Paradise, which is the best racing/car game I have ever played in my life and I don't even like racing games, but it got great reviews so I tried it out.

      And the release of the game of the century, GTAIV, is getting ever closer. Fucking YES! This game is going to rock the shit out of the shit of the shit of the easter bunny. I pre-ordered in full the Awesome As Hell! Edition (aka. AAH! Edition) and I'm psyched. I don't really know much more about the game other than it concerns the Russian Mafia, I believe. Online, perhaps? Co-op, maybe?! I just came thinking about it.

      So this is what's available to me right now in the video game world. Due to all the ruthless killing in the co-op games, and the complicated but learnable driving of Burnout, I think I'm really in a GTA mindset right now, so I absolutely can't wait.

    • a journal 'cause I feel like it >:(

      11 years ago



      I feel like I've been really busy these last few days since I got back from England. it's not like I missed any work in school because I was gone during march break, but I have a lot of after school stuff that leaves me planning out what I'm doing in six or seven-hour bursts.

      here's a list I made on thursday, for example, during school at around 2:00, beginning with me lying to leave early at 2:30 so I could make it to the bank in time:

      bank, exchange pounds
      dad's, get clothes
      grammie's, drop off clothes
      get haircut
      eb games, buy kane and lynch
      mom's, eat, pack for dad's
      grammie's, pick up clothes
      dad's, unpack, play kane and lynch, poker, homework

      it was 9:00 by the time i got to "play kane and lynch", so i didn't get to, and had to skip right to homework. and i basically had to do the same thing yesterday, too.

      besides having to put everything on a schedule now, i'm starting to plan for university next year. I'm going to take business as a major and something that actually interests me as a minor. my friend's brother has been a chef for the past two or three years and was really good at it but has decided to come back home from halifax and do something else for a living. at first, he wanted to be a carpenter but changed his mind. now he's going into business at the same university i'm going to and he's four years older than me, which is weird, idk.

      btw, do not get kane and lynch, it sucks. you ever try to put thread through a really small needle hole? that's what aiming's like in kane and lynch. makes me sick

      i returned it and got rainbow six vegas 2 which is awesome. w0ot.

    • England details, rejoining society.

      11 years ago


      I was just too lazy yesterday to write a good journal detailing my trip to England, but now I'm in the mood.

      I took a ton of great pictures using my camera (8mp canon powershot FTW!).

      I was actually sick most of the trip. The spanish omelette (read ketchup-filled sponge) I ate on the plane ride there might have had something to do with it. I toured with EF Tours, who suck. Big time. It cost $3000 to go and here's what they paid for: $400 return flight/person, miniscule room at Travelodge not big enough for one person (but they managed to cram three people/room), breakfast buffet (they didn't even pay for this, this is included in EVERY customer's stay at the hotel), no lunch!, dinner at a restaurant (no menus, they chose the cheapest thing on the whole damn menu and just served it to us), bus rides to locations, travel cards for the subway/underground, and a tour guide. We were woken up every single morning at 6:30 (which is 3:30 back home), left the hotel at 8:30, then mostly walked around town for about 10 hours, which killed my feet. I now have calluses as hard as the cobblestone we walked on.

      So besides the shitty accommodations and food, England itself was fantastic. I spent about 100 pounds ($200) on food, which was absolutely fantastic because it wasn't the gruel that EF Tours tried to feed us. I bought curry at a place called the Spice Rack, funny enough, the spiciest thing, among lamb and chicken, was the SALAD. MY GOD!! I do not handle spicy food very well, but the lamb and chicken were absolutely delicious and I didn't have much trouble getting through it. The strange thing was, my friend, who practically eats spicy salsa with a spoon for breakfast, ate a piece of the lamb and almost cried, saying it felt like his esophagus was melting. I found that really weird. Maybe I built an immunity to spice after eating the salad drenched in ranch (molten lava) dressing. I took one bite of the salad, my face turned the color of Sarge, my eyes watered like Pinocchio after taking a drag of a cigar, and I downed an entire one litre jug of ice cold water in about ten seconds.

