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    • November 6th

      7 years ago


      I"m looking forward to 11/6/12 and what better way to look forward to Halo 4 than with RT. I gotta hand it to 343, they came up with a great way of announcing the release date. I have my misgivings, of course. I'm not a fan of the armor, but it seems that they are looking at adding custom load outs to multiplayer. I'm not sure how I feel about this either. Yes, you can get better stuff as you do better, there's a reward system. But at the same time, it'll make it more difficult for people just entering to do well, if all the veterans have awesome equipment. This is one of my problems with the modern warfare multiplayer. I would personally love to see armor upgrades be more than cosmetic. What do you guys think about potential pitfalls here?

    • New Xbox Name

      7 years ago


      SO here's a question (I may have asked this before). There are rumors that the new xbox will be the "xbox 720" Why would it be the 720? 360 (as in degrees of a circle) is kinda like being able to look all around you. Why would you do a comete circe twice? I think a better marketing scheme would be the xbox 4pi. As in 4pi steradians (more or less the equivalent of degrees in a three dimensions) as in the surface area of a sphere. Makes more sense to me anyway...

    • The results are (FINALLY) in!

      7 years ago


      And I'm sure you're all dying to know what they are. Well, ok I'll tell you. At the very LEAST "Portal 2" will be the first one that I do. That one seems (believe it or not) to be the simplest as well as looking good. The next one (which will require some experimentation due to lighting details) will be "Bioshock." I will also be working on figuring out the skyrim/oblivion effects, so if Bioshock doesn't pan out, I will likely be experimenting on those shortly after.

      I will be in touch with the winner shortly. I will also (hopefully) post some photos of progress and definitely the finished product. Thank you all again and remember, requests are still welcome.

    • Skyrim to have voice commands!?

      7 years ago


      That's right, Skyrim is going to have voice commands. You can now switch equipment via voice command. All shouts will be at the tip of your tongue. You can even sort items (AWESOME).

      Here's the article.

    • The results are (almost) in!

      7 years ago


      Thank you to all who participated in offering suggestions for leather disk cases. This may take me a while longer to decide 'cause these are all great covers, but they all have some little detail that will make it extra challenging. I'll give you a breakdown of the finalists as well as what I'm thinking about them.

      Simple and doable. At least at first glance. Upon further inspection, the emblem and lettering are designed so that they look like a piece of metal. I'm not sure wether actual pieces of metal can be obtained for a reasonable price (the emblem probably, the letting.... ehhhh). If not then I'm not sure how it will come out in leather. I will have to experiment. Also, the "Dovah" along the side is obscured by the ESRB label and the Bethesda tag. I have found a version that has it mostly unobscured, but it cuts off the side. It may be possible to reconstruct though.

      The ESRB label and Bethesda tag are inside the border, but the emblem/lettering has the same problem as Skyrim.

      Portal 2
      I like the idea of this one, but I never noticed how complex the portals actually look. There's also a fair amount of stuff which is lightly drawn in the background. I'm not sure if I can produce a similar effect. Still, if the background can be omitted, The foreground makes a decent cover all on its own. I'm also not sure how to differentiate the two colors... It might necessitate experimentation.

      I like the bioshock cover. I've got a copy of the ps3 cover and the 360 cover. Problem is, there is a lot of shadow. I'm not sure how that will turn out. Again, some experimentation needed.

      Fallout 3
      Fallout 3 would probably be the easiest, though I'm a bit concerned about the lighting effect. The other problem with it is that I can't find a version of the cover art that isn't obscured by the ESRB label and Bethesda tag AND has the title up top. I may be able to do some sort of overlay though.

      So that's where I am. Decision will probably come this weekend. Upon making a decision, the chosen one(s) will get a PM and we can discuss size and design options.

      Thank you one and all once again.

    • Leather Disk Cases

      7 years ago


      There is still time to get in on getting a free leather disk case , which I am going to make. Cases will have the cover art tooled on the cover, the title on the spine, and another design on the back (to be determined). All you have to do, is let me know which game you would like to have. I will then pick one of them (maybe more!), make it, and ship it out to the first person who mentioned the game. You CAN request more than one.

      I originally set the request deadline at midnight tonight, BUT, as I likely won't be online at midnight, you have until 9 AM EST tomorrow!

      For more details as well as what has already been claimed/suggested, check out this journal.

      EDIT: I will still take requests, but I may not get to them in the near future. Send any requests via a private message.

    • Daily Update? Maybe.

      7 years ago


      So, I'm thinking of doing a daily update. Or maybe just weekdays. But in any case, here is a life update that may or may not be built upon in the future with or without unspecified regularity.

      Right now I'm working as an intern to finish my undergrad degree. My major is music business and it is a music degree rather than a business degree. "So what are you doing for an internship," you may ask. Well if you hold your horses (If you don't have one, I have one you can borrow), I was just getting to that.

      I am doing an internship in music library. Whoop-dee-do. library. Must be boring as hell. Well actually not so much. See, the music librarian just had back surgery. That leaves me to do all the work. The real work, not just grunt work. I suppose I should give some context. I'm not working in a circulation library. It's an orchestral library, for an orchestra. Also their library was a mess when i got here. Now, it's almost completely inventoried.

      My internship will conclude in about 3 weeks, and I've started looking back on what I have accomplished and done. So, here's as complete a listing as I can think of off of the top of my head.

      Cataloged approx. 700 pieces of music
      Filed said pieces into filing cabinets
      Consulted with various people in the office regarding music costs
      Ordered music (both rental and retail)
      Filed and cataloged ordered music
      Wrote a summary memo of a recent US Supreme Court case regarding copyright (decided in 2012)
      Wrote a research memo of available library database software
      Prepared various pieces for distribution to performers

      And the crowning jewel of my internship:
      Designed and constructed a library database. (I'm writing the user manual now)

      I have to say, it's been a whirlwind of an internship. Can't say that I've had a single dull day. And constructing the database has been more fun than a barrel of extraterrestrial monkeys. Or maybe a cyclops trying to wink (and not blink).

      Anywho, I've got to get back to work writing that user manual.

    • It has begun.

      7 years ago


      This week I begin working on a leather "bound" video game case. I have the leather and the tools and am going to begin working on the artwork of the case, which is going to basically be a relief of the actual cover art.

      If anyone would like one or would like to see a particular game, I am requesting requests. If i don't have anything by Thursday, I will be choosing one myself (and I'm really not sure which one I'm going to go with. As an added bonus, the person who provided the idea that I chose will get the case. For free.

      So, let me hear what game you would like to see. If you would like some custom art on it rather than the art on the case, please submit an image.

      EDIT: The submission period has ended, but you can still make requests if you would like a case. Please send requests via a private message.

    • 7 years ago

    • 7 years ago

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