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    • Been a while.

      4 years ago


      Hey everyone, it's been 11 months since I last posted a journal and that was about Nintendo announcing ORAS so yeah. Oops. Since then I got hyped about ORAS, acquired ORAS and then beat it in 6 days, that's pretty much all I've done of note. smiley5.gif

      10 days ago marked my 2nd site anniversary which is cool. The fact my anniversary is 4/20? Not so much. I don't think that joke is ever going to die smiley2.gif haha. Although I've been around the site, I haven't made it known, and as of writing this, my profile says I last signed in 8 months ago so idk what's up with that... I'm most definitely a lurker and this last year on the site I've been in lurker overdrive. I feel bad that I have nothing that I've personally contributed in the last year to celebrate, but RT has provided us with some really cool content I can reflect on instead!

      My favourite Let's Play was Temple Run in Minecraft, I remember that show from when I was a kid, and I didn't actually realise it was also in the US so I was super excited when we got that! The Patch Game Club has been really great too, I find it not just entertaining, but useful as there are some games I have no interest in or games (like The Cat Lady) where it'd creep me out too much to play it, so I get to essentially go through the story via listening to the crew talking about it. ALSO LAZER TEAM! You all saw how awesome it was so I'll save you the whittering but that was just amazing. Those are just my faves we've had but everything RT has made this last year has been stellar.

      But yeah, I'll try to participate more but like I said, lurker overdrive, so we'll see, don't hold me to it. Hope everyone is having a great day/week/month and I'll hopefully see you around. smiley12.gif

      tl;dr - I'm a huge lurker, missed my own site anniversary but enjoyed a lot of RT content during the last 12 months.

    • Best. Day. Ever. Of All Time.

      5 years ago


      So I ordered Lollipop Chainsaw after having someone I know pester me for ages about it and then seeing Ray's stream last week (I think?) and it arrived today which is awesome! Then today is also the release of Peggle 2 on Xbox 360, so also super excited for that. And then AND FREAKING THEN Nintendo are casually like "oh yeah we herd yew liek mudkipz so this November you can have them in 3 whole dimensions because we're releasing a Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire remake, Nintendo Out xox" AND HOLY CRAP AM I EXCITED!

      Just... ahhh it's so beautiful! *sniff* Here's the tweet if you want to see for yourself!

      Add that to the fact Halo 4 arrived yesterday as well, gahhh! Bit of a silly journal but man, I'm just so happy with this news! smiley12.gif

    • 1 Year Site Anniversary!

      5 years ago


      Yep, that's right! 4/20 isn't just Easter or the day to blaze it up and smoke that herb, it's also my anniversary of joining the site! (Happy Easter btw, if you celebrate it!)

      I signed up a year ago today, primarily to take part in the RWBY poster contest, but as a sucker for forums and livestreams, I figured it'd be a good move regardless. I know I haven't actually posted much on the forums, despite my love of them, I just tend to lurk really... but whenever I have posted something such as some artwork or a journal talking a load of nonsense, people have been remarkably nice and welcoming!

      So thank you for making my first year here really enjoyable, everyone I've come across so far has been super awesome, and thank you everyone who works at RT for making awesome things that inspire and cheer me up daily and for allowing this wonderful community to thrive. Here's to another year! smiley12.gif

    • Ruby has arrived!

      5 years ago


      So today I got lots of mail! I got my magazine from Japan, some new clothes for when I start my new job aaaand this beauty!


      It's AMAZING! I've never owned a figure before but I've always wanted one! I pre-ordered this on Friday ready for Monday, and it arrived today! Normally it takes a couple days for "next day delivery" where I live in the UK, so when this arrived this morning I was shocked! The package was a bit battered but hey that's Royal Mail for you, and Ruby wasn't damaged so that's fine smiley0.gif

      This figure is actually amazing though, I didn't realise her arms, legs and head would be able to move which was super neat, and it was actually bigger than I thought it'd be! From the photo's I saw, the perspective made it look tiny, so that was a pleasant surprise too.

      If you are debating on whether to get one or not still, I really recommend it, and I can't wait to have Weiss, Blake and Yang in my possession and set up alongside Ruby in the future! smiley12.gif

    • New PC inc. + Hearthstone!

      5 years ago


      Just a quick journal this time!

      Yesterday was my 21st birthday, and most of my gifts were money so thankfully soon I will be able to start building my first gaming PC! smiley0.gif However what made the day even better was I finally got Hearthstone beta access! I've only played a few matches against AI and my friend, but it is honestly amazing!

      So feel free to send me your battletags and we can play a few matches! I hope that when I get my new comp I can get more involved in gaming with the community! However I'm currently using my mum's laptop so it's either Hearthstone or League of Legends for now...