      "HOLY MOTHER OF CRAP!!!!", I yelled in the middle of the crowded restaurant.

      My friend laughed hysterically and then swallowed said piece of esophagus-melting lamb which I proudly enjoyed with easy.

      Side note: don't go to Wagamama's Japanese restaurant. It tasted like plastic in tartar sauce. This made me laugh, the Japanese guy on our trip, Jeff, took a bite of his whateveragomi and said, "This is NOT Japanese." with a lemon face. LMAO

      I saw Lord of the Rings, the musical, which had absolutely amazing special effects. The producer of the play totally rebuilt the stage so there were 20 separate platforms which could rise and fall independently, lifting and dropping the actors to different levels, which made for some interesting battle scenes and mountain-climbing montages. Besides that, the acting and songs sucked, and they included the most insignificant scenes from the movie in the play, leaving out some key plot points.

      I also the Mouse Trap, which was been running for over 50 years straight, it was pretty good, although the ending didn't make much sense. After the play was over, the cast came out and bowed, and then the guy who played the cop said, "To keep the tradition of the Mouse Trap alive, keep the secret to yourself and don't tell your friends... who done it." and then the curtain dropped, but just before it did the guy a few rows down from me muttered, almost inaudibly between his teeth, "...who done your mom." Best timing ever.

      I went to Stonehenge, Wyndsor Castle, Buckingham Palace, Shakespeare's house, the Globe Theatre, London Bridge, Trafalgar Square, BIg Ben, Abbey Road (can you say Beatles pose?), Bath, Oxford U, Stratford, basically all the main tourist attractions of England.

      I was a bit depressed to be back in school today. It was an easy day though. I told everyone about my trip for the first half hour of first period, then we watched a half hour of the movie, Amazing Grace. Second period, we watched another movie, but it was economics related, still easier than regular work. Third, fourth, and fifth were normal and I skipped out halfway through fifth period because I had to go to the bank before 3:00 to exchange my pounds into dollars so I could buy Kane and Lynch. I'm sure I'll write my review of that game sometime this weekend. I also completed my pre-order of GTAIV (make sure you do that, you will not a get a copy until 2024 if you don't).

      So basically that was my March Break. I rapped Army of Two (only six missions, disappointing) the day before I left, then I left, got there, came back, and got schooled.

      This is my plan for getting through the rest of the school year, it might be sound advice for everyone else who thinks of high school education as torture (everyone) too.

      I am not a student.
      I am an observer of classes.
      I do not write exams.
      I am a critic of tests.
      I do not study.
      I am a reviewer of content.

    • I'm back

      11 years ago


      from England.

    • Army of Two

      11 years ago


      so I was reading finchlynch's journal and he talking about trying to get this new game called "army of two" but it was sold out EVERYWHERE. i cashed out $100 from pokerstars and went over to ebgames to see if i was going to buy it. After looking around for about a half hour, I finally decided that army of two was probably the best game I was going to find. So I bought it and put down $20 on a pre-order of GTAIV which comes out on April 24th, btw.

      Army of Two is the best game I have ever played besides GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, Halo 2, and Halo 3, because you just can't beat those. It's basically made for co-op play. You and your partner are a two-man wrecking crew in Somalia for the first mission. There's this completely unique aspect of the game called "Aggro" where if you shoot at your enemy, your enemy will focus on you and your partner becomes basically invisible to them (in the game, when you get Aggro, your partner actually turns part transparent) and he can sneak up behind the enemy that's focusing on you and bash the shit out of them.

      The graphics are the best I have ever seen, period. Completely realistic, but still vibrant and colorful. It's such a good game, it's a MUST-OWN!