      Look forward to gaming with you all in the future! smiley0.gif

    • Shingeki No Kyojin + crack!?

      5 years ago


      I got to go to a friends house tonight to watch the last half of SNK so I am now all caught up!

      Overall I thought it was really awesome, especially the last few eps, all the action and suspense. Also the little tidbit after the ending credits, holy shit I was like "WAS THERE SERIOUSLY A TITAN IN THE WALL THE WHOLE TIME!?" haha I'd seen the image on tumblr, but didn't realise what it was until that point haha. My friend told me that they missed a few details from the manga, but season 1 is basically half the manga atm so I'm gonna give that a go pretty soon, I'm super intrigued, and can't wait for season 2!

      After that we searched YouTube for one of my favourite things: crack! Not the illegal substance ofc, but the shenanigans provided by the fandom and my goodness I have never laughed so hard. I've seen ones for Merlin and a few other shows but this one video we found here had us in tears. The clip at 33 seconds had us laughing for a good few minutes and we had to pause, and the final frame is now my facebook cover photo so yeah, search up SNK crack on YouTube! Some of it is pretty hilarious.

      But yeah, glad I'm caught up, now to find a new anime hmmmm...

    • Red vs Blue Seasons 1&2

      5 years ago


      So I finally got around to watching the wonderful, the illustrious and the downright hilarious Red vs Blue and it's pretty damn amazing. Not like you didn't know that, if it wasn't it wouldn't be in its 11th season already!

      So my thoughts so far are pretty much all good things, I'm just worried like most people that my favourite characters are gonna die in the future or suffer some sort of turmoil. It's only been 2 seasons and I'm already pretty attached to some of the characters, the first of which being Caboose. He is probably my favourite character so far 'cause he tries to help, he really does, but he's not the brighest bulb in B&Q. Saying that, I reckon he's a lot smarter than the others give him credit for, and I can't wait to see more of him!

      Tex is also another favourite, purely because she doesn't give two shits and just gets stuff done, I don't know, there's just something about her character I really like. Donut is adorable in his pink - I mean, lightish red armour and I just loved the moments with him and Caboose! I also love Grif because even though he's the kinda Red team punching bag to some extent, when he sassed DuFresne, I was just like YOU GO GRIF, he's a cool dude.

      I like all the characters really, but of course I have my favourites and I can't wait to start watching Season 3 and beyond. I heard that it's kind of hilarity and escapades up until Season 6 and then Season 7 onwards is when shit gets serious... But yeah, I just wanted to share my thoughts with other fans, so there you go. For those who are up to date, or at least ahead of me, if something bad happens to any of my faves, feel free to cackle away to yourselves due to my impending heartbreak! (Just don't tell me about it yet okay, thanks :D)

      Also sorry that both my journals are super lengthy, I'll try and work on that in the future! :)

    • Err... hello?

      6 years ago


      So hello, this is my first journal. The reason I haven't made one yet is that... I don't actually know what to say. So let's see...

      My name is Amy, and I'm a 20 year old brit. I've been a fan of Roosterteeth since Feb/March time, when I recognised Gavin from a gifset on Tumblr, having watched Slow Mo Guys for a year or so, and decided to see what this Roosterteeth business was all about. Pretty glad I did!

      One of my major hobbies is art, and I do a lot of digital drawing. I'm currently working on AH "sticker set" illustrations, but so far I've only drawn two and am working on the 3rd, hopefully I can share them with you soon, maybe? smiley0.gif

      My other major hobby is gaming (how original, huh? smiley6.gif ). I like a little bit of everything when it comes to games, though at the moment I play a lot of WoW as I only just got back on it after a year and a bit away. It's been fun so far, trying out classes I never did and going to some starting areas I haven't tried since Cataclysm. I also play a lot of League of Legends with friends (although Ranked scares me!) and I main support quite a lot, with Thresh and Soraka being my favourite supports :)

      Err yeah. So that's me basically, if there's anything else you kinda want to know, then just ask and I'll do my best to answer, and feel free to just message me to chat, I'm cool with that too. I hope I didn't bore you/scare you off but I hope to get more involved in the community as time goes on, talk to lots of new people and make sure my journals are more interesting in the future.

      Until then, see ya round!
      Amy ~ ManaSpectrum

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    • Jesster642 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      5 years ago

      Hey, just realised you where from the UK, if you want to meet some other UK fans we have a thread

      Introduce yourself over there and they should give you a warm welcome

    • LiamRolo Mighty Duck

      6 years ago

      Always good to see a fellow Brit on here. Saw your post on the intro thread and felt the need to say if you have any questions about anything or just fancy a chat, feel free to shoot me a message :)

      • ManaSpectrum FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        6 years ago

        Thanks! :)

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