    • Off to England

      11 years ago


      So I'm heading over to England in about a week and I'm pretty excited about it. I cashed out $700 from PokerStars, packed up my digital camera, and (secretly) my XBOX. I'm going to Big Ben, Abbey Road, Stonehenge, the Globe Theatre, Shakespeare's house, etc. The hotel I'm staying in is top-notch in a good part of town. I just found out that I'm not rooming with this kid in eighth grade who literally believes he is English (not kidding, he's crazay!), has a high-pitched Britsh accent, doesn't stop talking about the royal family, and I'm pretty sure is a homosexual. Instead, I'm staying with one of my best friends, Josh, and this 16 year old kid, Ryan, from another school who I talked to, and what do you know, we all play XBOX and Hold'em. SWEET!

      A week and a half of sightseeing, Halo 3, and poker in Europe. How much better could it get?

      Basically, this trip is going to be the shit.

    • My favorite...

      11 years ago


      mod point is +1 Zing. It's so satisfying to get it because you only get it when you burn someone, and even then people just put +1 Funny. So today I said something that would've definitely gotten a zing mod... or a racist.

      For some reason, our ditzy teacher who gets way off topic if you ask the least unrelated question asked us, "If you could live in any century, WHEN would you live?" All the princesses in the class said "Jane Austen times!!!" n00bs.

      My token black friend turned to me when my turn was coming up and said, "You should stick to the 1800's, before they invented Twinkies." AHA HA HAA, A FAT JOKE, THAT'S RICH!! (I cry a lot lately).

      I chose 1960's for the music, movies, and experimentationizationism FTW. Then when Brims' (token black guy has a nickname = cliche) turn was coming up I came back with, "You should stick to the 1900's after cotton went out of style." Zing!

      Disclaimer: I have the utmost respect for the black community and appreciate the fact that they have delivered themselves from the fields, picking weeds for white businessmen to the streets, selling weed to white businessmen.

    • The Nines / Florida Trip

      11 years ago


      I just saw a movie called The Nines starring Ryan Reynolds. It didn't go in theaters but it's a comedy/mild thriller. It has a lot of twists and it's really TRIPPY! I recommend it. It's pretty awesome. It has three different parts with the same actors in every one. It's very original.

      Besides this cool movie, I recently got back from Florida. About a week ago. I stayed at this cush resort called Regal Palms in Orlando. It's a large neighborhood of two-story townhouses that strangely has 4 bedrooms, 3 1/2 bathrooms, but only two tv's(?).

      I was really disappointed because I tried to install a wireless internet card into my laptop, but the slot in my laptop wasn't deep enough for the card, so I didn't have internet for the plane, but I had my books and my iPod so I thought it would be okay until I got to the resort and used the internet in the house.
      There was no internet in the individual houses, nor could it be ordered at the main desk. You would actually have to bring your laptop up to the restaurant/pool/bar/club and use the internet they had there(@#$%).

      Besides that minor setback, the trip was awesome. I golfed for the first time in two years, after taking a break from golfing every summer at home for since I was 8, and I was surprisingly better than ever. I have a 300 yard drive. That's pro-level, man. Besides that longball drive, I had good iron shots and good green reads. I don't know if anyone understands that golf lingo but it's all swell. After our third game, I beat my dad for the first time ever(OMGWTFLOLOL). Only by one point (85-84) but still. That might make the victory even sweeter.

      So it was an awesome, vacation. I went to a Lightning/Capitals hockey game, which had a lot of scoring in the third period. Very exciting game. I took a lot of pictures the whole trip, many landscape photos, eagles, palm trees, orange trees, all came out great. The one night we went to the hockey game in the middle of town might have been the highlight of the whole trip. We were right up against the glass. Brad Richards, from the Tampa Bay Lightning, from my town, recognized me he got a delay of game penalty and ended up sitting a few feet away from me. It was cool. I'm glad to be back home though. I found out the Florida lifestyle is not for me. I wouldn't be able to laze on my porch with the seniors, yelling about the Cubans stealing our jobs, but the city life might be pretty exciting.

      So that's what I've been doing the past few weeks. And in three more weeks, I'm going to London, England with a tour group. Man, I'm going to be behind in school. Argh ugh.

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